Amazon Athletic Wear:Capri Leggings

Hi ladies! All week I’ve been sharing my favorite athletic wear. These pieces are what I wear when I’m working out at home or a gym.

If you don’t want to wear leggings to work out, another option would be a jogger pant. They’re stylish and a little more forgiving.

Amazon has a large selection of joggers, and this pair is one of their best sellers. They have sizes from X-Small to XXX-Large.

Today I’m styling capri leggings from Amazon These are so soft and come in lots of different colors and sizes, One Size (US 2-12), Medium Plus (US 14-24), and Extra Plus Size (US 24-32).

These are comfortable enough to wear all day with a longer tunic.

I’m styling the capri leggings withe three different style tops. First, a pink tank top from Amazon that comes in lots of colors. This is a more fitted top.

Amazon Athletic Wear:Capri Leggings

Tank Top (I’m wearing a small)//High Waisted Capri Legging (one size)//Sneakers//Socks

This top is from Macys’ and is definitely a looser fitting top.

Amazon Athletic Wear:Capri Leggings

Amazon Athletic Wear:Capri Leggings

Mesh Tank Top (I’m wearing a small)//High Waisted Capri Legging (one size)//Sneakers//Socks

Lastly, who doesn’t love an all-black outfit? This knot front t-shirt from Macy’s has sleeves and comes down in the back to cover your rear area.

Amazon Athletic Wear:Capri Leggings

Amazon Athletic Wear:Capri Leggings

Knot Front T-shirt (I’m wearing a small)//High Waisted Capri Legging (one size)//Sneakers//Socks

There you go 3 different outfits with one pair of capri leggings.

Health Tip: 

(*I’m not a doctor or a health expert, I’m just sharing what has worked for me. Always check with your doctor before doing anything different in your overall health routine.)

One of the best things I’ve done in the last several years is Intermittent Fasting. I do it along with the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program, but whether you do FWTFL or not, you can add IF into your daily routine.

Fasting can change your body at a cellular level. The time given to your cells to repair during fasted periods allows cells to remove waste and function optimally. Intermittent fasting allows time for the body to utilize fat as its main source of energy, which means you not only lose weight, but you’ll see an improvement in your overall body composition.

While the fat loss benefits are enough to convince most people to try intermittent fasting, one of the other “side effects” of regular fasting is that it boosts your immune system. Intermittent fasting allows our body to remove waste from our cells. This means that it can break down the waste that can build up over time, which can lead to a decrease in susceptibility to both cancer and Alzheimer’s.

There are several other benefits to Intermittent Fasting: better sleep and more energy, greater mental clarity, and the development of more neurons in the brain, along with better digestion and less inflammation.

If you want to lose a few pounds, I would highly recommend Intermittent Fasting. I typically eat between noon and 8 pm. So I’m fasting for around 16 hours.

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Beauty For the Heart~~When you wake up feeling fragile, vulnerable, or weak, cry out to God. Then ransack the Bible for his appointed promise. We are fragile. Be He is not. -John Piper

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Good Morning Cyndi. During your 16 hours of fasting do you drink any liquids? If so, water, coffee etc? Thank you and God bless.

    1. Same question! I am very intrigued with this approach, but by 12 o’clock I would be a total bear without my coffee!

    2. Oh Yes! I drink black coffee, flavored tees (unsweetened), and water. If you like sparkling water you can drink that too, I just don’t like it.

  2. Since I work out everyday but Sunday, I love all the exercise clothes you have shown this week and I appreciate the low price point. I think my workout is better if I have on cute things haha!
    I have to agree with your comments on IF. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and feel great. No weight loss to speak of – maybe 2 pounds that were gained over the holidays. But my main impetus is trying to get rid of the belly fat and this might help. One issue, I miss breakfast food. I go right into lunch food when I break the fast so have lots of eggs etc. hanging around and going to waste. Thank you again for doing what you do.

    1. Eat your breakfast food for lunch or dinner – that’s what I do. I boil my eggs to have on salads, I have scrambled eggs sometimes for dinner. Just because it’s typical “breakfast” food doesn’t mean you can’t eat it any time :). I’ve been in Faster Way to Fast Loss over 18 months – thanks to Cyndi – and I too do IF – only eat between 12-8p and it has helped in so many ways. Thanks to FWTFL-IF, carb cycling, and working out properly, I’m down 25 lbs, 19 inches overall-mostly midsection weight, and I’m in better shape at 56 than I was in my late 20’s.
      Wishing you much success with IF!!

      1. Hubs and I went Keto back in March 2019. We are just low carb and intermittent fasting now. He’s lost 35 lbs and I lost 26 lbs. and he is off meds for blood sugar. Just maintaining now, but feel SO much better! i will never go back to our previous way of eating.

  3. I’m loving all these workout wear posts – and I want those tennis shoes! I’m still wondering – I asked yesterday 🙂 – do they fit TTS?

    Thank you for sharing FWTFL more than 2 years ago. I watched your transformation and was so inspired I got onboard – and I’ve never looked back. It is such a great program – well, now it’s a way of life – it’s simple, quick workouts, and I get to eat real food and lots of it. Intermittent Fasting I believe is a key part of it.
    Thank you a million times over for introducing me to FWTFL!!

  4. I’ve been trying fasting. I break my fast at 11am and then have dinner about 6:30. I still need a little snack in between. Do you eat between lunch and dinner? What do you eat?

  5. I admire your style but a little frustrated when I go to the sites you reference and the item is already sold out or very limited sizes.

  6. Are you still wearing hair extensions or has your hair grown out that long? It’s so pretty! I liked it short as well.
    Thanks for all you do!

  7. Excited for the bike shorts post. I wear them primarily over the late spring/summer months during my spin classes. Mine are getting a tad faded so I’m in the market for new ones. IF is the ticket for me, but I certainly structure it to my schedule. I start my job at 7am so I have a smoothie after my Tabata/spin classes, 5am-6am, M-F; a 10am snack (banana, granola bar); then whatever I want for lunch. I drink water and tea all day long. When special occasion or impromptu meals come up I indulge wholeheartedly but get right back on track the next day. I’m 61 years old, 5’6″, 135 lbs. (151 in Oct) and aiming at 128. Big key for me is a variety of workouts to keep me motivated. I will start my 2nd, 6 week challenge on Jan 20.

  8. Love these workout posts this week because that’s what January is about. I’ve never seen so people at my gym before but it will die down like it always does. So I’m a bit confused about these “one size” leggings? I know you normally wear an xs or small and if they fit you then I might try them. I typically go with crop or Capri leggings since I’m short. Would love to hear more about the quality on these?

    1. That’s my question too! Is it something you do every day? Or just some days like the carb cycling that I hear people talk about?

  9. Would you let us know how these hold up after wearing and washing a few times? I read their one star reviews and am curious if they are true!