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4 Ways To Style a Denim Skirt

Recently, I have been noticing a lot of denim skirts online, so today, I want to share with you 4 ways to style a denim skirt.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe, but after trying out these four outfits, I may just change my mind.

I usually wear a size 4 or 6, but for the skirt, I decided to go with a size 6 since I didn’t want it to be too tight. The size 6 fit me perfectly with enough room, so I’m glad I went with that size.

4 Ways to Style a Denim Skirt

1. Cap Sleeve Sweater –  This sleeveless sweater will be perfect for the warm summer weather. I love pairing a skirt or dress with nude shoes because they help to elongate my legs.

Pink Cap Sleeve Sweater (small) | Denim Skirt (6) | Earrings | Slide Sandal | Bracelets

2. Twist-sleeve crewneck T-shirt – I added a necklace to dress up the T-shirt and a belt to the skirt. These cap-toe flats pair perfectly with the skirt.

Black Top (small) | Denim Skirt (6) | Earrings | Cap-toe Flat | Bracelets | Belt | Compass Toggle Necklace

3. Blazer – For a dressier look, I’m adding a blazer to my black T-shirt, and I’m wearing cap-toe slingback heels.

Blazer (small) | Black Top (small) | Denim Skirt (6) | Earrings | Cap-toe Slingback Heel | Bracelets | BeltCompass Toggle Necklace

4. Polo Sweater – This polo sweater costs less than $25 and pairs well with a denim skirt.

V-Neck Sweater (small) | Denim Skirt (6) | Earrings | Wedge Heel | Bracelets | Belt | Compass Toggle Necklace

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  1. Good morning, I noticed your kitchen in the background. What color paint is your cabinet? I’m doing my kitchen over.Thanks!

    1. The cabinets were here when we moved in and they are painted Alabaster. I like that color but they did a bronzy glaze over them that I’m not crazy about. It would cost a lot of money to replace them or to paint them so I’m going to leave them alone.

  2. Good morning Cyndi, I think there are better choices out there for spending our fashion bucks on. I think the length of that denim skirt makes women our age look frumpy. And the slit up the front will make it difficult to sit comfortable. You had some really cute tops today though.

  3. I am looking for the perfect white button down shirt for women that fits in the arms and hips that is not huge ever where else. Thanks for your help with this. I love everything you do online. Have a blessed day.

  4. Personally I love a denim skirt and wear them often (I am late 50s) but I do not have a longer length one. Mine are above the knee and I usually wear them as an alternative to shorts with tennis shoes or sandals. I like the tops you styled but found several of the shoe options to be too dressy.

  5. I have a midi front slit denim skirt I bought 2 years ago at Banana Republic. It doesn’t make me look frumpy. The slit is kinda of sexy. I wear it with wedge sandals in the summer mostly. I like your skirt best with the pink collar top and clear sandals. Denim skirts can be youthful depending on how you style it. Anything can look frumpy if it’s not styled right. I like how you styled it.

  6. I thought you looked great! I live in the DFW area. Finding something that will cover the body from April – September is difficult. It is so hot. The denim skirt with the slit is just right for those months. Frumpy? No, no!

  7. I really like the combination of the denim skirt with the pink tops and the neutral shoes. Very classic. I agree with Kim’s comment, I think the taupe and black shoes tend to look too dressy for the denim skirt. Maybe if it was a black denim skirt?

  8. I really liked the denim skirt on you!! I liked it best with the black top! Maybe some different shoes though!. Also with the last pink top! You always look great! Thanks for the inspiration both with Gods word and clothes!

  9. I like the denim shirt with the front slit and the pink polo sweater and clear wedges the best. I just ordered the pink sweater and will style it with denim jeans and shorts for the summer. I have a denim skirt which falls a little above the knee, but I never seem to wear it. I’m more comfortable in shorts or jeans. You always look great and I get lots of great fashion ideas from you! Thank you for all you do for us!

  10. As always, you look great! I don’t own a skirt and never will because of my round shape and being 5’3′. I have felt a skirt is the least flattering item I could put on and sadly I don’t see that changing for me. But I love the tops you picked 🙂

    1. I absolutely love the new presentation of clothes! You were so thoughtful in your presentation and I didn’t have to keep going back for information! Loved this!

  11. Cyndi, I really like how you’ve shown the different ways to wear the denim skirt. I wonder about the open slit in the front when sitting down. How do you manage this issue?

  12. You are such a beautiful woman and can wear so many different looks and styles. However, I don’t think the jean skirt look is you. Hard pass. Thank you for sharing but your look is classier than this. Love, love, love to you, Classy Lady!

    1. I usually love everything you style but I just can’t jump on this train. I don’t think these denim skirts look good on anyone. Worst trend ever.

  13. I like the skirt on you. The fabric looks different on the website. It looks dirty washed. I’m still debating on the longer Jean skirts. I have a “right above the knee” one I’ve had for years from banana republic that I wear in the Summer with flat sandals or sneakers. Thanks for showing the skirt several ways. Love post like this. Please do one like this with the white bow blouse from Kohl’s. Need style ideas for it.

  14. You’ve styled the denim skirt beautifully but for me I think I’d rather a longer ( just above ankle)one so I could wear with low line sneakers , t shirt or light weight sweatshirt! Keeping it more casual! I think the length you’re wearing would hit me at the wrong place on my legs at 5’2…

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you for styling the denim skirt. If this look is frumpy, then bring on the frump! Between my four denim skirts (in different colors), it’s definitely the most worn item in my closet. And mine are all just below the knee because it’s the most comfortable length for me. I’m not much of a pants/jeans gal so seeing how you styled something I love was a real treat for me. I was surprised at how much adding the black belt elevated the look.

  16. Denim skirts are just not a good look and are not flattering on any figure, except for maybe Madonna fans in the 1980’s! Too many other great options.

    1. Any figure? That’s a pretty bold comment. It may not work for your figure, but some may feel it works for theirs.

  17. I do not think any of the pictures captured your classy style except the pink outfit with the clear wedges. I don’t think the two tone slides fit with that skirt, too dressy.
    I don’t think I will purchase this skirt.