31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 22

It’s Day 22 of my 31 Days of Winter Fashion and I’m styling a cozy red sweater.

I’m still trying to add some color to my winter wardrobe. I can’t handle all black and gray anymore. I need some color during these dreary days of winter.

Because I know you sweet ladies will notice, I took these pictures in the front of my house. I want to venture out and take pictures in different places but honestly I know people have to think I’m crazy.

My neighbors know me and they know I’m crazy. Ha! But still I’d rather no one see me taking pictures of myself!

Anyway, you might also notice my husband hasn’t taken our christmas lights off of our bushes. I’m going to kill him! 🙂

Back to the red sweater, I’m wearing a medium in this sweater. I typically wear a small but the small felt snug. The sweater hangs a little longer in the back, which I like.

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 22

I grabbed this gray hooded cardigan because it’s pretty chilly outside. It goes with everything and it’s warm! I purchased it from the LOFT but I couldn’t find in online.

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 22

My plaid scarf is from Old Navy, but I’ve had it several years.

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 22

Since Valentine’s day is right around the corner, this would be a great casual date night outfit.

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 22
Red sweater-LOFT//Gray hooded cardigan-LOFT//Skinny black jeans-Mavi brand I received in my Stitch Fix box//Plaid scarf-Old Navy (similar here)//Black boots-Rack Room Shoes

Remember this cardigan I shared from Nordstrom? They have it in Piper Red which would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s on sale for $39.99 and free shipping. So many of you ordered this wrap and have said you love it. So so soft!

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 14

I shouldn’t be styling for Valentine’s Day yet! I’m joining three of my blogger friends in a few weeks and we’ll be styling two different outfits for Valentine’s day. One dressy and one casual.

Alright, I think that’s all I have for today. Do you all usually go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day or do you eat at home? 

I can’t thank you enough for sharing my blog with your family and friends! I’m having so many women subscribe to my blog through email. I’d like to add some more things for my email subscribers this year and I’m working on some ideas.

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Beauty For the Heart~~As christians we are each chosen to use our gifts and talents to glorify God. He has a purpose and a plan for each of us.

To be honest, I’ve sometimes struggled with his plan. God chose me to be a pastor’s wife. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I feel God called me to this ministry. I was chosen at this time in history, for this specific task. But I’ve struggled over the years of feeling unworthy.

How could God choose me? and why would he want to? I can’t tell you how many times Wayne has had to remind me of Psalm 51:7, “Purify me from my sins, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.”

You see Christ loves me and he loves you and he died and rose again to forgive us of our sins. (John 3:16) He didn’t just die for some sins but for ALL sins. I’m so thankful for His forgiveness.

Let’s use our gifts to glorify Him today!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Beautiful as always Cyndi! have the gray cardi from Loft too. It sold out quick in OKC and hasn’t been online in weeks.

  2. I really enjoy following your blog! So many great outfits and even better life advice! I did purchase the Nordstrom wrap – a wonderful addition and goes with so much!

  3. ahh Cyndi, God bless your heart. You ARE worthy…satan is the one who wants you to think less of yourself. Like you said, God has chosen you and Wayne to be where you are. Be confident in this! Don’t let enemy second guess yourself. We all have a purpose and God wants you to be confident in your calling. I will pray for you. 🙂 Love the outfit today. The jacket and boots are especially fab!! Blessings 🙂

  4. Love the cardigan from Nordstrom look…does it run small or large? I’m thinking of getting the Piper Red but wonder about the sizing. I’m normally a 4 – 6 size range.

  5. Very pretty! I agree that the winter doldrums set in about this time and I get very tired of the same old neutrals. The cardigan you included here is my favorite so far-the color is extremely flattering as is the cut.

  6. Many families around here still have their lights up. Since we only have about 9 hours of sunlight this time of year the lights help it to seem less dark.
    Our first date was the day before Valentine’s day so we usually celebrate on Feb. 13 and miss the Valentine’s day restaurant crowds.

  7. Oh Cyndi, you always brighten my day! I love the red and I love the Nordstrom top also. How does it run, are the arms tight? We haven’t taken all of our Christmas down yet either, it’s definitely a work in progress. Thanks for the smiles!

  8. Cyndi, I have so enjoyed your 31 Days series & ALL of your outfits! You’ve really inspired me-and I’ve really needed it this winter. I love that cardigan-it looks so cozy! I’m a sucker for cozy. 😉 Looking forward to the Valentine’s outfits. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Love the sweater…red is my all time favorite color!! 🙂 I like the cardigan too! I needed to hear your from the heart today! Thank you!

  10. You always look fabulous. I liked your comment about you taking your pictures. I noticed the backgrounds are changing and, funny you mentioned it, always wondered if you thought about people seeing you out their taking your own pics:) It’s great!! Love your daily inspiration.

  11. Hi Cyndi,

    I came to your blog through pinterest. I liked your style and decided to follow. I love that grey hooded cardigan. And, the red brightens the day.

  12. I wore my cardigan today for the first time and got so many compliments at work. I purchased the color mink and you were right, it was so warm and soft. Perfect for a cold rainy day in Texas with my boots. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Hi Cyndi – I bought that red “tomato” sweater in a Medium as well (Small was too snug). I wore it yesterday with a Loft white collared shirt underneath and a statement necklace. I have looked at that gray hooded cardigan online but never ordered it (didn’t see it at the store). LOFT is my go-to store! I’m probably in there about once a week. 🙂

  14. I am new to the blog, just happened up on it one day , but I am so glad I did, you are so refreshing. I love seeing your style and reading your blog. Now I don’t have to wonder if I’m in style or not ha ha. You look fabulous in everything. Thanks.

  15. These outfits are just my style! Thanks for sharing Cyndi and by the way ,I didn’t even notice the lights on the bushes till you mentioned them☺

  16. I love the red sweater. It looks very sharp on you!!

    My cousins also say I look good in red,but they once pinned me down and tickled me until I turned red, pretty much the same shade as your sweater, LOL.

  17. Hello Cindi, I came across your blog on pinterest. I am also 40 something, and a Pastors wife! I share your experience too! I never feel I am good enough or measure up. But God says differently. I love the outfits they fit our lifestyle. People are always watching us an we have to be the example of how God wants us to show purity an beauty inside first then out. Starting today I will be following you for inspiration and ideas. I thank God he has allowed you to be an example for other Christian ladies! May God Bless you! Your doing a great job an should be proud your making a difference. 😉

  18. I just got the Loft grey hooded cardigan (50% off sale price) yesterday. I love, love, love it! It’s so soft, warm and comfortable. It’s so flattering! Thanks for posting about it because otherwise I would not have found this little gem!