Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney

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Happy Thursday, ladies! Today I’m styling an affordable fall outfit from JCPenney. If you want to be on-trend but not spend a fortune, JCPenney has so many cute fall options to add to your fall wardrobe.

One of the popular colors for fall is rust, and while I love the color, I can’t wear it near my face, so these jeans were a great option for me.

Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney

While the weather is warm, I can wear these jeans with a mock neck sleeveless turtleneck. I love having these turtlenecks in my wardrobe because they’re a perfect layering piece.

Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney

Black booties are a must-have accessory for fall, and these Liz Claiborne booties have memory foam for comfort and a 2 1/4 inch heel.

Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenneyAffordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney

With fall, brings cooler temperatures and I love having a jacket to add to my outfit. A black moto-style jacket goes with so many of my fall outfits.

Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney

I also added a simple black crossbody bag to my outfit.

Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney

Whether I’m going out to dinner or meeting some friends for lunch, this outfit is one I will wear all season long.

Affordable Fall Outfit with JCPenney

Faux Leather Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//Black Mock Turtleneck (I’m wearing an XS)/Mid Rise Skinny Fit Jean (I’m wearing a size 4)//Black Booties (TTS)//Earrings//Bracelet//Crossbody bag


Make sure you head over to JCPenney and check out their fall clothes. They have on-trend fall styles for the entire family!

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  1. Holiday top? I cannot wear high necked tops, so scoop neck or boat neck, round neck. We usually have Christmas dinner at our house, so I need something which I can cook in, but still look dressed up (usually with black jeans/skinnies/leggings.) Something with a real holiday feel (not something I would wear to work 🙂 Relatively inexpensive since this not something I would wear often. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the holidays.

  2. I was so tickled to see you wear the outfit, I bought it a week ago from JCP:-).
    Blouse- V neck, puff sleeves and not too long. Thanks for asking!

    1. Love this look on you, and love the reminder that we can wear most trending colors if we move them away from our face.

      I rarely need something formal or even semi formal for the holidays but love to look special! Not sleeveless but any other length. Any neckline but I especially like v and boat necks. And either short OR long, but not in between.

      And thanks for asking us, Cyndi!

  3. I would love a high or mock neck with long sleeves. Something fancy and middle of the road to on the higher side for a blouse for the holidays.
    Thanks Cyndi!

  4. Holiday blouse – i prefer v neck, round neck or BOAT NECK styles. Depending on how i am wearing – such as with jeans casually i’d like something that is worn UNTUCKED or FRONT tucked and prefer shorter sleeves so i can layer as i sometimes get hot indoors even in winter. I do NOT like puffy sleeves but prefer bell style if i must go long. Price point would be hard as i’m extremely frugal 🙂

  5. Great fall outfit and great price points.. When I consider tops for the holidays I like something that’s different, feminine, and not too warm for inside. I love a statement sleeve but noting too over the top so it gets in the way. Crew neck or v neck and either a blouse or more dressed up top…

  6. My ideal blouse would have puff/bell sleeves. It would be slightly longer in the back. I’m middle and bottom heavy so I have to watch midlines.
    I love the long cardigan as well as the floral skirt ensemble.

  7. I agree with you about being busy. Last spring I was looking forward to a lazy summer. It never happened. I thought for sure sept and oct would’ve better. NOT!, I am trying to figure it out. On another note….for holidays I like feminine , in whatever form. I don’t mind paying a little more if it is worth it.

  8. LOVE your posts!
    Holiday attire; feminine, velvet or lace, v-neck, longer over bum, sheer sleeves, price is sometimes worth it if it’s unique and a bit different.
    Thank you!

  9. Life sure doesn’t seem to slow down even though kids/grandkids are back in school. I always prefer a v neck top. Love the idea of adding a necklace or scarf etc. sleeves- 3/4 or long. Sleeveless doesn’t work at holiday time here in Minnesota- it’s just too cold. My style is more classic vs romantic (lace). Hope this helps.

    On a side note I’ve never been able to figure out if you have a warm or cool skin undertone. I lean towards warm for you so was surprised when you said you don’t look good in rust. Wishing you a productive, peace filled day.

  10. Cute fall outfit, and I agree that rust is probably a color to not wear near your face based on seeing you in pure red, deep pink, black, etc., which are fantastic on you!
    As for a holiday blouse – I could lean several different ways but one no for me would be puff sleeves. I like either a higher neckline or V-neck. A 3/4 sleeve is a good option as I tend to push sleeves up esp. if cooking, or sleeveless, or a bell type sleeve. I also like something that has pretty touches – sequins, or the burnished velvet-if done right- can be pretty. I don’t go extra fancy on holiday attire so something I could wear with jeans or leggings would be perfect. Excited to hear more about what you’re working on.

  11. I’d like to see a holiday appropriate blouse in long sleeves with the shoulder in the correct spot- No dropped shoulder – and not an oversized style.
    I’m excited to see what’s coming!

  12. Hi Cyndi! I was wondering if you ever shared your experience with microneedling? Maybe I missed that post…

  13. Cute outfit. Love the jacket in particular.
    For holidays. V-neck preferred. No boatneck because my bra straps always show and I don’t like how neckline flops when I bend. Inevitably I’ll end up in the kitchen. It will be barely above zero outside but my sister-in-laws house will be HOT with oven going & 50 people crammed into her average sized split level. No sleeveless because I’d then prefer a jacket. A washable fabric, 3/4 sleeve or something I can roll up. Long in back a bonus. I’d wear velvet pants or velvet jeans. Definitely holiday flare, no glitter but sequins, ribbon, etc, is great. Minimal ruffles is fine. Thanks for asking. I’m looking forward to this post. Yay!

  14. Love the fall outfit and the prices are great! I would like to see a holiday blouse that in a high or V neck. Long or 3/4 sleeve and longer in the back. I would like to see something that is versatile and comfortable that I can wear to a Christmas party or a family gathering. Average price point. Enjoy your post!

  15. Such a cute fall outfit on you. Not sure I could pull off the snake jeans but I rally like all the pieces together. For the holiday season I would look for something in lace as velvet is too hot for Texas. I tend to like high neck to cover my neck and 3/4 sleeveless.

    1. I love this outfit and colors. For Christmas, if it’s to wear to church, i would prefer a dress with boots. For entertainment, something casual and cozy. Velvet blouse would be nice without the frills. 3/4 sleeves because I am in the kitchen amongst the pots and pans. Seasonal colors but not black ( too hot). I’m not into puff sleeves. Simple and affordable. Thanks for the inspirational reflection.

  16. For the holiday blouse I would love elbow length or 3/4 sleeve. I’m always cooking so that would be great. Nothing too body conscience Just for comfort and to avoid the midsection lumpiness. I love a little sparkle maybe around the neckline, shoulder or sleeve but not all of them at once. Nothing that screams I’m a Christmas blouse, Easy care fabric at a moderate price point. Hope that this is helpful and looking forward to the post! Have a beautiful day!!

  17. I’d love to see a V neck velvet or velour top with short sleeves. One that is worn out (not tucked in) and in a beautiful color (not black).

  18. I absolutely love this outfit Cyndi! The following would be my perfect holiday blouse unicorn:
    high neck or round neck
    longer in the back
    NO lace but bring on the velvet and other feminine details
    not necessarily puff sleeve, but a bit of a unique sleeve detail
    jewel tones
    Price point under $50

    Have a great day!

  19. Holiday blouse – V-Neck for adult parties. High neck for family parties. However, I really do love a good turtle or mock turtle neck.

  20. I just can’t do rust. The pants look a little more orangeish in the pic? You look great in everything, though. Winter party ideas-I like velvet or lace, I do like high neck or low neck-depending on what I’m styling with. It’s the shoes I always have trouble with, since I can’t wear heels very well anymore…

  21. Love the cute outfit you are styling today!

    My thoughts on a holiday top. I love the high neck look. I think lace would be good……would also look pretty with jeans. I’m not a fan of sleeveless in the winter. A top with sheer sleeves or sheer around the neckline sounds pretty also. I’m a fan of black, ivory or red colors for the holidays.

    Have a great day!

  22. That is such an awesome outfit on you! Oh I wish we had JC Penny in Canada! 🙁
    A good holiday blouse would have long sleeves, be light and have a great pattern on it, so I wouldn’t have to worry about what jewelry to wear. That way it would go with a pair of black pants or a skirt. I love emerald green, red or white. I prefer a mock neck, but a boat neck works too.

  23. Great outfit today! My thoughts about holiday blouse that would be my favorite because I change it up and not all look Christmas . V necks are my favorite if I can find them since petite and it is lengthening. I prefer 3/4 sleeve length so if adding jewelry it shows up or push long sleeves up. I do like feminine details but not necessarily puff sleeves. Something more along the lines of some lengthening ruffles that aren’t huge going down the front or at the shoulder seam, Price point would be all over the place as if I love it, will pay more. I love winter whites….reminds me of snow and green & red for my favorite. Sapphire blue is pretty too. Hope this helps!

  24. Hi Cyndi! My holiday outfit would be a scoop or round neck, I look awful in V necks. Maybe with black or velvet type pants. And of course cute elegant accessories! Thanks T.C. 🎄

  25. Oh my goodness it feels like 102 degrees in Texas! I would like to see some velvet for Christmas. Yes, and cold weather.

  26. Hello, thank you for asking for feedback! I love holiday blouses and sweaters (cold in Colorado). I love v-neck, 3/4 or long sleeves, and (a little) sparkle. I usually wear with denim and boots. Yes, longer in back is good, with black leggings, and ontrend details like a ruffle or animal print is fun. Best price point for me is under $100.

  27. Love todays outfit! My choice for a Christmas top would have a high neck made of velet. And longer in the back is perfect. I feel the price point should be between$30 and $50. it is a holiday top and I hate spending a lot of money on something I won’t wear too often. Good luck!

  28. For a holiday blouse, I like long sleeves and made with fabric that is not too thick and sweaty. I like red, winter white, lime green, or even gold or silver solid color. I like solids because it looks better in photos in front of busy Christmas trees, lights, etc. I like a more fitted top and not too blousy. Also, I don’t mind if it has a v-neck or high neck, straight sleeves or a little puffy, just not too busy. I don’t mind to pay $50-$100 if it’s really pretty and feminine and will look good to wear after the holidays. Good luck with your project!

  29. Holiday Blouse Wishlist…
    Round or V-Neck
    3/4 or long sleeved (definitely not sleeveless)
    Fabulous holiday color
    Lace and/or velvet are ok…or some other lux fabric
    Mid price point hopefully
    Like the longer in back look, but doesn’t have to be

    1. Cute outfit, as always!
      As for a Christmas, I like a long sleeve top. Can’t stand being chilly! I like most necklines, except crew. My new favourite is boat neck. It balances my narrow shoulders with my hips, plus shows off your necklace and your collarbone (considered sexy without being overt). I do like lace but not velvet tops. I like something with a little extra, so it’s a bit festive without being over the top – no sequins, no frills, no Christmas stuff on it, no puffy sleeves. I love a narrow leg pant – not skinny but cigarette style. And, a great pair of heels. Cyndi, you’re going to sorry you asked as the comments are all over the place. Lol

  30. V necked. I don’t really care about the sleeve length, but I don’t like the pouf sleeves etc. More tailored for me.
    Mid price point, fitted and solid color unless it’s a really different print.

  31. For the holiday blouse – high or boatneck or a not-too-low v neck, lightweight, no lace, long or 3/4 length sleeves, longer in back and a petite option would be great.

  32. Any neckline is ok except boat neck. Cannot wear those because (1) bra straps and (2) I tug at them all the time. No sleeveless. Long or 3/4 sleeves but nothing that will be a nuisance while eating. Love velvet or velour for holiday wear. Jewel tones are nice to wear with jeans, black pants or skirts, or leggings. I’m not going to spend a lot on something seasonal like this unless it’s a black dress or some such that I could wear year after year. Machine washable.

  33. Very cute outfit and good price point!
    For a holiday blouse, something that comes in petite is great for starters. I am not super picky otherwise but would love something that makes it unique, such as color or sleeve type or fabric. Price point middle of the road. Thanks for all you do!

  34. I absolutely love your outfit today even though I cannot wear turtle necks, another black top would be just as good for me. As for holiday blouse – v neck or round, jewel color, no print, maybe a little bling, 3/4 sleeve or long, some lace tastefully placed, and not over $75. Not enough wear to justify a larger amount in my pocketbook’s opinion.

  35. I’m reading all the comments and laughing, I don’t think there are two alike. I think you have an impossible task, women come in all different shapes and sizes and have such different tastes. But, I’ll put in my two cents worth. As a very tall lady don’t like 3/4 sleeves (makes me feel like the sleeves are suppose to be long sleeves that are too short), I like all neck types except boat neck, no puffy (that seems too young), no lace, no velvet (unless it’s a thin trim detail). Good luck, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  36. Love your outfit todayI Great sale price on that jacket I am pondering. I have read these comments and there is quite a bit of variety. That being said, I always prefer a classic look, V-neck, some sleeve (not poofy, not long), no busy prints as I prefer to accessorize – which can be used in different outfits. I think satin would be lovely. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  37. Hi Cyndi ~ If I were looking for a holiday top, I would like these features: Open neck because I like to wear shorter necklaces. Could be round or crew, high or low, not V-neck. Long sleeve or sleeve to the elbow is pretty. No puff in shoulder or upper arm, but ok for lower arm around wrist area. If it is going to have lace or velvet I like to have only some of the top with that, not the whole top. So maybe a peephole of lace in chest area or a thin velvet trim would be nice. Not sure if you asked about color, but I always go for black! And a little bit of glitter is always fun. Best price range for me $50-75. Thanks you for asking. Hope it helps. Terri

  38. I LOVE a good price point, however, JCPenney is not one of my favorites. But if some people like it, that’s great!! This look is very fall and does look super pulled together.

  39. For the holidays, I prefer a round neck (or high neck) with velvet, long or short sleeves, and a longer back hem. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  40. I love your style! You put together the cutest outfits! One thing I really love is that you know what works for you and how it works. I struggle with that sometimes. One thing I’m really struggling with right now is straight leg jeans. I know, how does someone struggle with straight leg jeans?! But it is for me. What shoes to wear? If I roll the leg, how should I roll? Should my top be more fitted or loose? I’m 5’3, with a longer torso and average to shorter legs and about 20 lbs more than I like to be for my height. So a lot of times I just look frumpy instead of put together and confident. Maybe straight leg isn’t the right cut for me idk, I’ve recently heard about the cigarette leg jeans (I think that’s the correct terminology) maybe that would be better with my shorter legs? Could you share how you overcome this? Thank you!!

  41. I love velvet tops for christmas and I love full length long sleeves. Not a fan of 3/4 length personally. Red, Burgandy, silver, Cream, white, hunter green velvet tops are my fav. I like any neckline where you can wear a statement necklace.

    1. Friend! You have your work cut out for you with your question today! Lots of different options to keep in mind. I will say I prefer 3/4 sleeves. I learned at a Cabi party that 3/4 sleeves give you the appearance of looking 10 lbs less so I’m all about that! 😊 I love black,gold and crimson colors for the holidays and some velvet, I’m built like you at the top so a mock neck or V neck is always good. I know the mock neck doesn’t work for a lot of gals though. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! And last but not least, love your outfit today!

    2. Hello! You look great in everything ,just love your style. For Christmas party I like something V-neck , short sleeve or very thin with a feminine look. Can’t wait to see what you have stirring up.

  42. For the Christmas blouse-round neck, jewel colors, long sleeves but nothing that will get in the way while helping to cook and clean up. Something long in the back. Thanks! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  43. Hi Cyndi!! LOVE!! Your blog!! Hmmmmm, sounds exciting! Really love Velvet for the holidays, very festive… Enjoy no sleeves, high neck or v neck too! Blessings to you!

  44. I prefer high neck or v neck, the 3/4 sleeves to show off bracelets, and a more classic style. Price point around $50 give or take. Wow–good luck, there are a lot of different opinions here! By the way, that’s a great BFTH today.

  45. high neck
    longer in back to cover rear end
    long sleeves
    non shiney finish fabric ( nthing satiny\
    easy care
    any laces should have a soft feel to the fabric

    nothing picky about my, huh ??

    1. I like simple and easy care items no matter the occasion, accessories can dress up almost any top! Since it is cold where we live, I definitely prefer long sleeves and a feminine touch with a little pout on the shoulders is a bonus! Good luck on this one!!😘

  46. high neck or v-neck
    NOT longer in the back, no curved hem, they add visual weight to most of us! I know I’m in the minority on this, but it also looks sloppy. Tailored looks better!
    long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves
    do you like feminine details like puff sleeves? – YES
    Also, the price point – for a blouse, no more than $50-60

  47. JC Penney is really stocking some super attractive things these days. I think they’ve now found their footing after some struggles a few years ago, and am glad to see them offering stylish things at excellent prices.
    As for holiday tops, my first thought is simple–no puff sleeves. They look cute on you, Cyndi, but they are hard for most of us to wear. The next thought is harder–I want a holiday top that I can wear with jeans, that looks stylish and festive, without it also being just too dressy when many of the family are dressed way down. There are tops like that out there that mix dressy and casual with jeans and look cool, but I don’t know how to clearly define them. But you know them when you see them! I guess that’s why they invented Christmas sweaters, but I’m thinking something perhaps velvet, lace, metallic, but that works with jeans and boots–no satin heeled pumps required to balance the look because those type accessories put it too far over the top. Looking forward to what you come up with–you do a great job!!

  48. As far as a holiday top, I find I don’t wear it much outside of the month of Dec so I don’t want to spend a lot (under $50) but of course want to look special (difficult, I know). I like V-neck or crew, classic look/ lines (not a lot of lace & pouf) in deep rich colors (plums & burgundy work well). Then make the jewelry amp it up a bit.

  49. I love the a.n.a. Jeans I have.

    I like red or a hint of metallic. Probably long sleeve.
    Looking forward to seeing what you find!


  50. I love the whole look, but I am not sure I have the courage to wear the pants. I am a first grade teacher, so I do not get dressed up for my job, but I want to look professional!
    I have to say, you have given me the courage to break out of my old clothes shell and into something new and exciting. I am over the age of 60 and have started wearing outfits inspired by you and have received so many compliments!
    Maybe I will buy those pants🤗 Thank you!!!💕

  51. Hi I need long sleeves in a holiday top and I love velvet. I love a turtleneck but holiday a vneck looks best but jewel or round are okay. Price point I rarely look at tops over a $ 100 u less they could stop traffic but still might not buy it.

  52. For a holiday top I prefer holiday bright colors, long or 3/4 sleeve, sweater material. Something comfortable probably longer in back.

    1. Great outfit!!
      For the holidays, I like to have one new special “go to” top/ outfit that has a bit of colour, V neck is nice. Something that can dress up or down but is still special. All for under $100 😉
      Thank you Cyndi for your work!

  53. I love these snakeskin pants! I am really digging the snakeskin trend right now and the color of these pants is so different from the typical grays and blacks. Perfect for fall. And so great with the black moto jacket, too. Great outfit!


  54. Oh…this is fun! V-neck for sure, a luxurious fabric but not too hot, romantic sleeve detail, rhinestone buttons. Love red or ivory!