A Staple Piece For Fall and Winter

It’s hard to believe we are almost to the end of October. This is my favorite month and we are having some beautiful fall days. I’m not going to lie, I don’t want the month to end.

I love pumpkins and mums. I love the cool, crisp mornings and the warm days, the colors of  the leaves and hot apple cider. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas too but boy do things get busy.

Yesterday we went to church and then went to lunch with some dear friends. You know the kind of friends you don’t get to see often, but they are life long friends.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a sweater dress from Loft.We were gone most of the day. I wore this sweater dress from Loft that I purchased during their 50% off sale. The dress is a great staple piece for fall and winter.

I wasn’t crazy about the way I styled it, I think it needs some color. So, you will probably see this dress again.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a sweater dress from Loft.I wore it all day and it was super comfortable…so there’s that.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a sweater dress from Loft.
Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a sweater dress from Loft.I added a choker necklace with some bling on it and I think I needed a solid black one to show up better. I’m starting to really like the choker trend.

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a sweater dress from Loft.I think this dress would look good with a long, sleeveless vest. We will see!

Fashion blogger Cyndi Spivey styling a sweater dress from Loft.What I’m Wearing

Swing sweater dress (I’m wearing a small)//Black boots//Necklace (similar here)//Handbag (This Aimee Kestenberg handbag is on sale!)

How would you style this sweater dress?
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Beauty for the Heart~~How you respond to failure and disappointment says a lot more than how you respond in your success. -Tony Dungy

How do you respond when things don’t go your way?

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love the dress. It looks cute like you styled it. Options would be to wear a scarf – that would instantly add color. You could wear a vest, or a jacket, or a long necklace with some color. You could really jack it up with a jacket and a scarf with a long necklace under the scarf! That is a dress that has endless options!

  2. good morning. wellll not crazy with the profile the boots provide. so glad you shared the great family photos yesterday.

  3. I think wih tights and booties or a wedge hill boot add a bit more jewelry or a scarf but I really love the v neck very flattering.

  4. I think all it needs is a long statement necklace. The dress is cute and looks great with the boots. Sometimes you can’t beat simple.

  5. Agree on the black tights booties and longer necklace to break up the dress a little. A scarf might work but also might be too bulky. Like but don’t love the over the knee boots – shorter boots?

  6. I think it’s got a lot of choices you can do with it. Love it!!!! I’m with you I love Oct. I don’t want it to end either. Really liked your quote today I don’t always react like I should i’ m getting more aware of it then I use to and really trying to work on it. Thank you!!!

  7. My first thought was black tights and booties! Also think the skinny scarf that can be wrapped around your neck like a choker and then a loose tie with the tail ends of the scarf. Love that dress!

  8. i got this dress for 50% off as well. I have tried it on but can’t decide whether to keep it or not. I wasn’t wowed by it other than the comfort weather and for a dress I thought it would be warm. Can’t wait to see you style more ways maybe that will help me decide! Thanks for sharing.
    Blesssings to you,

  9. I didn’t get your post yesterday! I look forward to reading it before church each week. Did anyone else not get it?

    1. Hi, Judy,
      About half of my posts from Cyndi get auto-sorted to “junk’ on my computer for some reason. (And they are DEFINITELY not junk!) Not sure how to stop that from happening.

      Took me a while to figure that out, so now I check my junk file daily.

      Maybe that happened to you…

  10. I tried this on during the Loft sale and I thought it was so cute but I just was not sure how to style it.

    You have all given me some ideas…I think I need to go buy that dress!! Have a great day everyone 🙂

  11. Tights and booties yes!! I agree with some of the other women, I’m not a fan of the over the knee boots either. They are just a little too much but I always like everything else you wear!

  12. I love this dress! I agree with others, tights, booties and a scarf for color pop. I think it has needless possibilities. I love the red version of this, but can’t imagine what to wear with it, I won’t go bare legged. Do you have ideas to share? We have an early December wedding and I’m hoping to find something warm but pretty to wear. Loved your family pictures, what a great day with loved ones.

    1. Gina I think you can do black tights and black booties with the red dress too. Or you can do a black pantyhose with a black pump or wedge.

  13. Maybe a scarf with some color would be good. I agree a choke with lots of color too. I love the dress. May have to add it to my wardrobe. You look fantastic as always. Thanks for sharing

  14. This dress would look beautiful with an infinity scarf (or any scarf with color). I have a similar sweater dress in the same color.

    Looking forward to being with family during the holidays.

    Christ Love,

  15. I would wear a lesser boot and either a colorful statement necklace or a scarf with color. It’s a great basic to build lots of looks around.

  16. Cyndi, The dress is great. Having accessories in a bright color that you like would jazz I up. And tights with booties would show off your slender legs.

    God bless!

  17. I love the sweater dress with the knee high boots. Simple and beautiful! Sometimes less is better. Outfits don’t always need all the jewelry or accessories like a scarf. This is simple and very classy!

  18. I love the simplistic style. There are so many ways to add to this…A jacket, scarf, tights, etc. Sweet dress.
    I always appreciate your sharing Beauty for the heart! Have a beautiful day!

  19. Cute dress but I’m not crazy about the boots either. The bare legs are what is throwing me off…seems like you need tights to pull together the boots and dress. Just another opinion 🙂 I can’t remember if you have talked much about wearing the right colors for your skin tone but in my opinion, I think I would like the dress better on you with a scarf adding a pop of one of your flattering colors. Gray can be just kind of blah on brunettes. That said, I think I want to order the dress!

  20. So funny, I wore a dress with OTK boots to church yesterday! I agree, I’d love to see some color – a scarf seems like the obvious choice, but I am finding scarves on dresses make me feel frumpy. The V-neck is flattering on you so a scarf would cover that up. I like the choker with it. What about burgundy suede booties or even ballet flats? With maybe grey tights… that dress is a great canvas for so many different looks!!!

  21. Hello Cyndi! I don’t have a clue on how to accessorize your dress….I’m SO out of date on what to wear and what to wear with what (if that makes sense). I was wondering if you have any suggestions on where to begin in putting together a working wardrobe. I’ve got a closet full of ‘stuff’ that doesn’t go with anything and it’s all pretty much outdated. Is there a previous post of yours that gives a jumping off point on what I should buy (I couldn’t find it :)) Any help/suggestions are very much appreciated!! It’s silly for me to keep buying clothes that doesn’t go with anything and I’m at my wit’s end! Thanking you in advance………:))

  22. Like Judy all your posts now go to my junk folder! Have no idea why. I’ve tried clicking on function key to stop this from happening, but again this morning it was in my junk folder. Just thought I’d let you know Cyndi. I don’t like to miss a post from you, ever….lol
    Have a great day

    1. mine do too; its been quite a while and i keep resigning up for your blog. i might get one to 2 in my inbox and then back to junk. i have your email in my address book. right now I’m on my big computer and i told it that your emails are not spam, but I’ve done that before. i have aol if that makes a difference.

  23. I love the neckline on the dress. I will have to look for something similar. I would try a long necklace, short boots and tights. A jean jacket would look good too.

  24. I love it the way it is , but I like adding vests to dresses, so may be an army green vest, tights and lower boots.

  25. Hey Cyndi…I like Tina have a lot of stuff in my closet. Im not a very good stylist so I just throw stuff on and go. I’m 5′, weigh 150. I am more muscle than fat. I’m broadvkn my upper body and just can’t soften it up very much. I love scarves but my torso is really to short to wear them. I love the dress you wore yesterday. I would style with a long colorful tassel necklace. Either flats or boots with tights and small loop earrings in gold or silver. The necklace is the statement.

  26. Cute & comfotable! I like the tiny shoulder pleats (very feminine). I’m sure there’s a term for this?? I too, stay away from grey though, as I’m brunette w/some silver highlights😆. I can get washed out easily. The boots are waaaayy cool, but with something tighter such as skinny jeans or leggings with/tunic? Thanks for sharing & have a joyfully, blessed day🌺

  27. I totally agree with Gina. First of all, you are gorgeous and would look great in a paper sack, but I myself don’t care for the over the knee boots. I love the dress. Dress, tights, booties and maybe a long black necklace. I think a scarf would be too bulky.

  28. Hi Cyndi,
    I wear this kind of dress often. I suggest you wear a belt…skinny or wide. I have a leather belt with an awesome circle clasp. I wear it a little loose and it looks amazing with a sweater dress.

  29. Sometimes simple is nice. I have a grey sweater dress from Loft from 2 years ago. I wear it with black tights and black high dress boots and carry my burgundy purse. I love a pop of burgundy with grey. You could try the same and could even try black or burgundy booties. Another color that looks great with grey right now is a muted pink. You could just add a small, muted pink scarf, not too chunky. For color reference, they have the color pink scarf right now at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I love this scarf and wear it with not only grey, but with black, brown, green, navy, and burgundy too. However, this particular scarf is too chunky for this dress, but exact color I’m talking about. I think you look great the way you styled it. I am too short for the above the knee boots, but think you look great in them. I’m with you…..LOVE October. You can enjoy the Fall season, without the busyness of the holiday shopping and meals yet. 🙂 Enjoy your last days. My son is coming home with his new girl friend this weekend, so excited to meet her and celebrate his 22nd birthday.

  30. Super cute dress and it looks great on you. A couple of things – and these are just me – but I’ve never been a fan of boots with bare legs UNLESS they’re cowboy boots. I suppose my thinking is…if it’s cold enough to wear boots, then legs shouldn’t be exposed – but that’s just me :), I also think it breaks up the “line” of the leg. Don’t get me wrong – you have great legs, but tights would extend the length. I’m not a fan of the over the knee boots, again, that’s a personal thing. My 25 yr old daughter likes them :). Over the knee boots are like stilletos – they have a very “sexy” vibe – this gal isn’t sexy enough to pull off either – hahahaha!
    I love the simplicity of the dress – I think we’re all just used to a bit more zing in your appearance. Maybe you could add a colorful purse – or animal print, and a longer necklace.

  31. I think instead of the over-the-knee boots, you should do hose or tights with ankle boots. Add a colorful scarf or your vest idea and it would be adorable!!

  32. I absolutely love a go to dress! A scarf could definitely change the whole look. I love scarves! I like wearing boots with or without leggings!

  33. I just ordered that dress over the weekend! It hasn’t arrived yet so I am so glad you styled it today so I can see how it looks. 😉 You look great.

  34. Love this dress and the black boots, looks great on you! I will be ordering the dress today, I think everything is now 40% off. Love your blog, have a blessed afternoon!😊

  35. Well, lots of great suggestions, but I actually like OTK boots if you style them in a classy way–as you did. I understand why you kept your accessories simple, since the boots make such a trendy statement. Always love a scarf, but IMHO, I think the longer necklace is all your outfit needs!!

  36. I think the boots with the bare legs and a dress that short isn’t very flattering…… sorry.. leggings with short boots, or mid-rise boots would be adorable…. longer necklace and even a denim jacket would be great…. you are such a beauty lady, Cindy,,,,this outfit made me blush,,, seriously……. I don’t think it compliments your heart…

  37. I love the dress, but not this look so much. I am not a fan of legs showing between hem and dress, I would wear back tights to continue the colour line. I also think that it needs a bit of colour, from a scarf or statement necklace.

  38. I love the boots and immediately looked at where you got them from. And I’m 47 😉! I bought a similar dress from old navy. I wore it to church yesterday with brown boots and black tights. My skin color is lighter than yours so that is the reason for tights. This is my first time commenting but I have been following you for a couple of years.

  39. I LOVE it! I think the boots really stand out, which makes up for plainness or lack of color! They give a bit of drama, & I think the whole outfit looks great! We can give the booties a rest here & there! Boots, dress, bag, choker AWESOME!

  40. You’re so brave to ask for ideas! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you do with this great dress. You look great! Do you plan to do another challenge? Your fall challenge was so fun! Thanks for what you do ~

  41. For work, maybe a white button dowm shirt under the dress and a long necklace? Otherwise a scarf, tights and boots sound great!

  42. Cute dress Cyndi! Looks so comfy! My first idea for adding color is a cute scarf, maybe a blanket scarf in a red/gray plaid? I don’t think my idea is original, I probably got it from the pic linked below on Pinterest! Although I would try to find a scarf that had more of the red and less of the gray and black, that way it is a brighter contrast. You could style it with the boots you have on here, or it would be cute with gray booties! Add red earrings to bring out the red in the scarf!

  43. I wore a similar dress this week to church too. I added a scarf and suede pumps. The scarf was gray with mustard yellow. It was just enough color to add interest. (At least I thought so). I don’ think I could pull off the OTK boots, but they look great on you!