AG Denim + Tee + Wedge

Hey ladies! Today we’re going to talk about denim. These days denim is the go to outfit for me whether I’m wearing them casual or dressing them up with heels.

There are a lot of styles and a lot of price points for denim. Today I’m introducing you to AG denim from Nordstrom, a designer brand, which means they have a higher price point.

This is my second pair of AG jeans and they are one of my favorite brands of designer jeans. I have these AG jeans but for record I did not pay full price for them.

First let’s talk about how to pick out the best pair of denim for you.

  • A higher rise works best for curvier women. I prefer a higher rise so that the jeans don’t slide down in the back when I sit down. If you are concerned about extra weight in the middle, try a higher rise.
  • Large pockets flatter the back side. If you’re concerned with your backside, larger pockets can conceal what you don’t want to show. Also, if you want to conceal the backside DON’T wear jeans with flap pockets or pockets with bling. That accentuates your backside.
  • Denim with stretch seems to work for a majority of body types. I love a little stretch in my jeans.
  • A flared jean helps elongate the leg. The right flare can help give length and elongate the legs which is especially good for petite ladies.
  • A cigarette leg balances out curves. If you want to hide some of your curves, try a straight leg, which helps to balance out your curves.

I love a skinny jean but I am planning on styling a bootcut or cigarette jean for you soon. I know some of you are not a fan of skinny jeans.

AG Denim + Tee + Wedge

These are AG Farrah’ High Rise Skinny Jeans. They have some stretch in them which makes them comfortable. Denim is one area where I will spend more because I wear them so often.

AG Denim + Tee + WedgeAG Denim + Tee + WedgeAG Denim + Tee + WedgeI’m wearing a short Odyssey Tee by Free People shirt so you can see my jeans.

AG Denim + Tee + WedgeAG Denim + Tee + WedgeThese wedges are by Michael Kors and I now have two pair of navy shoes. For some reason I am liking navy this spring.

AG Denim + Tee + WedgeI don’t think we ever take a picture when there is not wind!

AG Denim + Tee + WedgeHave you tried AG jeans? Nordstrom has a great selection of AG jeans and as always they have free shipping both ways.

AG Denim + Tee + Wedge\SHOP THE POST: Odyssey Tee (I’m wearing a XS)//AG High rise jeans (I’m wearing a size 28)//Platform Wedge (These run true to size)//Earrings (similar here)//Necklace//Watch (similar here)//Bracelet

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Make sure you stop by and see what Jo-Lynne is styling today.

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Beauty for the Heart~~“To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.” -Karl Barth, Christian Theologian

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Thank you….the information, especially regarding “hi rise” is good. For those of us involved in ministry, paying over $200 for jeans isn’t even remotely feasible. And the shoes (which are more trendy) at $135 would be a huge investment. I appreciated earlier on in your blog journey when things were more reasonable. Disappointed….

    1. Heidi I try vey hard to style clothes at all price points. Some people like designer brands. Yesterday I styled Target shoes at a reasonable price point.
      Everyone is not involved in ministry that follows my blog. I have a wide audience and I am trying hard to share fashion for everyone.
      I hope you will take that into consideration.

      1. I think you do an amazing job of mixing price points, Cyndi. I enjoy all posts but I find the ones that include higher price points quite helpful. I can look for those designer brands knowing that they are recommended by a trusted source!! 😊 Even those who don’t care to shop at that price point can gain info on what features to look for in their price range. Keep up the good work!

        1. I agree with Liz! Though I am not “in ministry”, I am on a tight budget, I find the info about higher end brands helpful. You would not believe the $100 dollar jean treasures I have found at secondhand stores. But, you have to know of the brands, before you can find them. (wink)

          Cyndi, I love today’s styled post! You look amazing as always!


    2. Just had to say that I bought some similar looking black MK shoes two years ago. They became my go to shoe and I’ve worn them over and over again two summers in a row. Although they were slightly pricey, I ended up getting my money’s worth (and then some!) out of them. I’m always on the look for lower priced, though.

    3. Dear Heidi,
      Please understand that just because a person is involved in ministry doesn’t automatically disqualify them from having some expensive things in their lives. We’re all at different income levels whether we’re in ministry or any other form of employment, which means some can afford more expensive things where others cannot. I appreciate that Cyndi offers options at all price points to her readers. Her objective is always to offer Godly encouragement with Grace and Beauty by helping women look, feel and be their very best for themselves, their families and for God. Blogging is Cyndi’s full-time job, it’s not just a hobby. Apart from her ministry position as a Pastor’s wife, Teacher and Speaker, Cyndi is able to use her Blogging job to share the love of Jesus to women from all walks of life and from many parts of the world.

  2. Just wanted to say how beautiful you look, especially in that last shot. It just radiates pure happiness! You shine from the inside out!! A D.C. Coral is a great color on you!

    Thank you for all your inspiration; I have become closer to Christ by following your blog and just love your Beauty for the Heart bible quotes. Your mom would be so very proud!

    1. Darn autocorrect plus new bifocals!! Meant to say “And coral is a great color on you”
      So embarrassing!!

  3. Such a cute outfit! Comments on jean fit are helpful! Thank you for the daily inspiration. I am going to bookmark that scripture right now. 🙂

  4. Hi! I think I’m going to try the AG jeans. Would you mind sharing what size you wear in AG, specifically the Farrah? I feel very weird asking what size!!! That’s not something I normally do. But I can usually wear the same size as you and I haven’t tried AG jeans before. Many thanks!

    1. No problem I forgot to add my size. I’m wearing a size 28. They feel a little snug when you’re putting them on but they fit perfect after they’re on for a few minutes. If that makes sense!

  5. I love this post and all of the wonderful information you’ve shared about jeans! I’m off to check out these jeans now. Thanks so much!!

  6. I love this outfit! Its a great guideline for what to look for when i go to the store. Although Im a little fluffy in the midsection so I love jeans w no button or zipper. NyJD has some great pull on jeans which i love! When i can find them at TJMAXX i love it even more. Thanks for all you !

  7. Thank you for all the great “jeans advice”. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well, or that I like the look of, so I will typically pay a bit more for a good pair. While these are probably out of my price comfort, I agree knowing good brands to look for is a great idea. Some of my most favorite jeans I’ve purchased at TJM or Marshall’s because they’re designer ones for a lot less $$$.
    And those shoes! Love, love, love, those shoes!

  8. I think this outfit is a cute concept but I don’t think the length of the shirt works well. To me it looks too short, like the wrong size. I guess I just prefer longer tops.

    1. I agree, the shirt does look like it’s the wrong size because of the short length. As we get older longer look best. I say it will look better on her daughter. Love the rest of the outfit.

    2. I was thinking the same thing, Mary, but I wonder if it has a lot to do with the volume at the bottom as well as where it hits. I’ve been thinking the same thing about bell sleeves. On the one hand, I love them, but I do think they add a lot of visual width right at the waist/hips, where almost NONE of us need it! Cyndi looks great in everything, but I have even had this thought with some of her recent posts.

    3. Mary I agree! Ha! I actually wore this top so you could see the jeans. I personally prefer a longer top which is what I style most of the time. Great mins think alike!!

      1. Cyndi, I think the coral top is super cute but agree about the length. I’m wondering if you could wear a long lace cami underneath to elongate the overall look plus a lacy hemline might add a fun element to the outfit? I appreciate this post on quality denim. I too am willing to pay more for my jeans because I wear them so often but I also like some lower price point jeans. I’m loving Old Navy’s Rockstar jeans and have found s far, they’re holding up well.

  9. I’m actually wearing my flare jeans today! I have a hard time paying a ton for clothing, so it’s nice to have options! My recent jeans are from the Gap—and they usually have some great deals from time to time. I have spent $100 on jeans, but I’m not sure I could tell the difference side by side?? Sometimes it’s the fit & style that seem to make all the difference.
    Even my mom (the 70’s model on my blog) has one pair of “skinny” jeans from Loft? They aren’t her favorites but I think they look good on any age!

  10. Cyndi, Thanks so much for all the effort you put into each day’s post. We have to remember that there are people from ALL price points that love your sharing of tips. I have found that NYDJ pants, while more pricey, are a perfect fit for my shape and I make it a challenge to find them on sale before I purchase them. The quality outlast probably 2 or 3 pairs of bargain pants. So you are spot on with advising ladies to do a little price checking.

  11. I like a higher rise Jean and have never liked the midrise.jean. Until lately they were almost impossible to find. Thank goodness they are back in “style”. Stocking up on the higher rise just in case. Lol.

    I appreciate that you try and style all price points. Keep doing that. I actually never shopped at Nordstrom until I started reading your blog and found that they do also have more reasonably priced items.

    Funny that you and Jo-Lynne both styled coral colored tops today. Ha ha.

    Have a blessed day.

  12. Thanks for this great info, Cyndi! It’s nice to have premium brand info on some favorites. It gives me and others something to look for, because I know they can be found on sale. It’s a choice to buy premium denim or not and to take the time to find sales or not. Some people like to treat themselves on occasion. I feel you have been very good at also offering information on a wide range of items at many different price points. For example, you have also recently shared info on the Old Navy rock star jeans, which are a much cheaper price point, and you’ve worn those in several posts. I appreciate all your information!! Have a wonderful day!

  13. Cyndi, I noticed the high rise is getting more popular in the stores. I was a little disappointed, because I remember the days it was all you could get and if you found them to fit below, then the waist was tight. I love a mid rise where its right below the belly button and doesn’t show anything when you sit down. I usually then can wear my same size in all pants/jeans. Do you find the size difference for you in a high rise? I can see the high rise works for the shorter tops. I sure hope the longer tops aren’t going out already. I have purchased many of the tops you’ve styled the last year and love them and hope they stay in style. 🙂 I’m so ready for Spring, I moved my Winter sweaters etc. out of my closet, so not tempted to wear them, as its still cold around Oregon here. I did however enjoy wearing my light grey cut-out booties from Glamor Farms yesterday and wore them all day shopping and walking and they were great. They were soooo popular, I was stopped ALL day saying thank you, as people stopped me to tell me they LOVED my booties. Even all the Nordstrom workers. 🙂 One lady wanted to know all about where I got them and she was headed right away to go look up Glamor Farms. 🙂 It got to be really funny as I couldn’t walk very far and had to keep stopping or I could feel eyes on me all day from the ones who were looking at my booties and double taking, but didn’t ask me about them. You styled the beige color awhile back, so good pick. 🙂

  14. I have noticed you styling a range of different price points and appreciate that so much! Many times I’ve been able to find the same styles for a lower price, but I will admit that I have paid the higher price on quality pieces because of the better fit and I know that it will last much longer. This is a cute outfit and I especially love your shoes today! Thanks for all you do!

  15. I have these jeans and absolutely love them. Worth the money, although I didn’t pay full price for them. As much as I want to love lower priced jeans, I find myself reaching for my premium denim most of the time. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Dog-on-it…I bought that tee, stored it on my blog, and then decided it wasn’t flattering on me. I think I should have done it with jeans instead of the camo I chose. Now I wish I hadn’t returned it 😢. It looks really cute on you😊. I love the necklace too!

  17. Great post today and I have been in search for the perfect pair of petite jeans but I’ve never paid over $100 for jeans but I got to thinking…is buying several pairs of less expensive jeans that don’t fit the best, worth it in the end?? And I’ve always wondered if there was a big difference in the quality and fit in buying the designed jeans? I’m going to have to try them too see and will definitely look for the brands you share with us on sale and at TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack. 😉
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Cyndi I love AG jeans too! They are pricey but got mine on sale too. For gals who have a hard time finding jeans that fit like me, the wit and wisdom jeans are great and at a good price point. Also the Articles of Society jeans at Nordstrom are great! I was excited to get my muted AS patterned camo crops in the mail yesterday!

  19. Love everything about this outfit, love the navy blue wedges, I too like skinny jeans. Once I tried them, I was sold haha I think most ladies think they are for the young gals. I’m 50 plus !!! I I am a fan of levis, I buy mine at the outlet stores, they have so many style, colors. They run in the $50’s I like your jeans, will check them out. Thanks !

  20. I appreciate learning about premium denim because even though I don’t buy premium denim at department stores, there is so much denim in thrift stores at all quality levels, and knowing which brands are higher quality gives me a guide as to what to look for when thrift shopping. Even though I don’t want to pay premium denim prices, I still want to have premium denim when I can find it in my price range. I keep a list of premium denim brands on my phone for quick reference when shopping.

  21. Thank you for all you put into this. I recently found your blog through Pinterest while desperately looking for a new hair style. My thick, one length mess needed to go. I fell in love with your cut and style and ran to my stylist. Still playing with my new style but definitely love it. The teasing part is an art that I have yet to master.

    I love a good pair of jeans. Have never had the pleasure of owning AG. I have several Kut from the Kloth and love them. l decided recently to order Lee modern series dream jeans–skinny jeans and jeggings. They came in the mail today, and for the price at $30 a pair, they are awesome. So a great budget option.

    I look forward to your posts everyday-thanks!!

  22. You styled some really cute boot cut jeans a few months back from the Gap. They were called “Baby Boot Cut”. They looked great, so I ordered some. I don’t care for how they look with flats, but they are very cute with a wedge or heel!! Thanks for today’s jean guideline!

  23. The jeans look great on you! Super fit. I’m still searching for the best brand/fit for my shape. I’m a little “tushy” and all the premium jeans seem to have their side seams moved forward… which I think makes me look tushier.

    I’m going to try a trunk club stylist…you and Jo-Lynne make the process seem very interactive.

    Thanks for featuring the jeans!

  24. Hi Cyndi, Love your jeans. Yes, Yes, and Yes,…. lol
    I love a little stretch to my jeans, yes, I wear mine a little higher, have always worn them right at my waist, not below. and Yes, I love skinny jeans… but do not like flare jeans, boot cut are great!
    Love your wedges too and that coral blouse is soo cute!! I am wearing lots of coral and peach this summer! and oink too and always white!! God Bless…..