7 Spring Trends For 2019

Happy February 1st!! We made it through January. Yay! I know it’s still early, but today I’m sharing 7 Spring Trends for 2019. Spring is coming, and since I start my spring series on March 1st, I’m definitely looking ahead at what I want to wear.

You never really know what’s going to be in style until a lot of people start wearing the trends. Designers can share all the trends they want but if the average woman doesn’t wear it, then it doesn’t stay around long. That’s just my opinion.

I have been scouring the internet and looking through the stores, and these are some trends I keep seeing.

Neons | It looks neon is a definite trend this year. I love neon colors because they’re bright and cheery. I think a neon sneaker would look cute with athleisurewear.

7 Spring Trends For 2019

Modern Utility Dressing |Expect to see khaki, patch pockets, and cargo pants this spring. Banana Republic has a modern utility section HERE with lots of utility-inspired pieces.

7 Spring Trends For 2019

The Midi Dress | I’m still seeing a lot of this length dress in all the stores for spring.

7 Spring Trends For 2019

Top Handle Handbags | For a trendy bag, the top handle bag seems to be popular. I also saw a lot of THIS style bag. I styled THIS ONE.

7 Spring Trends For 2019

Crochet | Last spring and summer crochet seemed to make a comeback, and I think you’ll see more of it this year. It was very popular on bathing suits. I purchased the one below last year.

7 Spring Trends For 2019

Denim | It’s all over the place. The frayed hem is still trending this year. High rise and crop flares look they will be popular too. I styled these crop kick flares this week with the frayed hem.

7 Spring Trends For 2019

Animal Print | It’s not going anywhere and is coming on strong for spring.

7 Spring Trends For 2019

As far as spring colors go, that was kind of all over the place too. I see pastel pink and bright yellow. Pantone’s color for the year is coral, so I feel like we’re going to see that this spring and summer.

Is there a spring trend you want me to style?

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Beauty For The Heart~~I shared this quote on Instastories. I thought it was a good way to start a Friday.

It’s a wake-up, not today Satan, moving forward, overcoming, I’ve got this, I can do all things through Christ kinda Friday. -Donna Pisani

Let’s do this ladies. Put this on repeat all day!

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Great to see what’s coming for spring. I agree thought until we see what everyone starts wearing we really aren’t sure what’s trending in our area. Not sure I’ll be getting on board with the neon… unless it’s a work out top. Might like to see you style something from this trend?
    Have a great weekend and enjoy those grandkids:)

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot of utility pants being styled. I’ve pinned a few examples and am on the hunt for the perfect pair. It seems they should be a little loose with a belted waist. I’ll still be wearing my jackets – a khaki one & white one.
    I’m skipping the neon, pastel and crochet look.
    I just bought a spring top in coral yesterday at Winners. It is such a fresh, spring look.
    First of February today! Two more months till Spring! 😀

  3. Liking some of these trends … not so sure about the others. Lol. We will see…

    I LOVE your BFTH today and shared that quote on my Facebook.

    Have a great weekend and fun with the grandkids!


  4. I love the jeans!! I am definitely getting those 🙂
    I’m trying to find the GG belt on amazon, can you re-send me the link? Much Thanks and many Blessings

  5. Neon and utility wear, for the weekend is a YES, but for workwear I don’t know. May be able to get by with utility pants on a Friday :). I like the midi length dresses, but being only 5’2 I always feel “dumpy in them – even petites seem too much for my small frame, but I’m keeping an open mind because when the weather warms up, for workwear it’s skirts and dresses.
    As for posts I’d like, maybe an update on sunless tanners, face bronzers, what kind of shoes to wear with different kinds of pants – frayed hem jeans, etc. Another weekend capsule wardrobe for spring, Hair cut/make up style trends – we get stuck in a rut and our “80’s , 90’s” etc. hair and make up age us. Of course we can’t be 20 again, but we can be the best us possible – and without breaking the bank :).

  6. Cyndi – I would love to see the utility wear styled for casual and work wear (if possible). I also heard boho is back – maybe ties into the crochet. Again, could you do some looks for the weekend and some work wear looks? Thanks again for all you do! Have fun with the grandkids! 🙂

  7. Hi Cyndi, I ordered the navy tote from Social Threads you styled. I received it today and it is great! It is vegan leather but it is such great quality I could not tell the difference from real leather. It is also so soft. Thanks so much for featuring this bag. (I think I will pass on the neon)!


  8. Would like to see: 1) other animal prints besides leopard 2) an all coral clothing post 3) spring clutches 4) your favorite snacks, good or bad!

  9. Yes, to Spring! Love love love that the kick crop flare trend is still going on. I wear mine with a tall wedge yellowbox flip flop in the summer or I have some other cutes ones with rope kinda heels & lace up in suede that are comfortable but stylish. I do like crochet also. Glad some many new things to pick from I just got the NEW shag haircut & am in love with it. My stylist just got backfrom Vegas & the hair show. The bob is still in but on the new front this year is a frothy top shaw inspired by Vidal Sasson I believe. My stylist growed me his mannequin head he did & I said yes, yes yes! I do like the bob just grew tired of it but don’t worry if you aren’t tired of it anyone, it is still around and not going anywhere.

    1. I recently cut my hair, still working on a style. Can you tell me what a frothy top shag is, sounds like something I would be interested in.

  10. Cyndi I’d like to see you style some more wide leg pants since I think they will be trending more and more. Specifically wide leg crop jeans like those from your Social Threads line, but also some lighter material ones for summer.

  11. Hey there!! Was up your way over the holidays and again in January. Never seen so many gloomy days in a row. But still think KY is a beautiful state.

    I am loving your cropped flares or flared crops. Wasn’t too sure about this trend but you make me want to run out and buy some on payday. And that baby-suit as my granddaughter says…wish that great figure came with it.

    Great post!!
    Leslie @ onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com