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5 Office Outfits from LOFT

Happy Friday! I ordered these pieces last week from LOFT and have 5 Office Outfits to share with you. I purchased pieces that are warm but have a spring feel since most of us are ready for spring.

5 Office Outfits from LOFT


This pastel pink sweater is so soft. I’m wearing it with black pants, but the navy pants below would also look good.

Dolman Sweater (I’m wearing an XS) • Black J.Crew Pant (I’m wearing a size 4) • Black Booties (I size up 1/2 size) • EarringsRing


This turtleneck comes in several colors; I’m wearing the capri blue color, and I styled it with skinny navy pants.

Mixed Stitch Turtleneck Sweater (I’m wearing an XS) • Sutton Skinny Pants (I’m wearing a size 4) • Nude Heel (similar option here) • EarringsRing


If you live in a warmer winter climate, this dotted ruffle v-neck blouse will work great for you right now. Also, I’ve had these black Spanx pants for several years; they are long, and I have to wear heels with them.

Dotted Ruffle V-Neck Blouse (I’m wearing an XS) • Black Wide Leg Spanx Pants (I’m wearing a size medium) • Black Booties (I sized up 1/2 size) • EarringsRing


I love this mock neck midi dress; it’s comfortable and warm!

Spacedye Mock Neck Midi Sweater Dress (I’m wearing a small) • Boots (similar option here) • EarringsRing

I thought I better share that the stripes don’t match. It’s still pretty, and I plan on wearing it to church on Sunday. Hopefully, the fashion police won’t get me.


This scalloped bobble sleeve sweater is perfect for a casual Friday at the office. I styled it with raw hem jeans (mainly because they were in my office and I was too lazy to go downstairs and get another pair, Haha!), but they might not be office-appropriate.

Scalloped Bobble Sleeve Sweater (I’m wearing an XS) • Good American Jeans (I’m wearing a size 27) • Booties (I sized up 1/2 size) • ScarfEarringsRing

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Beauty For the Heart™~~ But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the LORD, for he has been good to me. Psalm 13:5

Truth: The last few years have been hard on all of us. Fear can take over if we are not careful, and the enemy would love nothing more than for us to feel defeated, to lose hope. Don’t let him win!

In Psalm 13, David made a conscious choice to trust God’s love even when the dark clouds hovered, and he couldn’t feel God’s presence.

We are never alone; God is always nearby….even when we can’t feel his presence.

Of course, it’s easy to trust God when the bush is burning, the waters are parting, and the mountains are shaking—it’s those silent years that are discouraging, But blessed is the person who does not interpret the silence of God as the indifference of God.  -Erwin W. Lutzer

Deeper Study: Read Psalm 13:1-6

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!




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  1. Happy Friday!

    I noticed in the first photo you are wearing black booties with navy pants. I always struggle with shoe color when wearing navy. I don’t wear pumps into the office, as we are more business casual, I normally wear boots/booties in the fall/winter months and switch to flats for spring/summer. I’ve held off on pairing navy pants with black boots for some time and usually tuck away the pants until spring because of it. This photo has changed my mind. Thanks!

  2. It used to be a sign of a quality garment when the stripes matched. If they didn’t match you knew it was low quality. But I don’t think very many manufactures bother to match anymore

  3. Great finds!!! Had to laugh at the stripe dress note 🤦🏻‍♀️ PTSD – previous traumatic stripe discussion. Kudos to you, Cyndi, for rising above. Thank you for your awesome posts!

  4. 5 perfect office outfits but the mismatched stripes on that dress would drive me crazy (no judgement for those that aren’t bothered by this)! I’d wear the scarf into work on a cold morning but it would get in my way through the day so I might want a necklace underneath (the Monday pink sweater looks fine without one but it has the interesting center seam).

  5. As always I loved your Beauty from the heart and Truth. I laughed at the seem on the dress. I would think Loft had better quality assurance. I hope you got it at a good sale. It reminded me of my Home Economics project in high school. I chose to make a skirt. I picked a plaid print. Why I did that I don’t know. I didn’t match the seams. I didn’t know anything about that. I was more frustrated about putting in the zipper. My aunt had to put it in for me. Because of the frustration and back ache I never sewed again. My sister to this day just cracks up when she thinks of that skirt. The dress is cute. I bet no one notices it.😊

  6. These outfits (minus the mis-striped dress) would be okay for support staff to wear to work, but what about us professionals? Anything good at Loft right now for a professional woman at the office? I wouldn’t be able to wear these outfits to the office. Too casual. 🙁

  7. Ha! loved your police comment about the stripes. Life’s too short to worry about that, right? 😉 loved the BFTH. Have a blessed day sweet Cyndi !

  8. I love Loft and they seem to always have a sale. I placed an order this morning but when I got my order confirmation I seemed to have added 2 sweaters twice! I guess I really liked them 🤪 Has anyone ever done this? Anyway I called and they couldn’t update the order but luckily I have a local store close by and can return the extras.

    1. haha YES I have done this more than once…and then did the opposite on a dress for my twin granddaughters when I only ordered one.. Only one time did I have to accept paying for 2 of the same sweaters due to final sale.

  9. Thank you Cindi for Beauty for the heart!! It has been an ever changing world and I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel at the moment.
    I like the pink sweater and pink striped scarf on you. Actually I must say you look great in everything you try on. 🙂

  10. The Neopolitan ice cream-colored knit dress would have been a cute sweater on you, Cyndi, if the entire lower half of the dress was removed! However, the dress just is not attractive, not flattering, and I’m sorry, but mismatched stripes are awful! I love your choices of clothing…..but not this.

  11. I think the dress is cute on you. I adore the pink sweater with that scarf, but I run around a kindergarten classroom and it’d be in my way, and I’d be way too hot. I think it”s so pretty, though…..