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Happy hump day! I started my morning with a 6:30 am Flow/Yoga class. It’s my midweek exercise class that helps with flexibility (which I desperately need).

I have stocked up on quite a bit of affordable Amazon fitness clothes and equipment. I find that these are the go-to pieces that I wear over and over again.

These sports bras are so comfortable, and they come in lots of different colors. Also, these leggings are my favorite, they’re high waisted and work well with all different styles tops, including crop tops.

1. Sports Bra //2. Flowy Crop Top //3. Athletic Socks //4. Weights


5. Racerback Top //6. Leggings  //7. Muscle Tank


8. Fitted Tank //9. Baseball Hat //10. Tank Top //11. Yoga Mat

If you want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, this bottle is a great option.

Have you tried any of these Amazon Fitness items?

Check out my Favorite Amazon Finds-July 2020

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  1. Amazon is definitely my go to for workout wear. In fact, I just ordered some of my favorite leggings from this morning with a gift card I got for my birthday. I like the yogalicious leggings because I’m short and the Capri length fits just right. My daughter pays high price for her workout clothes at Lulu and athleta. I go to the gym and do kickboxing 3 times a week so I need a big variety of workout wear and and don’t want to pay too much to look cute and comfortable.

  2. Talk about perfect timing!! I have some items in my cart at Old Navy but I’ve never tried any of their activewear so I’m a bit apprehensive of making the purchase. I’m thinking I’ll try Amazon – now that I have recommendations from a trustworthy source! Thanks and have a blessed day!

  3. I actually ordered the racer back tank this morning in a few colors, before I saw your email. Now I’m really excited to get them knowing you tried them. Thanks for the recommendation on the water bottle. I’m trying to get better with my water, so will try this.

  4. I love seeing affordable workout options. These are all great. I work out at home so I’m on my own schedule and do my best to work out daily, but I like to take the weekends off.. I got a yoga mat and resistance bands for Christmas and what a difference adding those into my treadmill and weight regimen. Those bands work the tough areas 😉. Have a great day😎

  5. Can you tell us where #5 and #8 are made? I can’t find that info on Amazon. Thanks! All are very cute.

    1. Liz,
      I, too, wanted to know this info. #5 is made in China – as per the “answered questions” section under the product heading and #8 lists the product as “imported”. Hope this helps!

  6. Love all these. Good to have recommendations on clothing from Amazon. I hear they are hit and miss. I haven’t ordered clothes from them yet. But, I just might have to. I’m looking at the sports bra. I need the cup support and I don’t like the ones that make you look like uniboop. LOL Could you tell us what time you typically get up to get in workouts and devotions etc. before starting work at your desk? You must get up really early. Do you always do the 6:30a.m. workout classes?