5 Denim Trends: Fall 2016

5 Denim Trends: Fall 2016

It’s that time of year where we look at trends and today I’m sharing 5 Denim Trends for Fall 2016. It looks like we are stepping back into the ’70’s!

Now, before we start, there are a few rules I have about trends.

1. Never say never! I have learned this one the hard way. I have said I would never wear something and then when I see other women wearing it and looking good, I change my mind.

2. I don’t go by the rule that says if I wore it before (like in the ’70’s), I don’t wear it again. Who made that rule?? Everything we wear has probably been popular at some other time so ditch that rule! Ha!

3. Finally, have fun with styles! I like to be classy and trendy, conservative with a little sassy. Is that a style??

Obviously, you don’t have to try any of these styles but I do think it’s fun to know what is in style.

    • The Anti-Seam-Jean-I’m not sure why they call this the anti seam because clearly there’s a seam right down the middle.

5 Denim Trends: Fall 2016

    • Detailed Denim-Embroidery is everywhere this fall so of course it’s going to show up on jeans.

5 Denim Trends: Fall 2016

    • Flare Leg Jean-This was popular last year and I think we’ll see even more this fall.5 Denim Trends: Fall 2016
    • Shadow Hem Jean-The darker hem and frayed hem are on trend this fall.5 Denim Trends: Fall 2016
    • Two Tone Jean-Call me crazy but I kind of like the two tone jeans. I don’t like this hem because it looks like someone had a bad pair of scissors!

5 Denim Trends: Fall 2016

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What do you all think about these styles?? Which ones would you like to see my style this fall?

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Beauty for the Heart~~I Choose Love. No occasion justifies hatred; no injustice warrants bitterness. I choose love. Today I will love God and what God loves.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1Peter 4:8

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Oh dear, don’t like any of this. What to do, what to do??

    I do need to tell you that the Banana Republic t-shirts are my favorite. You styled them a few days ago. I will never buy anything else. Thanks!

  2. I really like all of these! But I will “always” 😉 be very partial to great-fitting , slim, boot cut denim as well. They seem to look the best on me anyway! I enjoy your blog Cindy. Thank you!!

    1. I’m with you! Definitely don’t like the frayed hems, or the “distressed” aka ripped jeans. Can’t understand spending good money on worn out pants.

  3. I love the flares and love the embroidery! But, I would be willing to try any or all as long as they are flattering. Thanks for sharing the trends with us!

  4. I just can’t get over the uneven, choppy hem on the one pair. I do like my released hem jeans and I like the frayed hem too, but my ocd couldn’t handle these. 😉

  5. Love your blog! Love all the jeans! Can you please tell me the brand of shoes- it’s the tan chicly heel sandal!
    Thank you! God bless!!

  6. I bought a pair of mini flare jeans that I’m looking forward to wearing. I couldn’t do full flare though. I’m not super crazy about any of the other trends so probably will pass! 😀

  7. I think I will stay with the dark wash flare leg jeans. My husband is not a fan of the “skinny leg” jeans so I haven’t bought any of those. Thank you for showing us the new trends.

  8. Very interesting denim trends! At least we have choices and aren’t forced to wear something we don’t like! Have a blessed day!

  9. I like the anti-seam look, but I wonder if the seam (inside) would rub and bother me? I think they could be flattering?
    I like the 2-tone also, just not the hem. YIKES!

  10. I am always slow to accept new trends. I don’t know if it’s part of my personality or not. It usually takes me a couple of seasons and even then I am very cautious. However, Imy 24 year old daughter is the exact opposite. I do admire those who do try trends. I personally will stick with my skinny jeans and boyfriend styles which took a. Couple of years before I was brave enough to wear. You always look great CYndi in everything!! Beth

  11. I’m similar to you , Cyndy. I’ve stopped saying “I’ll never wear that.” While I am conscious of not dressing too young (I’m 62), I usually try to find a way to incorporate trends into my style in some way. I can’t resist new trends! I like all of the jeans you’ve shown, but we’ll see what I end up with. I hate winter here in Minnesota, but new fall styles help me get through it. Love your blog! Have a great day!

  12. I bought flares last year at the Nordstrom sale. Only wore a few times. I didn’t want to be late to the trend but I’m not sure I love it! The rest just aren’t for me. Looking for a more classic look as I am 50+. I often say I’m not going to do things again because I did it before. 🙂 But you are right most everything we wear has been done in some form before!!

  13. Cyndi, thanks for sharing these. I’m short, so when skinny jeans became popular, I ditched all my flared and wide legs. Too much material and I was constantly tripping on them. So bring on all the skinny ones, dark, faded, or seamed. I love them all.

  14. Not sure about these, I am a little older, so that could be a factor.
    In “my high school days” the embroidery on the jeans and denim jackets were done by the owners – not while wearing of course- it was something to pass the time while in study hall, or even a credit for Home Ec class.

    I just had a pair of the distressed girl jeans arrive, from WHBM, and I am not sure I can wear them. Oh they fit, but its a throwback to my childhood. We grew up poor, and much of our clothing was from the two for 10 cents item bin at the Goodwill. Having nothing but others castoff’s, to wear, leaves an impression on you. Now some pay a lot of money to look that way.
    Yes, never say never . . . I never thought I would see the day people would want to pay to look like their clothing came from the ragman’s bin.

  15. I’m with you Cyndi on the rules! Especially the one “if you have worn it before “! I’m 56. Love fashion and love breaking the rules 😍

  16. My first inclination is to say I won’t be wearing those styles but then I see you and Jolynne style then and gradually I try something new. Excited for your fall preview to see how many new styles I’ll try. Have a wonderful day.

  17. Is there such a thing as a dark washed, slightly distressed, skinny leg (not tight) jean? I like the look but ever time I try a pair on, they just don’t look right. Sigh…

  18. Thank you for “breaking rule” theory! Have said it so many times and happy to hear someone with such classy fashion sense reaffirm. 😀😀

  19. I can’t wait to see you style some raw hem jeans! My friend and I are planning a DIY jean day. Our daughters think we’re too old. 🙂 Now I’m thinking I may embroider some, too!

  20. Cyndi, your thoughts on love lifted my heart today. I keep a journal for positive thoughts, that I can look back on when my spirit needs a boost. I also love the verses and thoughtful words you include daily. Love your style and energy.

  21. I like the two toned jeans but I’m with you the hem is a little funky… I’m excited to see the new fall looks so keep them coming. I just bought a utility jacket off Zappos it’s Lucky brand. I like it but not sure I love it, I might keep looking, if you see any cute utility jackets please share them. Thanks for all you do Cyndi helping us with fashion and for the verses like the one today to remind us of what’s most important. LOVE!!!

    1. I just purchased a cute little utility jacket from charlotte rouse for less than 30 dollars. Super cute and lightweight. (I will be wearing it in phoenix this winter).
      Many thanks to Cyndi for all she does to keep us stylish! My husband thanks her too. He reads all her posts and suggests the things I need to get..ha!

  22. I’m with Kari and Cyndi – can’t get rid of my boot-cut Levi’s! I do have a pair of skinny jeans that I like and have gotten compliments when wearing them. Even my daughter complimented me! Can’t get much better than that. Thank you, Cyndi, for helping us gals over 40 (or 50) stay classy and stylish, and, especially, for reminding us that beauty comes from the inside.

  23. Thank you Cyndi for the latest trend on jeans. I will turn “50” this month and I enjoy your fashion advice since we are the same age.

    I would like to see you style the Anti-Seam and the Detailed Denim. ~Lisa~

  24. Ditto to what Lisa said! Hit 50 last year and I feel better than ever with a little help from the fashions and attitude that your blog overflows with Cindi!!!

    Thank you and God bless!

  25. I love the two toned Jean and the anti seam jeans too. I like the added details! The added seam on the anti seam jeans will also help keep their shape especially if there is spandex in the denim! I really look forward to your daily posts and words of encouragement. Your Sunday blogs always bring tears to my eyes as I am reminded that God is with me even when I don’t feel it. Blessings to you sweet Cyndi. God has given you a ministry that touches the hearts of so many women and encourages them each day.

  26. Hey Cyndi..the only jeans I like are the flare. I just started wearing some* skinny jeans. I’m only 5′ and I have an inseam of 28″. So could you give me an idea of what would look best on me? I love your blog and I am inspired every day by your Beauty for the Heart. Have a great day!! Linda

  27. Cyndi, I love your take on these jeans. And I agree with your rules on trends. I used to say all of those, but since I have become a blogger and have started following bloggers I have loosened up on the rules. I still don’t prefer a pair of jeans that’s ripped, but that’s my own personal “style” not an anti-ripped rule. But I love these choices that you listed here. I’m with you I like the two toned look and I’m a bit partial to embroidery and patches (I’ve seen some of those out there too). Thanks for sharing! – Amy

  28. Hi Cyndi! I prefer the detailed denim. It’s cute.

    The two-to Ned jeans remind me SO much of fourth grade!! And I’m in the minority here, but I cannot stand flared jeans. I think they are the goofiest looking thing, ever. But that’s just my opinion.

    Thanks for keeping us aware of the trends!

  29. I love the frayed hem jeans, however, at 51 I’m not a fan of the distressing. Could you recommend anything with this time of hem that does not have the distressing?
    Also love the sandals shown with them. I contacted Nordstrom and they do not carry that sandal. Would love to have a link for those too!

  30. I like the Demi look. I like the the skinny jeans and bootcut they look good with a lot of things I wear. Love your quote today!!

  31. Interesting jeans and I will have to waitand see 😉. Love the verse today. I a tually used
    That gerse in a wedding card for a couple recently.

  32. I like the anti-seam. I was going to order but the current coupon is not valid! I usually buy most all my jeans at Chicos. I think I will look and see what they have. Thanks for the denim update!

  33. Oh no, I’m going to need help seeing any of these on this almost 50 chica. I can accept holes on jeans but cuffs that have been cut off with kid scissors, nope, not gonna do it. ha.

  34. Gosh years of watching Stacey and Clinton on What Not to Wear, really made an impact on me! They really sold me on straight leg jeans! I do wear skinny, and boyfriend cut, and love boot cut, but deepl down I also think they were right, and I am just being rebellious:-)
    But back to the post, denim is what America wears, so trendy denim seems easier to jump on board. I just wish I could wear jeans to work.

  35. I think I’m on the “wait ans see” train. I don’t like any of these. I’ve always been all for breaking the rules, but I also know what I like and I think I’ll take a pass on these trends.

  36. Yep i will be wearing the flare jeans not too flared though and the detail jeans i have a fancy smancy embroider machine so finallllly i can make something trendy for myself besides monograms! Thanks for the heads up!

  37. The anti seam and two toned jeans are different. They don’t seem as much like the same old thing “recycled”. I’d love to see what you do with those. Thank you so much for the ideas and motivation you have given this 53 year old. My children (from 17 to 24) are impressed that I am trying new things!

  38. Fashion trends will come and go but true-to-you personal style will always be fashionable! Don’t like any of these and at 60 years old I am smart enough to know what works for me and gutsy enough to wear what looks good on me, regardless of what the so called experts say!

  39. Love the flare leg, but the rest are just ridiculous. Just because they are made and sold, doesn’t mean we have to buy! I think about what my Grandmother would have said about these, and she would not have liked them! She was very stylish, and always had a lot of pride and great taste when dressing. These just would not have cut it with her. Nor with me! I usually love the styles you post, just not this!

  40. When I was a kid our jeans got hung on the clothes line all of the time. All of my jeans were two toned because of this and it definitely was not the style. I will probably stay away from those so I won’t have flashbacks. Haha. For the rest I guess it’s just wait an see. What looks crazy today looks pretty good later once you show me how to doll it up.

  41. Hi Cyndi! Thank you so much for the update on jeans! I use to wear the anti-seamed jeans in college, they were my favorites!😊 Now, that I’m 50, ugh… I need to wear more comfy shoes, especially for everyday with jeans, any suggestions? Thx so much!!

  42. Sorry late to read this post … I’m not a fan of the wide legged or the detailed-prints on the jeans, but okay with the other styles… so I guess I’m in style enough for the Fall. LOL I would love to see you style each of these to see what they really look like. Never know till I see it on someone around my age. 🙂 God Bless

  43. Hi Cyndi! Love all your posts, read them every day! I like the flare leg and would love to see you style them. You always do a great job styling jeans and I learn a lot. I do not like jeans with holes in them, why waste money on them ha! I also don’t think that ladies my (almost 50ish) age should wear something that looks all cut up, save that for the younger gals. Let’s not try to look like we are in high school ok?! I also like just a classic skinny or boot leg cut. Denim never goes out of style, thank goodness! Keep it classy, love your style!! Have a great weekend and God Bless!

  44. I don’t care for most of these. I do have a pair of Gap Long and Lean flare jeans but really haven’t worn them a lot. I will make that a goal for fall, to figure out ways to style my flared jeans.

  45. Thank goodness denim never goes out of style! But, I do agree with some of the ladies- save the cut up (holes) & embroidery jeans for the younger girls!

  46. I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fit well AND are comfortable. I can’t wear heels (feet issues), which seem to be the only style that looks good with these skinny jeans. I do love the skirts and dresses you style, though. Keep ’em coming.

  47. My inclination has been to say, “no” to distressed jeans. I like my clothes more tidy and classier. Then I spotted a pair at Glamour Farms with a jacket I was ordering. They were on sale for less than $20 and looked great on the model. I caved and ordered them. Color me surprised, but I actually love them! They may not stay in my wardrobe as long as some of my boot cuts, but they are a fun addition for this season and possibly next Spring with very little investment.