Activewear With Macy’s

This post is sponsored by Macy’s and ShopStyle.

Happy Friday! All week we’ve been talking about activewear and healthy living, and today, my activewear outfit is from Macy’s.

I’m a huge fan of Macy’s! I love their dresses, shoes, handbags, etc. But Macy’s also some great activewear, and it’s on sale!

Right now, Macy’s is having a 48 Hour Sale just in time to grab some cute activewear with code HOUR48.

Today, I’m wearing a black tank that has the option to tie in the back or leave it open. In my first picture, it’s tied.

Activewear With Macy's

Here’s how it looks from the back.

Activewear With Macy's

In this picture, it’s untied and has a looser fit.

Activewear With Macy's

Here is what it looks like in the back when it’s untied.

Activewear With Macy's

I’m also wearing high rise animal print leggings. The sleek animal print has a four-way stretch fabric that lets you move.

Activewear With Macy's

My sneakers are perfect for a good workout.

Activewear With Macy's

When the weather is chilly, this full fleece jacket is a great option.

Activewear With Macy's

Fleece Zip Jacket (I’m wearing an XS)// Black Tank (I’m wearing a small)// Animal Print Leggings (I’m wearing a small)// Sneakers (I sized up 1/2 size)// Sports Bra (I’m wearing a small)

Macy’s has a great selection of athletic wear. You make sure you check it out HERE.

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Beauty For the Heart~~“Today, let’s be determined to see blessings in the midst of things that seem like burdens.” -Lysa TerKeurst

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Thanks for doing your blog ❤️ I’ve bought many items you have styled for us.
    I live in a small town with not many nice shopping stores so I usually order on line at one of the stores that have free return shipping 🙂

  2. I love the activewear outfit! On microneedling I have tried it. It really was slow building collagen with me so one of friends read if you had to do one or the other, save your money for filler & dysport. So I tried that route but after awhile, that was beginning to look odd on me and didn’t look exactly like myself any longer. a lot of times she read the filler doesn’t always dissolve all the way and we are left with some already there when we do it again. So I am staying away from it all for at least 18 months if I can and see how it goes. I use medical grade products now for at least the past 3 to 4 years so hope maybe that could be helping. We will see. Good luck with yours!

  3. This is the best one of the week for me:) that top is super cute and I like the tie option. Thanks for a great week of athletic pieces. Its -16 right now with our windchill ( degrees Celsius) and will be no better tomorrow. I’m in Canada so hey it’s winter but this is the coldest yet this year.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Love this athletic outfit, you look great as usual. Can you tell me how the knees fit on these leggings. Alot of leggings I try on our baggy in the knees. Also would they be too long for someone 5 ft. The sneakers you have on look great. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Thank you for sharing your cosmetic procedures with us. I appreciate your honesty about the things you do to stay looking great. It makes me more willing to try some things, like micro needling, that I might not have before.

  6. Thanks for the workout/active wear this week. I need to replace mostly my bottoms and need a new pair of shoes. That said the HOUR48 code doesn’t apply to either the top or shoes you are featuring. I still got them – HA! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend.

  7. Love this outfit too! I got the leggings from Amazon. I’m wearing them now. I was shocked to see the MSRP was $88! They are a bit long, but I’m a bit short😆 Very comfy! Thanks!

  8. I have not received your emails in a few days. Was I dropped from the list and may I re sign up to receive them please?

    Thank you

  9. I also havent recived any emails since Friday, January 17th. I’m also curious that I might not be receving them too.