5 Wearable Coat Trends

Winter Coat season is right around the corner! If you’re looking to add a coat to your wardrobe, I’m sharing 5 wearable coat trends. These are coats that are cute and wearable but also in style.

5 Wearable Coat Trends

1. Sherling Coats-These are a 70s inspired coat. Sherling vests are also popular.

5 Wearable Coat Trends

Sherling Coat

2. Faux Fur Coats-either short-haired or the more fluffy and delicate are both stylish.

5 Wearable Coat Trends

Faux Fur Coat

5 Wearable Coat Trends

Shaggy Coat (I love this one!!)

3. Extra Long Coats-They keep your legs warm, and look extremely dramatic ( a camel color is trendy this winter).

5 Wearable Coat Trends

Extra Long Coat

4. Check/Plaid Coats-This is a timeless pattern and looks great mixing it with florals.

5 Wearable Coat Trends

Checked Coat

5. Quilted Coats-These are not just for skiing. They are practical and warm!

5 Wearable Coat TrendsQuilted Coat

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  1. I would be interested in seeing you style the shaggy coat. You have a mostly classic style and toned down trends style but this coat is wild! I’d love to see you shake things up a bit with that one! Plus, you said you loved it so I’d like to see the flamboyant side of Cyndi!


  2. Being a tall woman I am interested in the long coats but not the ones that have a belt or require one to have folded arms to keep the thing closed. Do you have to change dental medical etc with your move or is it close enough for the drive??? Personal question as we will be making a move very soon and find so many many questions for ourselves.shaggy coat is cute but longevity?????

  3. I bought a midi length down duffel coat with a fur trimmed hoodie on it a couple of years ago before a trip to NYC. It was from Eddie Bauer and was rated for -20 degrees. It was my first below the knee coat. I love it! It keeps my legs warm and blocks the harsh winds. Highly recommend a longer coat. Sometimes you just want warmth and comfort. I live in Texas near Dallas and usually a short jacket or poncho suffices but they are not warm enough on below 40 degree days. I boycott real shearling due to animal cruelty. Faux is acceptable but hard to keep clean when worn often.

  4. Are you really moving? Good news or bad? Wherever you are you will be blessed.love the coats,especially the long ones.

  5. I only like the black Patagonia jacket. Was going to look for one similar this season. Need a more lightweight one from ones I have. I don’t like the shaggy one at all as reminds me of the snowman that’s scary on the Christmas movie. Can’t remember the name of it. You know the one with the little elf who wants to become a dentist and takes off etc etc. I’d love to see you style it though as everything looks good on you. :).

    1. I believe that would be Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from 1964, and it is the Abominable Snowman. Wasn’t he only scary because he had a toothache?! Hahaha

  6. Life changes on us daily. That goes right along with your Beauty for the Heart post :-). You’ll do what’s best for you and your family, but I’m throwing my vote in the ring. I hope you don’t stop blogging! I follow you and JoLynne and one other. You and JoLynne are my “go-tos”. I like how you post all price levels and options. Your style and advice is something I can follow. You would be terribly missed. Perhaps just scale back to couple posts a week?

    1. I forgot to comment on the coats! I like the puffy coat and the camel long coat. The others are cute but trendy, and I’d invest in the more classic styles. Thanks for the post!

  7. Hi Cyndi, love that you are going to style coats for us. I love coats and have many. We are planning to move to Idaho, so I may wait until I am there to decide what I may need. I would live to present one challenge for you: Costco carries quilted coats and vests every year, and I would like to see you style one for a casual dinner or movie date! It would be fun to see what you come up with! Blessings!!

  8. Definitely the shaggy and faux fur coats, please! I am new to your blog and am enjoying the mix of beauty and encouragement. Thanks!

  9. I wouldn’t buy the faux fur coats. Just not me! We see puffer jackets and coats all over the internet. They are great for every day wear, especially in a colder climate. I love the classic camel coat. That will never go out of style. I, also love the plaid one. I bought one and would love to see you style it. Can you mix it with other patterns?

  10. Happy Tuesday!

    I have to say it’s hard for me to think about coat weather on days like today (it’s 83 degrees and high humidity here in Alabama). I’m headed to Shrimp Fest on Thursday in Gulf Shores so I’m still in Summer mode.

    I have to admit, I’m ready for cooler weather. My favorite coats are the faux fur, quilted and the long camel coat….love the color. Can’t wait for some cold weather!

  11. WHAT??? You just hit my sweet spot! I have an obsession for coats and jackets! I ABSOLUTELY love them! Thank you for sharing my obsession, Cyndi! 🤗
    BfH is awesome, as always!

  12. Hi Cyndi

    So many great options – we’ll all have a hard time choosing. 🙂 I love a classic camel coat for instantly dressing up jeans and a turtleneck and looking classy with a LBD but I must say, I’m seeing several classy faux fur coats out this season. Done the right way they look good and add a welcome hint of the unexpected to basics. Thanks for bringing us these!



  13. I am a fan of coats!! Once our winter starts we can be wearing just about any coat you can think of …. some days are cold , some are very cold and some are mild or with snow or wet snow…. or mild enough for a cape. I would say my favorites would be the black puffer. I have one now that goes just to the hip and have asked for a three quarter for Christmas … these are just a great go to, especially since they are warm but not so bulky you look like the Michelin tire man, and dressed up with a scarf, while there you go. For more dressy or church I like the classic camel. but for me just a little shorter as that length would be to my ankles. PS Just had a wonderful trip shopping in the USA and picked up somethings you inspired me to buy, like the eggplant color Kate Spade purse $99.00 at the outlet… YAH!!!! and the LOVE sweat t from Target to just name a few.
    Thanks for all you do, Cyndi. It’s obvious a lot of work goes into these blogs. Just don’t overdue it:)

  14. Hi Cyndi I’m sorry to hear you have your new home for sell. I’m praying for you and your husband that god will continue to lead you both in all things. Blessing to you !
    I liked the coats its hard to believe its that time again to layer up.