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Amazon Pool Day Essentials

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that we have a pool in our backyard. After spending a few summers in our home, I have learned there are a few things I like to keep on hand during swimming season. Since we just opened our pool for the year, I thought I would share my list of Amazon pool day essentials for a relaxing and enjoyable poolside experience.

Amazon Pool Day Essentials


These are some of my current favorite swimsuits. They are flattering, so you can swim or lay by the pool with confidence. You can also check out this list of some of my other favorite swimsuits for women over 40.

Pool Accessories (Hats, Coverups, and Sunglasses)

I always wear sunglasses and a hat in and around the pool to protect my eyes, hair, and face from the sun. You may not need a coverup if you are swimming in your own backyard, but they are great for the commute to the pool if you swim in a community or club pool or at a friend or family member’s house. 

Beach Bags

Don’t forget a tote bag to carry all of your pool day essentials! I love a big roomy bag that can hold my oversized towel, sunscreen, snacks, etc. Bonus points if it’s mesh like this one, so that it dries quickly!

Protect Your Skin

Protecting your family’s skin from the harsh summer sun and harmful UV rays is important, especially if you are involved in water activities. I like having a lot of sunscreen on hand so that anyone that comes to enjoy our pool can be protected, as well. If you don’t see a sunscreen you like below, check out my comprehensive list of sunscreens I recommend here.

Pool Day Entertainment

I love reading when I am having a solo pool day! If you don’t love having a paperback book, a Kindle is so easy and convenient. I also love listening to my favorite worship music or podcast using a bluetooth speaker. This speaker is also wonderful for playing music if you’re hosting an outdoor gathering or pool party. I can’t forget to mention these waterproof playing cards. We have a set, and they would be a great pool party activity.

Miscellaneous Essentials

From plush oversized towels and clips that keep them in place on your chair, to the best pool flats, here are some extra items you need for your pool day fun.

For the Kids/Grandkids

Of course, my absolute favorite days by the pool are when my three grandchildren come to swim! I thought this three pack of mesh bags would be perfect for their swim clothes, goggles, pool toys, etc. They also love snacking, so how cute are these spinning snack containers!

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