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7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s that time of year when I start looking at my fall wardrobe and what transitional pieces I might need to replace. I also look at trendy pieces I want to add to my wardrobe this year.

Jo-Lynne and I will start our fall fashion series on September 1 so I have to start planning now.

7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall WardrobeI love to add trendy pieces to my wardrobe but there are some pieces that I wear every year. These are classic pieces, always in style, and they help me transition from winter to spring and summer to fall.

Here are 7 transitional pieces for your fall wardrobe.

1. Chambray Shirt-I love a chambray shirt and I have several different styles. I recently styled a  sleeveless one but a long sleeve chambray shirt is a great transitional piece for your fall wardrobe.

7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe2. Utility Jacket-When the weather cools down, I wear my utility jacket all the time. My utility jacket is sold out but this one from Gap is super cute!

7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe3. Pointed-Toe Flats-They are a classic and I love my leopard print flats. They only have a few sizes left of these leopard print flats but Nordstrom has a classic pointed-toe flat on sale right now for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe4. Trench Coat-A trench coat is a must have for me and such a great transitional piece.

7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe5. Cozy Cardigan-Transition those short sleeve tops by adding a cozy cardigan.

7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe6. Long Sleeve Striped ShirtA striped shirt can be worn over and over again. Also, I love pairing stripes with leopard print.

cn119260147.  Open Toe BootiesWhen you’re not ready to wear boots in September, an open toe bootie is the perfect transitional piece. These are sold out but this pair from Zappos is cute and can be worn until the weather gets cold.

7 Transitional Pieces For Your Fall Wardrobe

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Do you have any of these transitional pieces for fall? 

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Beauty for the Heart~~I love when God answers my prayers with a yes. But, what happens when God says no?

If the answer is no, do I still believe He is a good God?

What if we trusted Him even when we feel He is withholding our deepest desires. What if we believed that His no is really a yes for our best.

Romans 8:28 (NIV) reminds us He is working all things out for our good. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I have been on this journey with God long enough to know that when he says no, He has far greater things planned!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Those are all great pieces, and I have been looked for leopard flats for 2 years. The pointy toe ones usually hurt my feet and the rounded toe ones…well they look like ballet shoes for little girls. I guess I’ll have to keep looking because if it’s not comfortable I won’t wear.
    You mentioned projects – girllllll! This summer we have had our kitchen totally remodeled – walls removed, etc. Painting the entire interior of the house, new flooring in every room except the master bath, new vanity and toilet in guest bath – new light fixtures, blah, blah, blah. So I’m totally understanding your need to get organized because I feel the same way. As of today my clothes are in my closet – upper racks only, the laundry room, and a hall closet. my shoes are all boxed up, and my dresser with other clothes, undies and the like, is in my bathroom. New flooring install starts tomorrow 🙂 Yippie!!!!!! We have been in flux since the day after Memorial Day and I am beyond OVER IT! My goal is by Labor Day to begin seeing the light at the end of this reno project, and hopefully by the holidays I will be much more put back together.
    Romans 8:28 is one of my all time favorites verses and one I have recited to myself hundreds of times over the years.

    1. AMEN!! I was so excited to redo my kitchen but this camping out thing is just not doing for me! I too have been in flux since after Memorial day. Finally the cabinets came in and the appliances are due today. Checking my emails and reading Cyndi’s posts remind me to stay focused and it will be over soon. I so love the scriptures she writes. Be patient. Looking forward to the fall fashion series with Jo-Lynne. Have a blessed day!

  2. Love the taupe top with the lace sleeves and the open toed booties. You look great in everything!

  3. Thank you for this post!! I have many of these and I’ve been looking for the others. This is very very helpful! Thank you!

  4. Yes I’m preparing for my husband son and family. Hubby daughter and family and my son and girls. For this weekend. Not all get along. Just praying God will bless us with His presence and a good time will be had by all. Not enough time in the day to get everything done. But it will all be fine

  5. Love your posts! We are in the process of building a house, while living in a small apartment. Project lists are huge, as we sold almost everything from our other/larger house and need lots of new furniture. Love the utility jacket and leopard print shoes. I can’t do ballet flats, my feet are just too wide. I am looking for the perfect “driving” shoe in leopard. Just signed up for your emails and trying to figure out how to wear many of your styles. I am broad-shouldered and large breasted, with small waist and thick gymnast thighs and calves. If I don’t wear something fitted at the waist, I look like a big blog or very pregnant!

    1. Leigh my trench coat is from the Loft and it’s sold out. I don’t have the one from Nordstrom but I thought it looked like a good one.

  6. I purchased those open toe booties when you styled them this past spring and I LOVE THEM! Get so many compliments when I wear them! Wondering though if I should get these in black for the fall? They are the perfect transition shoe though when sandals shouldn’t be worn, yet I’m not ready for fall boots! Thanks!

  7. I have that jacket from Gap, and I love it. The perfect jacket to throw on for something light and great for traveling. And I wear leopard flats all the time except the summer. I bought the Loft shorts you recommended. Loved them so much I went on-line and bought a few other colors (first one was on sale, the others were on sale sale!) Thanks for all the ideas.

    1. I’m tempted to buy that Gap jacket (I have a $50 in rewards to Gap). I like the length of that one.
      Glad you like it!

  8. Thanks for the reminder………….even when he says NO…………..i needed that. Of course i enjoyed your post also!!!!

  9. I LOVE getting organized, just makes me so happy. I’m building two bookshelfs for my daughter’s classroom, she teaches kindergarten. Her school was recently refurbished but unfortunately all the storage furniture was adult size. Now she can organize all the kids supplies and they can get them themselves. Just wish it wasn’t so hot, don’t love working in my shop in this heat. Have fun organizing your room.

  10. Sometime His no is because the timing isn’t right. We have to believe He is still good and loving and knows best for us.

    Thanks for the beauty for the heart.


    1. Amen to that! I am having to remind myself continually that my timing and His timing don’t always line up and I need to have patience. 🙂

  11. I am so organized, once you get there you will never go back. Because you will have a place for everything, you will know where everything is, my TIP!! if you don’t use it, wear it in a year’s time, let it go. That is how you becoming un- organized every time. You run out of space to pull the things you do use on top of what you don’t use, then it’s all over girlfriend lol someone who is well dressed, and have your game on, I wouldn’t have guess that about you ha ! learn something about you, but soon that will be a thing of the past. Hang in there, it’s takes Time & your old way will be second guessing your new plan. I see you being someone who can set her mind and get it done. Not looking forward to Fall. Praying for you !!
    PS. I sent you a comment on the pok. dot. dress, please read it when you need a break from organizing haha ! Thank’s !

  12. Working on organization pieces for my daughter who leaves for college mid August. It is her first year so this is all new for us. I think we are ok but we’ll find out more once we get her settled. I will be on a cleaning and organizing frenzy after she leaves. She has a large closet that has some things of mine in it so I will weeding out and organizing. Do share some of your organizing ideas, would love to hear about them and see them. Enjoy your day!

  13. Cyndi,
    I appreciate all your time and effort you put into planning and executing your outfits and advice. I happened on your post on Pinterest and then signed up for your emails. I have found that being almost 50 does not have to mean frumpy. You have encouraged me to stay in style while maintaining my modesty which can be difficult these days. I have learned that when I dress stylish and for my body shape I feel better about me. This spills over into my ministries. I love seeing what you wear and can often find something similar. My college aged daughters are quick to call me out on…”That looks like a Cyndi Spivey outfit”. I usually pull up your email on my phone and show them, yes, it is. I also really like Jo-Lynne as well. Love when you do your seasonal fashion series. Can’t wait for fall and all your ideas. Thank you for always being true to who you are and including Christ in your posts.

  14. I’m doing the same as the other ladies ….trying to re-model. I have packed up my whole house in order to get new painting and flooring through-out. We just finished up VBS so I had to weave that in. We had 17 saved and two baptisms . Praising the Lord for that! And trying to stay cool…calm… and collected Amen!!

    Thank you Cyndi for all your hard work. I already have several of these items in my closet… Thanks to you when you shared last Fall! So glad I have a start on this year Love this post… Blessings!

  15. I always love your posts. Where did you get the top with the lace sleeves in the very last post? I just love that.

  16. I needed to hear this post today thank you. I have been trying to get it together for about a month now started going threw things and clothes to weed out. Kinda getting there.

  17. Cindy, thank you for being a woman of strong faith in Jesus and not being afraid to share your love for him. You’re beautiful inside and out. Have you announced when and where you will be speaking in Western KY? I so hope I can attend

    1. Thank you Michelle. I am speaking in Benton, KY on August 27th at Zions Cause Baptist Church. I will get more info. asap and share it on my blog.

  18. Another good post Cyndi! Great Beauty For the Heart! We are in the heat of packing since our house sold. Our smaller home in country we’re moving to is completely furnished, so we are doing some swapping out. Our closest are much smaller, so I’ve been reducing the amount of clothes I’m keeping.
    God bless!

  19. Although your utility jacket is sold out, do you mind sharing where it came from…just in case it gets restocked? I love the shorter length and more finished look.

  20. Another GREAT post Cyndi!! I really love your classic style!! What’s even better is that I have all of the pieces already. (I have to go with a black trench due to the fact that khaki against my face washes me out.)

    Thank you for making me feel better about my wardrobe, and giving me ideas about how to coordinate items I already have.


  21. It’s always nice to see a classic trench coat, I have had mine for over 20 years it’s in excellent condition and very timeless. It was a bit of an investment but I’m still using it. I think classic pieces can cost more but they will last you a long time.

  22. Just bought a beautiful trench coat on clearance from The Limited, Cindy. Ended up getting it for the unbelievable price of 24.00! It was originally 135! So happy with my find! Thanks for always helping with my choices… God is good!