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5 Budget Friendly Stores to Shop for Fall Fashion

Happy Friday, ladies! It’s hard to believe it’s almost the middle of August. We have had a hot summer, but the weather has changed this week, and a few evenings have felt a little like fall.

Since we’re gearing up for fall, I’m sharing 5 Budget Friendly Stores to Shop for Fall Fashion today. We don’t have to break the bank to dress fashionably.

I also like to pair my budget friendly finds with higher-quality items—for instance, a top from Old Navy with designer denim.

5 Budget Friendly Stores to Shop for Fall Fashion

1. Amazon

Amazon has so many great pieces, but you have to search for them, which can be overwhelming. That’s where I hopefully help because I spend hours looking for the best. Also, you can’t beat the quick shipping!


2. Target

Target has lots of trendy pieces, and they often have shoes that look like designer shoes but at a much better price.


3. Gap Factory

Gap Factory is a great place to shop for basic pieces like t-shirts, sweaters, denim, shorts, etc.


4. J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory has relaxed weekend pieces, loungewear, accessories, and good basics. All at affordable prices.


5. Old Navy

Old Navy has the latest fashion for every occasion, from classic t-shirts and cozy sweaters to affordable business casual blouses & pants.


Which of these budget friendly stores do you like the best?

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Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. Love the layered necklace look, but mine end up being a tangled mess around my neck. It happens with a single Layered necklace and individual pieces. Any hints to keep this from happening?

  2. Thank you so much for this very comprehensive post. I am one of your readers who likes to shop at less expensive price points. (Actually, most of my wardrobe is from ThredUp and Goodwill!)

    I’m glad you get to see your son this weekend. He lives in my neck of the woods (Florence). I still have lots of family in Lexington so I get what you mean about the drive down I-75. I need to do it more often now that my mom is in her 90s!

    I hope that you and yours have a great weekend.

  3. I love your Truth and beauty for the heart. I ordered the JCrew sweater blazer in the camel color last week since I had to a good coupon too. I got the petite small and it’s a good fit with room for a sweater underneath. It’s also a sturdy knit and made well. I was going to return it if was a flimsy knit. I like all the stores you mentioned except I have never ordered clothes from Amazon. Because I am petite, I am afraid they won’t fit right.

    I hope you have a good trip and happy birthday to your son. 🙏

  4. Best post ever!
    I could break the bank with these budget friendly stores, if I ordered everything I want!
    Target is my favorite for shoes. I live near an outlet mall. I love J. Crew, gap factory. I shop ON online. The local store isn’t good. Amazon is so easy!
    THANK YOU, Cyndi

  5. I am partial to Old Navy since alot of my petite stores died during Covid. My daughter shops at Old Navy so I tagged along and found some of the cutest tops for summer . One that I get the most compliments on is a butterscotch looking smocked at the neckline flowy top. I love for it summer as the air goes under it and you stay cool in this humid& hot summer in Mississippi. i went back and got it in black and a white one also. I can find petites and regular sizing at Old Navy. Sometimes the regular size in XS works. Love that you included Old Navy in this post. also had a good sale for petites. 🙂 J Jill & Talbots had great sales too .

  6. I think if I had to pick I’d pick J. crew factory. But with all these stores it depends on the item for me. Some materials I just won’t buy.

  7. Have ordered the Amazon #1 and hope it looks good on me. Son’s wedding, late October Nashville, outdoor garden, not formal, no wedding attendants etc. She is wearing a wedding dress he a suit. All that to say….what type of shoe…being you’re not far from Nashvegas you’ll understand the weather. I don’t wear heels (klutz) and uneven ground….guess I’m wondering more WHAT COLOR?
    Many thanks!
    ps…my fave is Loft Outlet