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5 Tips for Wearing Shorts Over 40

Hi ladies! Summer will be here before we know it, and that means it’s shorts-wearing weather. Shorts are great when the weather heats up, and today I’ve got 5 tips for wearing shorts to help you look and feel your best.

First, don’t wear shorts if you don’t want to wear them. There are lots of options, like a lightweight dress.

Dresses are comfortable, and there are so many casual options that work great in the summertime. This dress from Amazon comes in so many colors. It has short sleeves and buttons up in the front.

I love this Old Navy dress; it’s lightweight with long sleeves.

Tiered Lace-Up Mini Swing Dress (XS) • Earrings • Sandals (less expensive option here)

Lightweight pants are another option. These linen pants from Gap Factory are a summer staple.

Flutter Sleeve Top (small) • Linen Pants (small)

Lastly, white jeans are summery and a great alternative to shorts.

Floral Print Blouse (small) • White Jeans (4) • Braided Sandal (less expensive option here) • Earrings • Sunglasses • Bracelets

Here are 5 Tips for Wearing Shorts

1. Wear self-tanner. Self-tanner hides imperfections, and I always feel better when my legs aren’t so pale. I shared some of the best self-tanners in this post HERE.

Boyfriend Shorts (27) • Black Tee (similar option here) • Braided Sandals • Sunglasses

2. Find shorts that fit you well. Don’t wear shorts that are too tight or too baggy. You can size up from your regular size if needed, so they aren’t too tight.

Utility Shorts (27) • White Top (small) • Braided Sandals • Sunglasses

3. Inseam is always a big issue for most women over 40. There’s no hard-fast rule, and it depends on your height and body type as to what length will look best on you. Typically shorts are short (3½” – 4″ inseam), mid-length (5″-7″), or Bermuda (9″-11″).

I’m 5’5″ and prefer a 4 or 5-inch inseam.

4. Pay attention to the leg opening. I don’t like the leg opening too tight because it accentuates the largest part of my leg.

Denim Shorts (4)

5. Consider your body type, accentuate the positive, and minimize the problem areas. 

  • Tall ladies typically look great in bermuda shorts.
  • Short ladies with short legs should stay away from bermuda shorts.
  • If you’re curvy, high-waisted shorts are your friend. They accentuate your waistline.
  • If you have a boyish figure (straight up and down), you can add details to your shorts—cute pockets on the backside with detail.
  • Apple shape ladies typically have good legs, so accentuate the positive with dark wash jeans with a cuff.

Bonus tip: Always wear light-colored sandals with your shorts to create longer legs.

White Button Down (SMALL) • Paperbag Shorts (SMALL) • Sandals • Earrings • Necklace • Handbag • Straw Hat

Makeup Products To Make Your Legs Look Flawless

Many of us have skin imperfections like stretch marks, dark spots, and varicose veins. You can achieve more flawless-looking skin with leg makeup that’s dedicated to full-body coverage.

Here are some options with good reviews: (the dermablend setting powder is used after applying the leg makeup)

Do you have any tips to share?

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Who knows what normal looks like, but thankfully our hope is not in the “normal”; it’s in Jesus.

But the Lord is to be our only hope, our ever-present! He is never deferred. We have access to Him 24/7, and his presence is not limited by any circumstance or atmosphere of unrest. He is our tree of life! -Kristin Knipp

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  1. I have bruising alot since my leg skin has gotten thinner from just around the ankle upwards to halfway up my leg towards the knee. Since taking vitamin K it has helped alot. They are almost gone. I bought some of DermaBlend body foundation in a stick to use with powder and that stuff really works for me. It is in the color sand. Also when I apply the Jergens gradual tanner, I try to go around the bruise to not make it darker. I was so proud at Easter to wear a dress with no bruises showing because most had gone away from the vitamin K and the rest were camoflauged with body foundation. So glad they sell that. You can even throw it in your purse. I love cool dresses in July instead of jeans and linen pants. I will try your links for shorts. Thanks for helping us!!

  2. Great tips Cyndi! I’ve been purchasing a few new pairs of shorts to wear so this is helpful. Even though I wear shorts I do like a casual or athletic dress depending on where I’m going! For example to the mall I’m more likely to wear a dress!
    I remember Joan Rivers one time saying “ladies use your foundation to cover those marks on your legs” ! So I have done that and it works! I also enjoy a self tanner which I’ve only started to use over the last few years ! It does make me feel more confident until I can get a natural tan!
    Now if we can find a quick fix for that pesky cellulite that creeps in🙈🙈

  3. Do you think women ever reach an age where “shorty shorts” are inappropriate? I have a real problem with Grandmothers in shorts as short as their daughters are wearing. I am 5″6, but I shy away from shorts like you show in this post. I am 62.

  4. I’m only 51 years old and I cringe when I see women wearing super short shorts – aside from gym/workout shorts while AT the gym. I think they, along with Babydoll style dresses, are inappropriate. There are many, many styles of shorts and dresses/skirts that look much classier.
    And the Sally Hansen is only $10 at Walmart.

    1. I don’t wear a baby doll dress style because I am an athletic build and a prefer a more updated classic look. The style looks hideous with broad shoulders, and I would just feel silly wearing a full body, short length dress (especially if a floral print). I can understand where someone with a pear shape would be drawn to the style.

      Since I am short, with a short waist, narrow hips and thin legs…short length shorts are always too wide/huge. I find a bermuda short works best. It elongates look of my torso if I wear with untucked top.

      I think Cyndi has a good sense of fashion style for her body type. Cyndi, would love for you to feature/dress women with various body shapes-guest models to your blog?!

      1. Gail, I love that idea, and I’ve definitely thought about it. It’s hard to find extra time and women who can work around my schedule.

        The great thing is there are so many women in our age group that are different sizes and wear different styles that are blogging now.

        I know my style isn’t for everyone but I share what I love!

        1. I can understand it is impossible to please all of us all of the time, and there are only so many hours in each day : ) I always like to see what you post even though much of it does not work for me. We all have different shapes and preferences! I follow a few bloggers, and feel the format you use is by far the best! It is well organized and easy to follow.

  5. I was watching your reel yesterday on Instagram and was wondering if you would send me the link to the top you were wearing. It was blue and white stripes with a dark orange collar. Thank you 😊

  6. Thanks for the tips, Cyndi. I have some spider veins on the side of my knee where I had meniscus surgery, and I have tried several products to hide them. I will share with everyone that Westmore DOES NOT work, at all, and the applicator brush is another $50. Self-tanner is more effective.

    1. Well that is good to know! The dermablend says it can cover tattoos, so maybe it’s a better option for someone who wants to cover blemishes.

    2. The Dermablend worked for me. I bought mine in the Ulta store & grabbed what they had. I only have one spider vein and the rest were bruises from climbing on counters instead of getting a stool. My leg skin is thinner than it use to be. Be sure to use powder over it and the sponge the saleslady said to really push the product into the skin. Mine was a “sand” color to match my legs. Really love the Dermablend!!!

  7. I think you always look beautiful and very appropriate. Thanks for sharing your great ideas and cute outfits.

  8. The name below, is incorrect! Weissinger is my bosses name…Yikes!!! I don’t know how that happened.

  9. I liked the inclusion in this post for body makeup. I have a surgical scar on my upper arm I like to hide come summer. The products you posted I haven’t tried before so I’ll give them try soon.

  10. I love the color combo of J Crew Factory top and shorts for summer! I just bought those same shorts in Chambray and absolutely love them. Can you help with the color of your shorts in the photo? There are a couple that are similar. Thanks in advance!