5 Fashion Trends We Can Say Goodbye To In 2016

5 Fashion Trends We Can Say Goodbye To In 2016You all know I love to look at trends for the coming year. I can’t wait to see the trends we might be wearing in 2016.

Before we get there, I think it would be fun to look at 5 Fashion Trends we can say goodbye to in 2016.

Here we go!

1. No more ugly shoes! Birkenstocks and platform shoes are on their way out. Look for the return of dainty and sweet kitten-heel pumps.

5 Fashion Trends We Can Say Goodbye To In 2016
2. Out with bright colored hair such as pink and purple (this includes the ombre look). I’m glad I didn’t jump on this bandwagon!! Many of you probably didn’t jump on this either but I do see women over 40 with funky hair colors. Just say no.

The new trend is opting for your hair color from your youth. Remember, the sunkissed hair you had as a child? This look is called baby highlights and you’ll see this trending in 2016.

5 Fashion Trends We Can Say Goodbye To In 2016
3. Out with the overalls. Yep, these made a brief comeback but we can now say goodbye to them.

5 Fashion Trends We Can Say Goodbye To In 2016
4. Out with overly distressed jeans. Everyone seems to have an opinion on distressed jeans, you either love them or you hate them. While distressed jeans are still popular, they’re taming them down a bit!

5 Fashion Trends We Can Say Goodbye To In 2016
5. Out with almost naked dresses. I mentioned this the other day and I don’t think any of us jumped on this trend. I’m not even going to show a picture of them because I don’t think they’re appropriate!!

The trend is going back to a more covered up look, victorian look. Think tie blouses. I wore this one back in the fall and I still love it!

5 Fashion Trends We Can Say Goodbye To In 2016
So what do you think?? Are you glad these trends are on their way out?

Is there a topic you would like for me to cover?? A fashion problem you need help solving. Let me know, and I’ll try to help!

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  1. Cyndi: I have to disagree with classifying Birkenstocks as ugly shoes that have to go. I own many of them, sandals and clogs, and they come in more styles than the Arizona style you showed…and many are quite attractive on the feet…and unbelievable comfort does not go out of style.

    1. Susan I agree there are cuter ones and I understand some people love them. Also, I should have clarified, I didn’t make this list, this is what I have seen and read online. I was just sharing it with my readers.

      As with any trends and styles we can each wear what we love!!
      Have a wonderful day,

    2. I agree that comfortable shoes are a blessing to own and that the style of shoe should match the outfit plus the environment where one lives.

      I have a friend who owns several styles of Birkenstocks and loves their comfort. Her style is more laid back jeans and tee shirt and wears business casual to work. She says wearing Birkenstocks are like going bare foot and getting a foot massage.

      I have seen some styles that do not look right on a person because the shoe shape is not right for their foot.

      I am glad you enjoy the ones you have. Maybe one day I’ll find a narrow style and buy them. 🙂

  2. I know everyone says those birks are comfy, but I just can’t get my brain around them….they just aren’t aesthetically pleasing!
    As for the hair color….I hope it really doesn’t go away because I was just thinking how fun the different colors can be especially in women with white hair—-it adds a touch of liveliness IMO.

  3. Hi Cyndi,
    I most certainly agree to the trends that are heading out 🙂 …… I never got on the “bandwagon” with many of them since many of them were not my preference, for my age..LOL My daughters still love to color their hair(blue stips) and wear their stressed jeans … but even they follow mom, in most of their preferences too. I’m ready to see the trends coming in for 2016!! I’ve been checking some out too. I’m eager to see if they match with yours.
    Love the quote by Mr. Ziglar…. my hubby has many of his books in his library.
    Have a great week! God Bless you!

  4. I agree with every single one going away…..thank goodness I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with any of them!!

    Would love to see an updated “Get Healthy for 2016 post” – diet, exercise, skin care, hair care, etc… 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Cyndi and a Happy 2016!! I have been wondering how you begin to put together an outfit. What is your process? What piece do you start with? So many times I stare into my overly full closet and cannot seem to come up with something to wear. It is like I’m clothes blind!!! If you have covered this before please refer me to the post. I enjoy your blog and have referred you to many of my friends and family.

  6. I would love to see options for petites! I’m only 5’0 & a lot of the styles are just too overwhelming for us short people!!

    1. I agree with the topic of petite fashion! It seems the older I get the worse the fashions are for us shorter people!

    2. Agreed! Fashions for petites in the major department stores should be labeled “You’ve Got To Be Kidding” Department in lieu of Petites.

      1. Love your new name for the petite department! Pants with elastic waist bands is all you find in the petite dept. I may be short but I don’t want to dress like a little old lady!

        1. Word! Cannot handle the old lady clothes in the petite department! Stitch Fix has been sending me some awesome petite items, Since December I have added three gorgeous church or restaurant appropriate blouses, petite black skinny jeans that I can never find in stores and the most gorgeous simple petite sheath dress that was more evening. Stores can be really frustrating when your are a little height challenged!

  7. I would like to hear more about foundational undergarments for those who have a little extra. The pieces are so pricey and I dislike buying a piece only to try it once at home, never to be worn again. Do they even make comfortable pieces that you would want to wear everyday? How do you find the ones that 1) do not make you feel like a stuffed sausage. 2) do not require adjusting every time you sit/stand.

  8. I’ve been adding a little bit of pink and purple in my hair for a tiny peekaboo color peaking out and I think it’s cute and fun and I also wear Birkenstocks with adorable socks even and won’t quit wearing those either. I should say that my style is bohemian though and it just goes with it. I’m all about following certain trends but if you like something ( and it looks good on you)who cares if it’s in or out! I know you are just sharing the latest and I love reading your blog but I just had to laugh this morning thinking nope not stopping either of these at the moment!!😄😜😘

      1. I’m a birki girl to , so I’m not letting mine go either but some of the others especially the bibs can go! I have a rule of thumb if you were around for the time they were in the first time, don’t wear them the second time! LOL

  9. Definitely glad to see those “clubby” shoes on their way out! LOL. Future topic idea….what about avoiding “ill fitting clothing.” Going the extra mile to hem pants and sleeves that are too long to the proper length gives a cleaner look to any outfit. Sometimes it’s hard to know where those lengths should be. Or, finding the right length on tunics/long sweaters to avoid adding weight or looking shorter. Just a few thoughts!
    Enjoy your day!

  10. Hi Cyndi, I have been enjoying your blog and photos for awhile now, thank you for sharing! I would love to see ways to wear tunic shirts with belts and with sweaters. I am 55 and love wearing the long shirts but some of them are just too full to wear loose. I also want to wear sweaters with them sometimes. Thank you and Happy New Year!!

  11. I’m happy to see those go :), and don’t have any of them. Looking forward to a great 2016! I have changed the way I look in my closet because of you Cyndi – thanks for all the tips, help, and answers. I like the work looks you provide, and I often modify some of your outfits to make them more work appropriate (trade jeans for slacks or a skirt).
    I’d like to see you cover skin care, and maybe some of the new skin tools for at home use i.e. dermobrasion wands, etc., for us “aging ladies” – I turned 52 in December – ughh, how did I get this old so quickly?!

  12. I probably have a LOT of things in my closet that should be purged because they are out of style…LOL In the new year….I love the clothes that you style from Glamor Farms or StitchFix but….I don’t have luck with on-line ordering due to having to try things on first. I would love in the new year to see you style clothes that we can go to the store and try on versus ordering on line; especially if you have to pay for postage to have them sent and then postage to return if it doesn’t fit. Looking forward to another year following Grace + Beauty!

    1. Sandi I do style a lot of clothes from LOFT and Nordstrom. Nordstrom is great to order online because they have free shipping both ways!!!!

  13. Hi Cyndi, Love your blog! The picture of you in the tie blouse, are you wearing skinny jeans? I love the look and would like to try them. Currently, I’m wearing the way out of style whatever fits jeans. I’m looking to smarten my casual wear up a bit.

  14. I would love to see what’s in fashion for women over 40 wearing glasses. I’m seeing a lot of bigger and black glasses and wondering if that’s a go/no go for over 40.

        1. Me, too! I need new glasses but I walk in, try on a couple of pairs and leave. A year later….still no glasses.

  15. I really enjoy reading your blog every day! It’s part of my routine and gets me going for the day. My daughters have actually complimented me on some of my attire – they say I’m not dressing as frumpy anymore! Yay!

    I would be interested in getting tips on surviving menopause. (Yes – that dreaded word) Any hints on how to alleviate bloating, irritability, foggy brain and weight gain would be much appreciated. I have been exercising every day, drinking water instead of soda, and watching what I eat and it seems like nothing helps.My skin and hair even feel different – and not in a good way. I have read alot about HRT and I don’t feel like it would be right for me at all so I’m just trying new excercises, jogging, lifting weights and eating clean but it’s just not working for me.



  16. I’m 51 and love looking put together….but would love to see some more “dressed- down” looks…. a bit more relaxed for those days we are going to the store, but also doing laudry, toilets, etc 🙂 also…. would love for you to go over how many times a week you excersise, and what face, hair & body prod. you use … perfumes? Thanks so much for the blog…. I was stuck in a rut with my clothes, but you have given me so many ideas for how to dress cute, but still my age…. (my favorite part, though, is that you help us keep out hearts and minds on HIM)

  17. Well, after reading #1 you can call me after you’ve had a couple of foot, knee and ankle surgeries and you won’t be wearing those cute high heels. I am in my 60’s and have had some surgeries and walking in any kind of , what you call, cute shoes are torture for some of us, me included. Do a post on some flat shoes that are comfortable for those of us who are still fit, looking good and want to wear fashionable clothes.

    1. I agree with you, Chris! I am frustrated every time I go shoe shopping because of my “problem feet” and shoes that, even when touted as ‘comfortable’ and ‘supportive,’ are cut too low on the toes (ballet flats) or don’t provide enough room there.

      I do appreciate Cyndi’s style advice, though! You’ve helped expand my ideas for a wardrobe with newer style options. Thank you.

      1. I miss clogs, ha! They are cut wide at the ball of my foot and no heel for my foot to be slipping out of! I admit I do still wear mine around the house!

    2. Chris, I truly don’t think most people understand about foot problems if they haven’t experienced them! And one thing they don’t understand is that those of us who have problems don’t just need “comfortable” shoes but have to have supportive ones or we can’t function. I have wasted more money on shoes in the hopes that I could wear them, only to be brought to tears after just an hour or so in them.

      Birkenstocks have kept me working. I wear the “Mary Jane” style to school and sandals at home. I also ordered a pair of low wedge Birks from Germany which were never sold here and are no longer available there. :-(. I finally found some boots (Eric Michael) which accommodate my Birkenstock inserts and are supportive enough to be wearable.

      It’s been a very real struggle for me for the past 13 years. I get a little defensive when people talk about “ugly” shoes. I would like to wear cute shoes, and it’s not because I have no style that I don’t.

      I always appreciate Cyndi and know she is sharing trends to help us. And I love her blog! But, just because someone somewhere decides to dictate something is “in” or “out” doesn’t always mean we have to throw away what works for us to embrace what is deemed in style. I know she agrees with that premise.

    3. Ladies I don’t have foot problems but I understand that you have to wear what is comfortable.
      So it doesn’t matter if it’s in style or not you wear what works for you. If I did have foot problems I would try to wear the cutest styles I could.
      This blog https://www.barkingdogshoes.com/ is dedicated to shoes that are comfortable and cute.
      Just thought I would suggest it!!

  18. What a fun post, Cyndi! Sounds like some are sad to see some of these trends go and others are saying “good ridance!” I’m always happy to see trends switch back to more lady-like styles but I love hearing and seeing how differently each of us express the beauty God gave us! Blessings Krista

  19. I enjoy seeing what you are wearing everyday and your advice. I am 60, have a closet full of clothes and they need to be purged out. It’s overwhelming when I go in there to find something to wear! I’ve got things I’ve had for years, but do wear occasionally. A lot of stuff doesn’t coordinate and it makes me crazy because so much is crammed. What do you suggest? Do you know someone that could advise me what I need to keep and what needs to go??

  20. Cyndi, I love reading your blog every morning. I had kind of been in limbo for a few years, knowing I am older, but still feeling young. Since “finding you” I feel I now dress with much more confidence, however, I am over 65 in real years (35ish in my heart 😉) and am just not sure I should wear some of the things you younger ladies can wear. I have searched the web for another blog; one for over 60, to read along with yours, but haven’t found anything I feel as comfortable with as I do yours. If you have any suggestions, please share.

    Happy New Year, and God Bless You.

  21. I have noticed (with joy!) the past few days that dresses seem to be longer. I have seen a couple of commercials and shows that ladies were hosting that the dresses they wore were solid color, no fullness but not skin tight either and the hems fell just below the knees. They really had a look of grace and elegance. It was refreshing!

  22. Hi Cyndi,
    I have two things: 1. I love the shoes from Vionic. Here are some of my favorites: http://www.vionicshoes.com/women/wedges.html
    2. I have very short (and wide thigh) legs. I would love to see some pants that are not skinny. A straight leg or boot cut perhaps? Or even slacks that do not tuck into boots. Boots cut my leg in half and when I only have 27 inches to begin with, that is not a look that I love on me.

  23. Hi Cyndi –
    Happy New Year! You’re one of my fav bloggers and I check the site everyday plus I’m on the email list. I’m in a color rut. I gravitate toward grays/blacks and love them and seems to buy new items in the same color. How can I add more color to my wardrobe.

    1. Thank you Sandy and I hear you!! I gravitate to black and gray too. Even if you wear it, it’s good to add some color with a scarf, a handbag or with a cute necklace.
      I also think we gravitate towards it because there’s so much of it in the stores. I see it everywhere!! 🙂

  24. Can let those go, all but the Birkies! I would love to see, as the weather warms, a post on styling bermuda length shorts. Shorts are a fact of life in Texas, but most of us, at some point, just can’t do shorter shorts. I love being outdoors, and need at least a few pair of shorts, but bermudas are just a booger to style! Particularly on bodies that are not young…

    1. Ellen I wear shorts but most of mine are a 6 inch inseam. I look terrible in bermuda shorts. I’m not tall enough for them and I have a pear shape.
      I might be able to show some pictures that I like and show how to style them.

      1. I agree on the bermudas! Not the most flattering on a short pear (me too!) I guess what I would be looking for are ways to make them work as well as possible when shorts are just the only option. Cropped pants and dresses are terrific, but occasionally shorts are just a necessity, in Texas at least!

  25. I think Birkenstocks are cute with a denim jean or Bermuda shorts and cute tee.

    With a mid foot arthritis diagnosis they have been a life saver. Choices are few with supportive and stylish shoes.

    I am over 50 and retired. So very casual looks that can be dressed up for church or appointments but dressed down for mostly errands and home making would be appreciated.

    Thanks as always for a blog that is kind and welcoming as well as helpful and appropriate.



  26. Hi Cyndi. My idea for a possible post would be – how to build a versatile wardrobe with basics that can create several outfits. So much of what I have is outdated/ not flattering that I’ve had forever. So, if I start from scratch, what items & how many of each would be a good starting point (can’t afford to have much excess, just versatile basics). Shopping & fashion is not my strength!!! I appreciate any thoughts.

    1. One of the stores in my area has A’goodwill’time in Sept and Mar-I take 7things out of my closet,donate them and get 20% off new purchases-it works for me

  27. I always feel like I’m fighting g with my tie blouse. The tie is constantly in my way. I do like the look though. Any suggestions?

  28. Hi Cyndi, I enjoy your blog very much. You inspire my very challenged fashion sense. I wear scrubs and sneakers everyday and am completely fine to change into sweat pants and teeshirt, however, this makes my husband crazy. We argue about clothes a lot. He wants me to look ‘sexy’ sometimes. I’m 41 and don’t think mini skirts or similar choices are appropriate for either my age or at all….Is there ever an appropriate time to try to dress ‘sexy’ for date night? Or what would be an appropriate date night outfit? I have started to make attempts to put together some outfits that look nice thanks to your blog. I appreciate your heart for God that shines through. Thank you.

    1. Anne this is a great topic. I do think we need to dress attractive for our husbands. My husband loves when I wear tighter fitting clothes and hight heels. 🙂

      Good idea!!

  29. Cyndi, I would love for you to do some posts on everyday wear for when we are cleaning house, grocery shopping and running errands or out for a walk. I have a hard time finding clothing that will be comfortable enough for cleaning and exercising etc but look good enough to hop in the car for grocery shopping or running errands without having to change throughout the day. Looking forward to your Bible study.

    1. This style is my life too! I never go out to lunch or dinner, but I do tend to want to go to the gym most mornings, back home to clean, grocery shop and/or walk the dogs, then off to carpool. I don’t want to have to change clothes 2-3 times. I hope Cyndi tackles this one. 🙂

  30. I like that the new dresses are more conservative. I really like the sheath style dresses but almost all of them are sleeveless. I would love to see them with short (not cap) sleeves.

  31. Happy to say that I don’t own any of the items shown. I don’t budget a big clothing allowance for me so I purchase smaller accessory items to update my look. (As much as I like black jeans, they fade so quickly I end up buying more – I’ll probably ditch those)

  32. Hi Cyndi!
    I love the bow blouse on you!
    Hearing others mention clothing for petite women made me think of when you do dressing for your body type posts. Maybe you could add in styles that are also good on petite women, or tall women, as well as the body types (apple, pear…). Or maybe when you mention a new trend, how to adapt it to your height or body type?
    I just love reading your daily posts. Especially your “beauty for the heart”
    Thank you!! XOXO

  33. Hello Cyndi,
    Love your blog! I have been hearing a lot about a “Capsule Wardrobe”. Not sure if this is a new idea or I am late with my fashion sense. I would love to hear your opinion or suggestion on this.

    1. The ‘capsule wardrobe’ is a kind of newer wording, but it’s what the French women (and our grandmothers, back when closets were only 3 or 4 feet wide) do with their wardrobes of clothes. The less is more idea and learning how to mix and match the clothing and using accessories to make the outfits look new or not noticeable that part of it worn two days before.

  34. I would love to see a simple capsule wardrobe along with outfits for the items in the capsule. Casual work attire would be good too.

  35. Hi Cindy,
    I’m really enjoying your articles! I am 5’3″. Am I too short for riding boots? Should I stick with low ones? also ordered 2 of Erin Condrens life planners! One for me, one for my daughter. We are excited! Keep up the great work!!!

    1. I’m just under 5’2″ and I wear riding type boots. I think they look good and so do my daughters who are in their 30s. My opinion, for what it’s worth. 🙂

  36. Hey Cyndi Girl! Happy New Year! I haven’t commented in a while, but I have been reading faithfully. I am so glad to see the overly distressed jeans hitting the road! Seemed like they were shown with everything from t-shirts, sweaters to pretty blouses. It was hard to visualize those tops with anything else because those jeans were so glaring.
    You look fantastic in that blouse and I love it as much now as I did last Fall. Thanks for letting us know about the “trends” from 2015 that are a part of history! Be Blessed

  37. I have to say, I totally love my distressed jeans, but they aren’t super distressed, just a little, and they are skinny and look so cute rolled! Other than that, I am sooooo glad to see overalls go, unless you are a farmer!!

  38. I have to admit that I am fan of distressed skinny jeans, although I do not like the lighter wash that looks “dirty”. I have a pair of Birkenstocks, but I only wear them around the neighborhood. I did buy a pair of black overalls and love them with cute heels, but I guess I will put them back in the closet. I am thinking more of a capsule wardrobe these days. The Parisian women seem to have so much style, and most only utilize a few pieces of clothing that they rotate. The French Vogue is amazing. Nonetheless, I rarely have the occasion to dress up, so not much to worry about. I would love to see some cute ideas on a more fitted boyfriend jean but with flat shoes. Is that even possible? Most people show them with heels, but that isn’t practical for my daily life. Thanks for your blog Cyndi! I love it. 🙂

    1. I agree boyfriend jeans with heels aren’t something I wear around the house. 🙂 I will style some flats as soon as the weather gets a little warmer!!

  39. Glad to hear about all of those trends going except I do like and do own distressed jeans, although they are toned down not looking like they’re ready for the trash can. I love them with open toed sandals when it’s warm enough and tucked inside knee high boots when it’s cool enough.

  40. Love the more feminine styles including the bow blouse.
    I am looking fora classic dress for a 60ish woman to wear to dinner with
    CEO and his wife.


    1. Hi Kathleen, check out Lands End. They have beautiful dresses. Sometimes they can be a little pricey but they always have good sales, 30 or 40% off.

    1. HI Cyndi! For some reason I did not receive your post on January 5, 2016! I need my Grace and Beauty fix! Lol! Pam

  41. Hi Cyndi! Thanks for sharing some of the trends that are going away. I normally don’t buy trendy items. You know some women are not going to get the memo, so some of the things will be worn. Distressed jeans don’t suit my personality. I’m real glad the trend for dresses is to be more covered up. I was brought up that women don’t let their cleavage show except in the privacy of their home, and I have not been able to change the way my brain thinks.
    Our budget does not allow for me to spend a lot of money on clothes, and we live a pretty casual lifestyle. I would like your opinion on what are some reasonable & versatile key pieces of clothing that should be in my closet. Thank you!
    I’m really looking forward to beginning the study on Hope next Monday!
    God bless!

  42. I always liked Birkenstocks, although I’ve never owned a pair. I liked the trend because a lot of women who need to wear “comfort” shoes were in style. Oh well, I might still get myself a pair some day!

  43. I love to read your blog and study your pics! I must wear tennis shoes most of the time because of surgery I had on my foot. Could you please show us some cute styles with tennis shoes? I’m also ready to purge my closet, plz tell us what basics we need to grow a wardrobe.
    Thanks for all the help you’ve given so many of us!