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5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017

This coming weekend, I’m speaking in Richmond, Ky. I’m going to share some fashion trends, ways to look younger, and the 5 fashion rules to break.

It’s a fun talk but I’ll finish with sharing How to Radiate Beauty from the Inside Out, which is the most important part of the talk.

Today I’m sharing the 5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017 to see what you all think. Do you have a hard time with any of these rules?

5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017

Rule #1-No White After Labor Day

This rule has been outdated for a long time. Wear white anytime of the year!

5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017


Rule #2-No Mixing Prints

Mixing Prints is a very fashion-forward look.

5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017



Rule #3 Never Mix Black, Navy, or Brown

Navy, brown and black SHOULD be worn together.

5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017Rule #4 No Mixing Gold and Silver

Gold does not have to be worn only with gold, or silver only with silver! Mix and match your jewelry.

5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017Rule #5 Your Handbag has to Match your Shoes

This is a 1950s-era rule. It’s okay if your shoes and your bag are the same color but mixing up your accessories can really elevate your look.

5 Fashion Rules To Break in 2017So, throw those rules out the door and have some fun this year with fashion!

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Beauty for the Heart~~For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome. For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.

The world in this passage is talking about worldly things like money, success, pleasure. Why do we need to overcome the world? Because if we aren’t careful it will overcome us and pull us away from our relationship with Jesus.

Be on guard and don’t let the world pull you in the wrong direction.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. YES! I think they all need to be broken! Get fashion has no rules!! Love all your posts! Need more help in skin care & makeup😩😩. Thank you😊

  2. I do have an issue with the comment…”ways to look younger”…why arent we trying to dress our age ( and by that I do not mean dressing like an old lady) and just look fabulous….I personally don’t want to be younger again….I am perfectly happy where I am.

    1. I agree! I don’t dress to look younger. Dressing in attempt to make yourself look younger just makes you look ridiculous. I dress to look stylish at my age. Or try to anyway. Embrace your age. You are who you are!

    2. I agree with you Anna. I’m 52 and don’t feel I want to try and look younger. Stylish, yes. We live in a generation that puts so much emphasis on looking young. Cover wrinkles, color grey hair etc. Embrace age and do it gracefully. I’m not condemning anyone…just my opinion. I recently gave up most makeup for a less is better…(for me) I am only using boom products by Cindy Joseph and mascara and tinted lip gloss. I feel great and after years of hiding behind my makeup, I’m learning to love how God made me.

      1. I’m 64, and I agree that I want to look stylish and attractive (which is one reason I enjoy this blog!), but don’t want to feel I must “look younger” to do so. That would seem to me to be a never-ending battle which at some point I would lose. I quit coloring my hair a couple of years ago. It’s an individual issue and something every woman has to make peace with, I think.

        As to these “rules”, I think it’s great that silver and gold is commonly mixed and that brown and black and navy can be worn together, and I do wear those combinations often. I have worn white jeans in the winter and think it’s fun as long as there is no “mess” to be walking through which would be impractical. As to pattern mixing, I like it in small doses. To me, a woman has to have the illusive “cool factor” (which is hard to describe but easy for me to see) in order to pull off mixing bold patterns, or, for that matter, wearing ripped and holey jeans. I know I don’t have that cool factor and won’t be wearing those. 😉. As to the handbag and shoes matching, it seems I’m always hurrying into either school or church and putting my purse up to get busy teaching or playing the piano, so my purse has never been a fashion statement but a functional and necessary item that most never notice.

  3. Thanks Cyndi
    I’m always a little bit afraid of breaking some of these rules even though I love the looks shown
    I’m glad you did this post to give us ladies “permission” to break these tired rules we were raised believing 😉

  4. That’s awesome! I will finally be in style this year, naturally! Lol… I love your posts, Cyndi. Many blessings!

  5. Hi Cyndi , thank you for all your time ,energy , effort and encouragement you give !!! I am thankful for my “friend ” in Kentucky !!!! Being a GA girl I’m not able to just scoot over to hear you speak , though I would love to . Will your presentation be recorded ? if so , I would appreciate so much you sharing the link . Thank you again for allowing God to use you .

  6. You always look wonderful! I love breaking every one of these fashion rules and I’m not a young chick. Love fashion and new ways to style what I already have in my closet! You and Pinterest help me style!! Have a great week!

  7. I love all these rules to break, and I’ll admit I do have a problem breaking a couple of them…esp. the white after labor day but I have some white jeans that I love and I plan to find a way to wear them :). Mixing patterns – I’m getting better but I still feel a bit awkward in that area. I already break the others. Funny thing about the black , blue, and brown…my daughter texted me last night asking my opinion about wearing a black shirt with a navy sweater – I told her yes, do it!

    1. It’s a hard one to get over but I tried white jeans with cognac knee boots and a camel fringe sweater and felt great! Haven’t gone back there yet though… 😂

  8. I agree with all of these except the mixed patterns. I will never get used to the mixed patterns. Just too busy and conflicting. Some work but most don’t in my opinion.

  9. I recently turned 40 and am growing into my fashion sense. I have never done well with fashion on my own so I love your posts and tips! I have to say that mixing prints is likely the hardest thing. You have to be confident enough and God is still growing me there too! Thanks for all you do, may God use you this weekend to touch the women who attend.

  10. Love you in the brown, black, navy outfit. Those are really pretty boots. I’ve always mixed silver and gold bc my wedding set is white gold and yellow gold. I’ve always loves that combo.

  11. Woohoo! Permission to break the rules accepted! White after labor day is no problem after living in South Florida for 18 years, I’m working on the black, blue and brown mixing- but I’m up to the challenge 😉 Fun post, Cyndi!

    1. Try starting with something less in your face, like a chittah print clutch or flats with a striped top. I agree the striped top and floral skirt is quite a stretch!

  12. Mixing prints is hard foe me. I tend to gravitate toward solid basic pieces that I can accessorize with a scarf or necklace so I don’t have many prints or patterns to work with anyway. I’m playing it safe in this area!

    1. I started with a scarf and a shirt (not worn together) that each already had the pattern mixing in the design. That way I knew the stripes and floral went together.

    1. Lol…I used to keep a set of basic purses in my car during the big 80’s. Swapped ’em out on the way to work (not while driving) depending on my shoes. HAD to have a fuchsia bag to match my fuchia pumps… in fact I had the same purse in several colors for easy switching.

  13. How about the ankle boots and bare ankles go together”rule”? I certainly can’t have bare skin showing when the weather’s in the teens, Brrrr! And I want to wear my ankle boots all winter too! 🙂 Thanks for this post, I love breaking the “rules”…well, maybe not the mixed print rule, lol.

  14. Love ALL the looks!!! I especially love the mint green sweater with the white jeans!!! That would also be a great look for spring!!! Any info on that sweater??? I’ve got the “older” age thing down pat, and i’m all about trying to keep it fresh and young, which i totally think can be done without trying to look like a teenager!! LOL

  15. I don’t have a problem breaking all these rules except the mixing prints rule. I can’t do that! Too weird. I like black, brown and/or blue together but have never been fond of brown and gray together though they both are basic colors. I used to love watching What Not To Wear on TLC and miss it!
    Love your blog, Cyndi!

  16. Thank you for Rule #1 – this is something I keep struggling with. I am going to wear my white jeans this week now!! The others not so much, I fact today I have on a dark denim shirt with black leggings and brown boots (thank you Pinterest!). I love that you did this post. Growing up these were rules to live by – not now.

  17. I don’t think these are even rules for the younger generation. Let’s all say “Good-bye!”to these rules and wear what we like.
    I love navy & black or brown & black or navy & brown together. We had such unnecessary rules governing our lives.
    Mixed prints are fun but I haven’t quite got there yet.I am putting my toe in the water by taking baby steps in that direction. Is there a formula of sorts for getting it right?
    White jeans look fantastic all year. I’m just not very good at keeping mine clean. Got a dog…..
    I can natch or not match my purse to my shoes. It’s nice yo have that freedom now.
    I love the look of mixed metals – gold & silver. It looks less contrived.
    Great post today, Cyndi. Can we do more on why an outfit works?

  18. I love your style, and I would love to see some more casual, weekend looks. I love to wear comfy, staying at home clothes on the weekends. I still want to be cute, but end up feeling frumpy. Please show us some cute weekend wear for staying home. Thank you!

  19. AMEN!!! to all of those Cyndi! I wore my black cold shoulder sweater like your navy one to church yesterday morning. Maybe you wouldn’t be comfortable doing that in KY, I don’t know. But out here in CA…anything goes😉. I kept it classy with black pants, my cheetah flats and a long KS necklace. Happy Monday!

  20. I look forward to your post!!
    Thank you for representing a beautiful, modest, godly women. God Bless you!!
    Praying for Boldness and Fire❤

  21. Great rules to break! I have done them all except for the pattern thing I think. Thanks for the no rules reminder!

  22. The white jeans, are a summer thing for me. Once the word “snow” is dropped, by the local weather guy, we’ve got salt and cinders coating the roads and walks, here in PA. Then it rains or snows and there is a gray water, that tends to somehow splash on everything. Too risky to wear white, I can guarantee you, I’d have my jeans a mess.
    You ladies who live in less snowy areas, I do say “go for it!”

  23. I break every one of these rules. The pattern mixing in a MUCH more subtle way than shown in the picture, however.
    And I so agree about overcoming being obsessed with worldly things. That is always a relevant lesson!

  24. I love all of these! Could you please give me info on the two bracelets in the mix and match metals? Thank you.

  25. Thanks for this list. I’m afraid I won’t be able to let go of the no white after Labor Day rule. White is just such a spring/summer color for me. I do love off-white cords for the winter.

    I’m just ready for cold shoulder tops as well as loose, flown tunic tops to be a thing of the past. Ready to move on to new trends.

    1. I’m with you on the white jeans…I live in western NY outside of Buffalo… I have yet to notice a pair on anyone in my local travels…BUT I’m open to it 🙂 I can always use an extra jeans option!

  26. Nice post! My favs are wearing navy and black together and carrying my neon green purse for winter, it doesn’t match anything I wear! I figured I was making a fashion statement when the twenty-something holiday clerks mentioned how they loved the color! Did you happen to see Katie Lee’s outfit on “The Kitchen” (Food Network) last Saturday? The cardigan and shell shared the same diamond pattern but in different sizes, and the skirt was a plaid. Very cute. Doesn’t Katie Lee remind you of a young Ali MacGraw?

  27. I believe the tradition of ‘no white after Labor Day’ came about because of the mud, etc. during the winter. Personally I love using the ‘colors of the season’ as much as I can. I live in SoCal, where it’s usually 80 degrees, so we have to fake the seasons. 😉 On mixing patterns, I like subtle mixes, usually not right on top of each other. I have a relative who wears bold colors and patterns together and it sort of hurts the eyes. We don’t know wear to look first or last. Matching foot wear with purses is a luxury not all can afford. Personally, I don’t like taking the time to change out my handbag every day, so I use leathers in more seasonal tones and change no more than once a month and when I’m really busy, once a season. The other two rules, …I didn’t know were ‘rules’! 😉

  28. So true beauty for heart easy to let
    Others and world get u down!
    Take heart we in Jesus we have his
    Holy Spirit power within us!
    He who is in us is greater than he
    Who is in the world!
    Great reminder for me this morning!
    I will be breaking black brown navy
    Rule … Great combo together!
    Have great Monday!

  29. Yes, I break them all. I had to laugh about two years ago when at the movies in October and a young man about 19 told the girl he was with that she was wearing white after labor day, she set him straight and I backed her up. I thought it was so funny to hear it come from the mouth of a young man, whose grandmother and mother probably passed it along.

  30. Love your quotes I sometimes get myself in that. So like glad to hear white is ok any time. Sometimes I change my purse to match my shoes now I won’t worry about it. Thank you!! 😊

  31. I was thrilled the first thing you showed was white jeans in the winter! I’ve never been much of a fan of white shoes (they remind me of Minnie Mouse), but I love white pants!

  32. LOL Love your outfit, and yes, yes, yes, I’ve broken all these rules and a few more, from the past. I try not to mix and match the shoes and handbag tooo much, but I do mix them up a bit. This is always a big conversation piece about the rules of the past and present. I really think most everything goes now days. From short shorts to capri pants and Bermuda shorts… everything is seen on everyone. 🙂 Thank you for this lovely post and you are beautiful as always!!

  33. Great topic! I can’t do the white past Labor Day in KY. Now, in FL for October fall break? Absolutely! And don’t care a thing about seeing someone else in white after Labor Day. But for me personally, it feels weird.

    1. I am with Jennifer in KY!! I can’t wear white of any sort after Labor Day! I guess my Mom really pounded that one in my head!! HA!! But it doesn’t bother me seeing someone else in white.

  34. Thanks for the post. I am inspired to break out the white jeans! Would you consider styling some dress jeans, like trouser jeans? I would like a pair for church or other special occasions that are more upscale looking than regular jeans.
    Thank you!

  35. Hi Cyndi! Of the five rules, the only one I don’t have trouble breaking is mixing gold and silver jewelry together. So, I have to work on my mindset, for sure.

  36. Oh I love all these rule-breakers Cyndi! I especially love the gold and silver! I’ve been doing this a couple of years now and have gotten plenty of compliments. It is hard to know when your instincts to do something different are a disaster/no-no or updating an outdated style concept. Thanks for the confirmation….now where did I pack away those white jeans????

    Kelly B

  37. Is this the same post as yesterday?
    I think it might be a computer glitch with my email pulling up yesterday’s post or something

  38. I love all of these rule breaking ideas!! I have never worn white pants in the winter, so that is one trend I need to try! Love the mixed metals!

  39. I’m not one to always follow the fashion rules:) BUT wearing white pants in the winter is challenging for me!!!! I guess it’s my Southern upbringing! I’m also not wild about mixing gold and silver, but I can live with that one.

  40. I love the navy, brown, black look!! Any info on that dress? Cyndi, you always look great and this was a wonderful post. It sound a like mixing prints is the hardest. I heard mixing prints is easier if one of the pieces is smaller, like a small stripe with a large floral? Or, like you have done, a stripe with a small clutch in a mixed print? Love all of your posts!!thanks!!