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31 Days of Winter Fashion – Day 17

It’s Day 17 of my 31 Days of Winter Fashion and we’re keeping it super casual today, after all, it’s Saturday!

Last week, I shared an outfit from Glamour Farms with you. It was the polka dot top and leggings. The top SOLD OUT but they’re hoping to have more in a few days.

They also sent me this casual shirt. It’s perfect for a Saturday that I’m spending with Colt.

31 Days of Winter Fashion - Day 17
We are headed to Joseph Beth Bookstore this morning. Why? Well, because Pout Pout Fish is going to be there in person!! Yep, we are beyond excited!

Pout Pout Fish is from one of our favorite books. My cousin, Kelly, is a preschool teacher and she introduced me to the book and I’ve been hooked (no punt intended 🙂 ) ever since. It gets 5 stars on Amazon and it’s only $6.00!

31 Days of Winter Fashion - Day 17
If you have young children or grandchildren you might want to get this book. It’s a good one!

Pout Pout Fish
Okay, back to my casual outfit. The sun is shining and our temperature is going to get into the 50’s. Unheard of in January!!

31 Days of Winter Fashion - Day 17
I’m taking full advantage of it and shedding my boots for these wool slip on sneakers from Gap ( They run true to size, I wear a 7 1/2 and that’s what I’m wearing). I’m not a huge fan of sneakers but it looks like they’re going to be popular for spring and summer. I’m also wearing my favorite ankle jeans from LOFT.

31 Days of Winter Fashion - Day 17

Gray shirt-Glamour Farms//Ankle jeans-LOFT//Slip on sneakers-Gap

31 Days of Winter Fashion - Day 17
What are ya’ll doing on this Saturday? How is your weather?

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Beauty For the Heart~~I love this quote by Ann Voskamp, “What if we wanted to BE beautiful more than we wanted to BUY beautiful?”

I will say this over and over but I believe, True beauty starts with Jesus.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I enjoy receiving your emails each day. The scriptures that you add are great. More than one each week hit home but it’s great to know that we all go thru a lot of things and knowing the one that we can go to and talk and if patient, which I am not, it will happen. But only God knows what’s best for us.
    Thank you again and keep up the great blogs.

  2. Amen to our beauty beginning with Jesus, our Lord and Savior!!! It is only reaching 34 as a high today in the Baltimore area, but the sun is shining and we have no wind at the moment, so I am a happy girl.

  3. This is an adorable and very comfortable looking outfit. I have one issue that I struggle with myself. Because I carry my weight in my hips and thighs, if I try to wear an outfit like this, the top is very boxy and I feel like I look way too heavy in the mid section. My legs/hips already look heavy so not the most flattering look. You are very slim so this doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue for you but this outfit does nothing to accentuate your waist area. I suppose this is the same issue with a tunic top (and another reason why I don’t wear them). I think on days like today, it’s more about comfort and still having a cute look than wearing the most flattering outfit but it’s something I struggle with myself. Do you ever have that issue?

    1. Hey Gina,
      Part of it is knowing where to let the shirt hit you. If you’re weight is in your hips and thighs, try a top that hits below your widest area. Hope that makes sense!!

  4. Love this! Your email is a highlight of my day!! I’m waiting for the polka dot tunic too! What color are these jeans? They look black in the pic but the link takes us to a puddle blue color.

  5. This is such a perfect Saturday look! You sold me on the coral one button wrap from Nordstroms. It arrived last night and I love it! Thanks for beauty inside and out ❤️

  6. Love the casual wear. Very much like what I’m Wearing as we head out to Forney Texas to look for antiques. Have a great day with sweet Colt. Smiles!

  7. Good Morning, what a great outfit! Enjoy your Saturday with Colt! So happy to receive your emails, not only for your great outfits but also for your inspirational messages, very blessed by your blog, have a great Saturday! 🙂

  8. Cindi, what an adorable look for an active Saturday with Colt! It looks both flattering and comfortable on you! I got to play with my little Grand-daughters yesterday and I agree, comfort is essential when playing with children. Yesterday, I wore a similar outfit for our playdate except at our tea party, which called for us to change into our frilly dresses, hats and baubles! BTW, being a Grammy is one of the most treasured areas of my life but I believe it’s important to keep myself and my fashion as youthful and fresh as I can! You’re a rockin’ Gramma Cindi!

  9. Absolutely love your casual outfit!! My granddaughter (20 months old) and I love the Pout Pout Fush, too! She can actually read it to me now!!:-). Have a great day with Colt, he is adorable!! Oh the weather here in Texas where I am is 50 and sunny too! Enjoy and blessings!!

  10. Love your blog! I am a minister’s wife also. After pastoring for 30 years we are now in an administrative position for our denomination, so I enjoy your blog very much. Beautiful weather in Colorado today! Thanks for the info on Pout, Pout Fish…expecting my first grandbaby in March so I will add this to his book list! Blessings to you!

  11. Almost 50 today so I went shopping with my daughter and the girls at TJMaxx! I also just ordered Pout Pout Fish for my grandson Nicholas!
    Love your outfit and I so enjoy the 31 days of winter fashion!

  12. Glad to know you are sharing the great weather we had in north Texas today – I think it got up to 60, and when I ran the puppy at sundown, it was perfectly still and beautiful. I love this outfit idea because I’m becoming a grandmother in June, and I am already worrying about how to dress around the baby. If she spits up like her mama did, most of my clothes won’t work as they are not washable. (One Sunday morning I changed clothes four times and still wore spit-up to church!) I am going to start looking for things like this at my favorite second-hand store with an eye toward comfy, washable outfits that are still cute, like yours. Thanks so much for the inspiration! Hope your day with Colt was a good one – he is so blessed to have such a young, fun grandma.

  13. Hello Ladies! If you are looking for the Tunic that Cyndi is wearing……Call us on Monday (618)665-FARM (3276)! 😉
    We will take care of you! Doing a web “revamp” at the moment! 😉

    Thank you & Blessings,
    Glamour Farms

  14. I’ve noticed you’ve been holding something in some of your photos. Does that allow you to take your own photos?

    Love this look!

  15. I look at these shoes and wonder if I can wear them to work. I saw a pair at payless today. I try not to wear tennis shoes, but I think these will work. Love the whole outfit. As if I have ever not like one of your outfits before.

    1. Hi Shirley! When you put in your email address you are automatically sent an email to confirm your subscription to the blog/newsletter. If that confirmation email isn’t in your main inbox folder, please check your “spam” or “junk” mailbox folder. Hope that helps!