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31 Days Of Fall Fashion (Day 14)

Welcome to Day 14 of my 31 Days of Fall Fashion! It’s been rainy in Kentucky so I’ve pulled out my rain boots.

These rain boots might not be the best fashion accessory but in Kentucky they’re sometimes necessary.

31 Days Of Fall Fashion (Day 14)

Of course polka dot boots need a plaid shirt  and since it’s such a dreary day, I added my red jeans.

31 Days Of Fall Fashion (Day 14)

I’m wearing my glasses today because I’ve got something wrong with my eyes. I’ve been to the doctor and we’re treating them with eye drops. I’ve been kind of bummed that I can’t wear my contacts but let’s be honest, it’s not the end of the world. There are worse things in life!

31 Days Of Fall Fashion (Day 14)

31 Days Of Fall Fashion (Day 14)

Plaid shirt-Old Navy//Red Jeans-Stitch Fix brand Liverpool//Polka dot rain boots-Payless Shoesource//Glasses-David Kind (If you have to wear prescription glasses, I highly recommend David Kind glasses)

At some point, these are the boots I would like to purchase, Hunter Rain Boots. I love these!

31 Days Of Fall Fashion (Day 14)

Do you ever wear rain boots? Do you have Hunter rain boots?

Beauty For the Heart~~Do you have someone in your life that’s not nice to you? Someone you feel doesn’t like you? We all have or have had that person in our life. How do you handle it? What should you do?

Scripture says this, If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.  In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head, and the Lord will reward you. Proverbs 25:21-22

In other words, kill them with kindness! That will do more to them than anything else!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the outfit with rain boots, I want some! You look adorable in your glasses. I can’t wear contacts so I have to wear glasses all the time. I will check out David Kind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the fact that you are wearing glasses, I have to wear glasses all the time and I always feel so out of style (let alone older). It actually made my day when I saw you in them . They are so cute on you .
    God bless

  3. The outfit certainly is cheerful and I applaud you for continuing to work the trend with mixed prints. I think this mix works because they are in the same color family. And I love the color of the jeans.
    No rainboots here; So Cal is in a HUGE drought and this has been the hottest summer I can remember; we are just now starting to dip into the high 70s – our usual weather for this time of year.

  4. I have polka dot rain boots, might as well have fun on a rainy day! I also have a pair that are black with a grey wool top and another black pair with grey wool plaid. I do love Hunter boots but unless they fall in front of me at the thrift they aren’t happening for that price. I like how you mixed the prints to make the boots work. I sometimes feel like a hot mess in mine. Also like the glasses. I do a mono vision contact for reading but my eye gets dry and is irritating. I wear reading glasses but hate pulling them off and on. I did get a pair of regular glasses with the mono vision in one lens to try and actually prefer it. Makes for a nice switch!

  5. I like your glasses (maybe because I wear them too)…but I always say they hide the bags under my eyes!! I like this outfit but think a black belt would tie it all together!

  6. Love those jeans on your…great fit. The whole look is very cute.I hate wearing my glasses, mainly because I see so mu better in my gas perms. They’re good for morning and emergencies…what can one do?

  7. I love the outfit today:-) Actually I love all your outfits:-) I like the mix of prints. I will be pulling my rain boots out tomorrow here in N. ID. Rain is in the forecast. We have had an unusual gorgeous warm fall for our area. But I think that ends today:-( Oh well, God is good…ALL the time:-) Blessings!

  8. I love the outfit until the boots. I see too many little girls wearing these. And they clash with the top. I think a solid color would be better at our age. I wish I looked this good in glasses. You look adorable.

  9. I love your outfit too. I was wondering if polka dot boots are too young for us 40 something gals, but they look adorable on you 🙂

  10. The Scripture you shared brought back an old memory: I was in 3rd grade, and in my Sunday School class we had just been taught about being good to our enemies and in doing so heaping coals of fire on their heads. There was a girl in my class at school who was mean to me every day, and it was a constant source of frustration and worry to me. I know now that I was very sensitive and lacked self-confidence, and she bullied me. I never told anyone, but just “took it”, so of course she picked on me. But the day after that lesson, when we had “milk break”, I turned around to her and offered her half the peanut butter crackers I had brought with me. She looked at me in disbelief but took them. She asked, “Why are you giving these to me?” I don’t remember what I said, but I remember going home with a full heart thinking to myself that the Bible really knew what it was talking about. She never bothered me again!

  11. Hi sweet Cyndi! First! Love, love, love your glasses! I am a full time glasses wearer and have been on the hunt for some new fun frames. Did you get yours at a local optometrist or a retail outlet like Lens Crafters or something?
    Your shirt is great! I’m also looking for a great plaid shirt. I can’t decide if I want to get a lightweight cotton or a flannel. My 33 yr. old daughter has boots just like yours! In fact she has a few pairs. Being a teacher, when she has playground duty, the boots are quite practical and cute! Be Blessed!

  12. Hi Cyndi! I live in Bowling Green, KY and it has been non-stop rain down here tool. I just bought some HUNTER boots from Nordstrom.com and received them on Saturday. I have worn them everyday since. I love love love them. Only thing I would recommend is buying super thick socks to wear with them. Towards the end of the day the inside tend to rub on your ankles and you need the extra padding.

  13. Love the colors today! I hate to say it, but those popups are coming back again. It is the television show today and last week another. Just wanted to let you know.

  14. You look great in your rain boots! I was in my leopard wedge ones yesterday when it was pouring! The Hunter boots are on my wish list also. 🙂
    I think you look super cute in your glasses girl!

  15. Hi Cyndi, I’m loving the look with the plaid shirt, red jeans, and polka dot rain boots. I’ve never tried the rain boots but they look great! You look really good in your glasses, as well. Hope you’re eye gets well soon.

  16. You’re glasses are cute– I like them. The outfit looks good on you but I’m not sure it’s age appropriate. The challenge of dressing well over 40 means it may fit well but if your middle schooler would wear it then probably not a good idea. Maybe if you wore dark jeans instead it woud tone it down. But that’s just me- everyone has their own style and somehow I think you can get away with it! Thanks for posting –

  17. I just checked out the David Kind site via your link. Very neat concept. I love it. Next time I’m in need of a new pair of glasses/frames, I’m going to give this a whirl.

    You look just adorable, by the way . . . love the “pop of color” pants!

  18. I love it! Brightened a gray rainy day here….LOVE your glasses – made me want to wear mine today cause you looked so cute. And then as I scrolled down, it just made me smile bigger and bigger and the boots…so cute! You have a knack for mixing patterns and colors – love it all. And then the Word to feed our souls and spirits….thank you! God bless <3

  19. Would love to need some rain boots in Texas – still so dry here, but finally cooling off! I have solid blue ones from Gap that I bought because they weren’t so boxy and shapeless as many of the other affordable versions. I have a high arch and was walking out of the ones I found at Target or Old Navy. You look adorable, as always, and I think if polkadot boots make someone happy, she should wear them regardless of age! I’m enjoying your take on fall fashions and hope to be wearing some of your ideas soon – still in the high 80’s most of this week here.

  20. You look darling…I love the rain boots. I don’t have Hunter boots-big investment for something I dint think I’d wear that often. I have red Wellingtons that I bought from jane.com that look exactly like the Hunters and I wear them with skinny jeans when we have our rainy days here in Dallas . Thank you so much for posting an outfit everyday….I love seeing what you put together!

  21. Good Morning Ms Cyndi! You look adorable sporting those red pants and cute rain boots. It can be rainy many days here in Humble Texas, but I usually don’t mind. I’m wore rain boots when I was a teacher and was out doing crosswalk or car duty. No kept them in my classroom closet and other teacher were envious when it came a down pour before school or at dismissal.

  22. Love my hunters. If you’re up to a size 8 women’s you can wear a size 5 kids or under depending on shoe size. They’re half the price!

  23. I love this outfit-especially the red jeans! Living on a farm, I need good rain boots that can get muddy and still have some traction. Mine are navy blue, and I bought them at Tractor Supply for about $25, but I have gotten compliments on them! I have often thought about getting a pair of Hunter boots, but haven’t taken the plunge. I love the glasses, too. Sometimes I wear mine on rainy days to give my contacts a break.

  24. Hi,
    First time on here and loving it . I agree with the ladies you look good with or without the glasses. As far as the boots not being age appropriate my question is what does age have to do with? If you feel good in it and it makes you feel pretty why not? I am 53) I would wear that outfit and get compliments from work.
    Thanks for the scriptures also, going through a hard breakup and not sure why God put him in my path only to take him away. Keep up the good work….

  25. I bought that shirt at old navy too and really like the shirt HOWEVER, am having a difficult time styling it. I know, I know it’s pretty basic and can probably be worn with a lot but still the styling is always a challenge for me….upping the cute factor past just a flannel but still keeping it simple. Help

    1. Whoops…part of my comment didn’t post….I’d love to see all your recent old navy finds styled different ways. Love your blog!!!

  26. I love my Huntet boots! I have shirt navy blue boots, and I use the fleece liner in the winter, so they work for multiple seasons. I live in the Chicao area and the work great, even when we had that polat vortex last year!