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5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Tremendous thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post.

Today I’m sharing 5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials that are interchangeable clothing essentials that can be worn in different ways.

Walmart has all the fall wardrobe essentials, and the best part is they are reasonably priced.

5 Fall Wardrobe Essentials

1) Basic Tee

A classic tee is fundamental to creating a variety of casual looks. Comfort is an important factor when shopping for this wardrobe essential so stick to supersoft fabrics and a shape that flatters your body type. For extra comfort, you might size up; you don’t want your tee to be tight around your midsection. Prioritize buying tees in plain white and black for the most versatility.

2) Moto Jacket

An oversize leather or faux leather jacket is a key fall buy. This faux leather jacket has an asymmetrical zip closure and signature silver-tone hardware.

Moto Jacket (XS, if in between sizes, size down) • Black V-Neck Tee (small) • Jeans (4)  • Black Booties (TTS)

3) Comfy Sweater

No fall wardrobe is complete without comfortable sweaters. This clothing item is a must in colder temperatures. My sweater has an asymmetric zipper and mixed stitches that create texture.

4) Denim Jeans

A pair of jeans is easily one of the most essential pieces of clothing you can own due to their remarkable versatility. Opt for a classic silhouette like relaxed straight-leg jeans that flatter all shapes and sizes and can be dressed up or down.

5) Booties

You can’t think of fall and not think about wearing boots. Ankle boots are still going strong this year, and higher shaft booties work well with cropped denim.

This western slouch bootie is perfect for pairing with just about anything, from flowy dresses to skinny jeans. Featuring a cushioned memory foam footbed, these boots are as comfortable.

Walmart has fall wardrobe essentials and trendy pieces for the whole family!

Sweater (small, another option here) • Jeans (4) • Booties (TTS)

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Today I pray you will feel the unlimited grace and peace found in Jesus.

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  1. Love the Fall Wardrobe essentials! I have a similar faux leather jacket in maroon but haven’t worn it yet. Is 66 too old for a Moto jacket? I am about your size, wear classic clothing but haven’t worked up the nerve to wear it! Advice?

    1. Connie, no way! 66 is not too old, as long as you feel comfortable, go for it! I’m 68 (yikes!) and still enjoy being fashionable. It helps keep us feeling young. 😊

      1. Connie 66 is NOT too old to wear a jacket that you like. Wear what makes you feel good about yourself and forget the haters that think there is an age limit on fashion. I’m 60 and I will wear what I darn well please. Now get out there and strut yourself ;-D

    2. Connie, you are not too old for a moto jacket. I’m 68 and I’m going to keep wearing mine. I have 3 moto jackets. They are classics in my opinion. I wear mine not only with jeans but with skirts and dresses.
      I can understand how you feel. I don’t want to be a wannabe teen either. I was never going to wear flare or bootleg pants again because I thought I was too old. But I changed my mind. As long as the pants are not over the top bell bottoms like Cher wore it will be ok. I bought bootleg jeans at Penneys for a great price.

  2. Oh me, I “promised” myself I didn’t need any more fall pieces to add to the closet. Then I saw the blog on fall essentials from Walmart. I caved. I’ve needed a “moto” jacket for two years, but … then the booties. Time and Tru is such a great brand for me. Thanks!

    P.S. To “Connie” who is 66 and concerned that 66 is to old for a Moto jacket, well I’m 76 and going for it! I need something to grab to “put things together.” Come hang with me! We maybe “mature,” but heck we’re fashionable!

    1. Love all of the Fall clothing on this post. At 71 it is hard to decide what looks good on you at your age without people saying you are trying to look like a teenager. If I feel good with it on then I wear it. Since retired I usually wear at leisure wear during the week since I walk during the day. On the weekend I wear jeans, Maybe not what I am suppose to wear but it works for me.

      1. Dianne…..wearing leisure wear helps me not talk myself out of my walk during the day. 🙂 It is hard once retired to make myself dress daily in all the clothes I have in my closet, but especially since Covid, I’m trying to dress more daily in regular clothes. I love fashion, but also like the comfort of leisure wear. Of course you can wear jeans at 71. Wear what you feel good in.

  3. Love all these pieces! I wish Walmart in Canada would carry this brand… I too agree with the others go for it Connie! No need to give yourself restrictions on what you wear if it makes you feel good !

  4. Will you keep and wear these items from Walmart? I’ve never bought clothing from Walmart, as I feel its not made to last. I try to be selective on what I buy, so it washes and wears for more than 1-2 seasons. You look great in all the pieces. As for the book by Amy…..this is something I struggle with…… not stressing before entertaining. I just don’t feel confident in this area and never have. We all have strongholds and I guess this is one of mine. Thanks for sharing this book. It sounds wonderful. Such a beautiful cover on the book.

  5. Thanks Cyndi and all of you for your encouragement on the Moto jacket. It is cold here this week so I will wear my jacket soon!!!