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5 Spring Jewelry Trends-2019

Happy hump day! I’ve been looking for some spring jewelry for my upcoming spring fashion series that starts on March 1st. I have ordered several pieces to add to my spring outfits.

I see lots of cute spring jewelry. I saw a few places that say ankle bracelets are coming back in style. Also, Baublebar has ear cuffs.

Here some of the most popular trends I could easily find. (Click any of the pictures, and it will take you to where the item can be purchased.)

1. Spring Resin

The resin trend started picking up steam this past fall, and the trend is sticking around for yet another season.

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2. Spring Bulky Hoops

Hoops are one jewelry trend that will never go out of style. But this spring the timeless style is taking on a bulkier shape.

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3. Spring Delicate Layering

I feel like everyone I see on television lately is rocking this trend. Delicate layers are the perfect accessory with spring outfits.

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4. Spring Coins

You’ll see everything from necklaces to earrings.

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5. Spring Chains

Chains and links of all shapes and sizes are popping up everywhere!

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Beauty For The Heart~~“When I stand before God one day, I hope I can say “I pressed through the fear, failure, imperfections and used everything you gave me.” -Donna Pisani

Boy, there has been a lot of fear, too many failures, but I pray I use it all for His glory!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. At least these are all styles that are totally wearable this year! 🙂 I noticed though that everything you shared was in gold. Does that mean silver is out? Thanks! Julie

  2. Very nice pieces! Interesting how “statement” necklaces have kind of gone away – for now I’m betting. And the coin jewelry, I’m pretty sure I still have some from the 90’s so I’ll be polishing those up to wear again :). Everything (almost) really does come back around.
    Vacation – good for you! I don’t have summer plans yet, but I need to get busy with those.

  3. Would you share some stud earrings? Hoops and dangle earrings scream redneck to me. I live in the south and it’s overkill here. Plus studs are classic and trendy.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I noticed the majority of what you displayed was gold, with a little silver and some color pieces. Is this also a reflection of the trend right now?

  5. I am sure you hear this a lot, but it is so funny how trends come around again. I wore those pink resin earrings (I mean, they looked EXACTLY like the bottom middle pic!) for my eighth grade confirmation – and I’m 57 years old!! Haha, I should have kept them!! Luckily, my grandmother kept every piece of costume jewelry she ever wore since the 1930s (which I now have) – so I’ll have to go through her boxes to find these trends!!

  6. I love that coin jewelry is “in”. I have a vintage bracelet from my mom that I will have to get the clasp fixed, but it is 10P coins from Britain. 🙂 I also love the delicate layers as well – totally my style. Thanks for sharing Cyndi!

  7. I ❤️ the beauty from the heart. Last year we had to cancel our vacation when we got the shocking news that my husband had cancer. Fast forward 5 months, praise God the cancer has been removed/treated. So I’m more than ready to get back to a “normal” life and take a vacation. 😊🕶👙🐠🏖

  8. I love your jewelry picks for Spring, especially the coin jewelry. I’m ready to shop. Looking forward to your Spring fashion series.

  9. Love a lot of your jewelry pieces… maybe next time a few more in silver for those of us who don’t wear yellow tones. Love your style Cyndi!

  10. I’m loving the more delicate layering necklaces and am in fact ordering some for my spring looks, too. These are all great!

  11. These are nice jewelry spring trends and yay🤗 I have a bunch already. I like the dantyness of the layered necklaces and glad I picked up a silver set and gold set already. And yeah I can’t believe the coin look is back lol… Wonder if the beads like our moms wore will ever come back?? 😂 . One never knows.

  12. I love the BFTH today! There are so many opportunities to seek and trust God everyday. I pray I’m running the race well, yet too often I feel I’m falling behind.
    The jewelry pieces are nice.

  13. Love the necklaces! I don’t wear any necklaces in the hot summer but Springtime will be perfect for showing them off. I love the hoops too!

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