31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 30

It’s Day 30!!! of my 31 Days of Winter Fashion. Today I’m keeping it very casual.

Most of the time I’m pretty classic casual, but today I’m leaning heavy on the casual. Several years ago I read a book for women over 40 that said we shouldn’t wear UGGs to save them for your thirteen year old daughter. Of course the writer also said no to ballet flats and flip flops. What??

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 30

Well, it’s cold here and we have a chance of snow so I’m pulling out my UGGs. I think I’ll turn on the fire and drink some hot chocolate! 🙂

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 30

I also found this black and red checked top at Macy’s. I’ve been wanting one all winter. I can definitely wear it next fall/winter too.

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 30

Bring on the cold and snow, I’m ready. 🙂

31 Days of Winter Fashion-Day 30

Lucky Brand Top (out of stock)//SNUG black turtleneck//Wit & Wisdom jeans//UGG boots

So what do you think, can women over 40 wear Uggs? Should we??

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Beauty For the Heart~~Our integrity is pretty important. As christians whether we like it or not, people are watching and they want to see how we handle certain situations.

The Bible has a lot to say about integrity. Here are a few verses:

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out. Proverbs 10:9

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the crookedness of the treacherous destroys them. Proverbs 11:3

The righteous who walks in his integrity— blessed are his children after him! Proverbs 20:7

Did you get that? Children are blessed with parents of integrity.

Let’s be women of integrity! Have a blessed day!


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  1. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for women 40 and up to wear Uggs. It all goes back to the basic thing of how you put the whole package together. Your outfit today is a perfect example of taking a classic casual look and pairing it up with something a little, dare we say, younger in terms of a fashion trend item. You do not appear to be trying to be younger because you have complimented the Uggs with an age appropriate outfit. Great Look!!! Thanks for all the tips….I’m a better dressed 40 something thanks to your blog!

  2. For me, personally, I do not wear Uggs, but I do wear that style of boot. I’ve read a lot of information about Uggs and the horrible and inhumane methods used to get the “genuine sheepskin” for these boots, so I will not buy them. I love the look of them, so I wear a vegan version. I agree that it is all a total look, and this type of boot should not be reserved for those younger than 40 only. Now, I’ve seen people at Walmart wearing ugg type boots with no apparent care for the rest of their outfit, and I think that looks awful no matter how old or young. I wear what I want to wear, but I try to do it with the style of a 40 something. I do break one of your rules Cyndi…I am guilty of wearing athletic leggings out to Target, Kohls, errands, etc. after I get my workout done at the Y. 🙂

    Your outfit is super cute and comfy looking today. 🙂

  3. I would like to get a slipper version of this. My husband keeps buying me those cozy PJ socks for my Christmas stocking (well – I wear them with PJs, cuz not sure how else to wear them) and I told him next year, I want some WARM slippers with good support. Some Ugg type slippers would be great. Gonna have to Google that. 🙂

  4. I like the UGG boots…the outfit looks great and I think that UGG boots are fine as long as we don’t were sloppy clothes with them.. This outfit dressed them up. Awesome choice.

  5. My 22 yo daughter turned me on to buying flannel shirts this winter at Forever21. I bought them in the mens dept. they were the perfect size and length with leggings. And only $19!

  6. The UGGs and outfit look great on you. I have never thought UGGs were considered taboo for post-teens! Love the verses on integrity, such an important character quality!

  7. I would wear the Uggs in the style you’ve worn them. It’s with dresses and such that I think they’re inappropriate at my age (53). Great job.

  8. You look great – I am wearing my flannel shirt from Old Navy today with leggings and boots and it’s a great cozy outfit! And yes, women over 40 can wear UGG boots. You wear them well!

  9. I think your outfit looks great, I’m more of a casual girl myself, I love the Uggs, I have a black pair of boots from Target that look similar to the Ugg boots, I wear them with black leggings and a longer (about 2 1/2″ above my knee) white boyfriend shirt with my monogram on the pocket 🙂 I also think your hair looks great, but I know how it is when I’m not pleased with my hair as well, I get frustrated, Looking forward to the last outfit tomorrow, I’ve tried to pin the outfits to refer back to 🙂 Have a blessed afternoon!

  10. You look adorable Cindi, Ugg boots and all! You look well put together even sporting super casual! I don’t wear Uggs only as a personal preference but I do think they’re acceptable on 40+ ladies. I love the Scriptures on integrity today. Integrity shows up not only in our words and actions but how we wear our clothes too! Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy that fireside cup of cocoa!

  11. I love your Ugg’s those are cute and you look awesome in them. I think people should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable despite age. I’m not ready to give up and pull out the orthopedic shoes at 56!

  12. Really great casual winter outfit! Love the Uggs! You always look so pulled together – inspiration for me to take the extra time to look ‘pulled’ together before I leave the house!! My wardrobe is improving greatly with all your ideas!!

  13. Good grief . . . no Uggs, flip flops or ballet flats!? I wonder if this is the same writer that says capris are only for the beach?

  14. I personally don’t wear uggs, but that’s because my finicky feet don’t play well with them. I think you look cute here! My only pet peeve w/uggs is so many people feel that they work well with yoga pants that don’t cover their bottoms. I saw three different instances of this yesterday while shopping at Nordstrom & Target. Casual is one thing, but cover that booty!

  15. Why not? They obviously aren’t appropriate for every outfit or circumstance but this outfit is very attractive. Absolute rules don’t work very well-too many exceptions abound. As long as the tone of the outfit matches and it is appropriate for an occasion what’s the problem with “mature woman” wearing a casual boot?

  16. Hi Cyndi,
    I really don’t like the fact that people say when you get to a certain age you can’t wear something, it’s absolute tosh

  17. Hi Cyndi,
    Not sure what happened to the rest of my comment. Basically I say you look fab and no one should tell you what you can and cannot wear.
    Hope you don’t get too cold, we have snow in the Uk too.
    Take care Nicky x

  18. I think you look adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m 39 and I would wear those boots ! They are dressier than the suede option Uggs . Either way , sometimes the weather calls for toasty toes . And regular dressy patent leather or smooth leather are not toasty . Anyways , If I saw you on the street dressed like you are I would NOT think ” that lady needs to dress her age ! ” . So I say YES to your outfit ! Have a great weekend !
    -Leticia from King Maker blog

  19. I have on almost the same outfit today! Red plaid shirt under the grey high/low sweater you have (you styled it with a houndstooth scarf), black skinny jeans, and my black Uggs! It IS a casual outfit (more casual than I usually wear, too) – but it’s -28 where I am today – and I feel warm and cozy!!

  20. I hope you continue sharing your “days of fashion” I have learned so much and enjoy seeing what you have on then the next day or two try to do an outfit somewhat like you shared… I would like you to share how you keep your clothes, sweaters, jeans, hang, or fold. Thanks for sharing!!! 🙂

  21. You always look adorable and put together; however, I do not like the Uggs–not because anyone is too old to where them, I just do not find them attractive.

  22. Cute, cuddly outfit, Cyndi. I think your Uggs are cute. And by the way, you are still young, so there’ll be no talk of dressing “your age”. Lol

  23. I have these boots except they have a zipper and fold down to about half that size! LOVE THEM!! And I don’t really care what anyone thinks: this soon-to-be 55 yr old will wear still them! LOL

  24. I love your outfit, just not the Uggs, I think they look like slippers. Several years ago my husband and I were going to a play with another couple. We stopped at their house to pick them up, she had on a skirt with tights and Uggs. We got ready to leave and I almost said “aren’t you going to get your shoes?” (she was always very forgetful). Thank goodness I didn’t because she was wearing her Uggs.

  25. I don’t care for them but it’s not because of an age thing. I agree with the reader who said they look too much like slippers. I like a delicate and sexy foot profile. I always like all your outfits.

  26. I love the outfit, I have that top but from Walmart believe it or not.
    I live in the North East and as ugly as people say they are they are the warmest boots ever, and I hate cold feet.
    When the weather is bad here, I really don’t care what my feet look like.
    If I lived in a warmer climate, I would op for the “cute shoes” as one put it, but I don”t have those luxuries.
    So to answer your question, Yes, women over 40 can wear Uggs.

  27. Love my UGG’s and wear them at least once a week here in Colorado. Many of the woman (almost all over 40) that I work with do as well. If I didn’t wear my UGG’s, ballet flats, or flip flops I’d have about 2 pairs of shoes left to pick from. I truly believe that we are only as old as we feel. The more limitations I put on myself the older I feel. I’m a fairly conservative/casual dressing 41 year old, whom enjoys looking “put together” but also my age. Thank You for all the inspiration!

  28. Cyndi,
    You are so cute you can certainly rock this look, regardless of your age. I resent those who place arbitrary limits on what women can and cannot wear based on age. What does it matter? if you feel good wearing it, I say “go for it.” I find your outfits inspiring and I am happy that you show how to style looks with garments purchased from stores like Target, TJ Maxx, etc., not just the high-echelon brand name stores.

    One more thing . . . you were disappointed in the way your bangs were cut — just remember the old saying that “the difference between a bad haircut and a good haircut is two weeks.” LOL

  29. Seriously? No Uggs after 40? I turned 61 yesterday and I just said the other day that I dreaded the day when Ugg’s go out of style. I rely on mine for comfort and warmth and wear them often – and I’m a school principal – wear them to school often. And ballet flats are a necessity because I can’t handle heels. And if I can’t wear my flip-flops in warm weather, I’ll just have to go barefoot!

  30. You crack me up….. Thank you for your humor and honesty and not to mention all the beautiful praises to our King… and the adorable clothes. I am a 60 almost 61 woman who still loves jeans, boots and so many of the outfits you post. I also love the fact you do all the shopping and it is just a click away to purchase. I am not a fan of shopping….
    I am a mother of 4 and a Nani to 8 adorable grandchildren… (I love being a Nani). Anyway thank you for your web site and I look forward to it each morning with my coffee. Thank you and blessing to you and your family… I am a newbie to this site….

  31. Hi Cyndi. I love your blog and you have made an impact on my life often with your posts. I do not like Uggs. I don’t think they are flattering at any age. Regarding your bangs. I like them and think if you had the rest of you hair trimmed it would be really nice look for you. I am not a fan of big hair. I do like a bob just not a “big hair” one. Just wondering if you have posted any pictures of with other hair styles? I too look forward to your blog every day with a nice cup of hot tea!

  32. I remember a post you did sometime last year maybe about women over 40 should not wear UGGS. You said they were for girls in their 20’s…I believe. I have a pair, but I stopped wearing them after your post. Mine are older and don’t look as nice as yours do. 😉 The only reason kept them was because they are so warm! I’m glad to see you’v changed your mind. I was actually wearing them today because its so chilly. Thanks for showing us how nice they can look on a women in her 40’s! 🙂

  33. You look cute in absolutely everything you post! I’ll admit that compared to all the beautiful boots you own, the Uggs aren’t my favorite. But if you like them, wear them! I also love big hair! Always will.

  34. For sure wear the Uggs – they work well with the outfit and it looks cozy but still put together. I just turned 50 last month and there is no way I am giving up my Uggs. I have several pair, but my shorter grey are my favorite with skinny jeans or black leggings and an oversize grey sweater. (I have 13 year old daughter and she thinks my Uggs look good too.). And I plan to keep my ballerina flats and flip flops too!

  35. Hi. I check your blog daily and appreciate your taste in clothes. I, personally am not a fan og UGGs, especially the latest sequined ones…oh my! They look good on little girls.
    Thank you for your daily scriptures and keeping it real!

  36. I personally don’t like Uggs on myself, but you wear them well. I like this particular style better than most. However, I’m a big fan of ballet flats and flip flops. At 55, I still wear both! I’m new to your blog and always look forward to see what you’re wearing. You look awesome in everything you put on!! P.S. I love big hair!!❤️

  37. I wonder if the blog about Uggs you mentioned was referring to when Uggs became popular here in the States and they were the original “moon boot” style mostly worn by teens with miniskirts. I would say that look doesn’t age well, but Uggs makes a great many styles and they are well-made and comfortable. I have the Chaney and the Emalie, both leather and classic. I have also had some Ugg house shoes-best I’ve ever owned (even better than my LLBean ones)! I think all of your outfits are wonderfully age appropriate while still remaining stylish. Personal style is just that – personal and unique to the individual. Thank you for sharing your love of fashion with us!

  38. Well it looks like everyone voiced their comments on the Uggs….I believe it’s not the piece of clothing but how you put it together! Just like the majority said above….you look fabulous (although in my humble opinion, I think you should have put on one of your fabulous statement necklaces)! Keep up the good work!!Jodie

  39. I don’t know if you have addressed the too-tight leggings, pants issue on here. But I tend to agree with Shari. It seems too many are leaving the house with the camel-toe shining! it is a disgrace how tight things are and too much showing.
    If you watch the show: Chrisley Knows Best… he calls it the “cootchy” when Savannah shows up in a pair of shorts to her ying yang.
    It is not a good look… I don’t care what your age… people look in the mirror before you hit the door!!
    I don’t believe our Savior is pleased with the immodest look that many are wearing.. Just think if I were in His company today, would I wear this??

  40. I am not a fan of Uggs at any age. I cringe when I see girls/women wearing them with shorts. I just find them to be unflattering on the foot. They are too clunky. But if people like them for function, go ahead and wear them, but I don’t find them stylish. I love your outfit (sans the Uggs). 😉

  41. Cyndi, I think if a woman over 40, 50 or 60 wants to wear UGGS, then go for it! I am 52 and I wear boots of all sorts all the time. I believe I dress age appropriate and I think you always look age appropriate. The UGGS look really cute. Keep on doing your thing, Girl 😉