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Amazon Style | May 2023

Hello, and happy hump day! I’m back with some Amazon Style, and there are quite a few really good finds, from dresses to casual looks. I search and search Amazon to bring affordable pieces that I think you’ll love.

Amazon Style | May 2023

This pretty dress comes in lots of colors. I love the length and the slight puff sleeves. It runs TTS.

A simple floral dress is perfect for summer. It has a v-neckline, and it’s fully lined. If you’re in between sizes, size down.

Short Sleeve V Neck Dress (small) • SandalsEarrings

I styled it a little more casually with flip-flops and a denim jacket.

One-shoulder dresses are having their moment this year, and this one comes in lots of patterns and colors. I’m wearing the blue stripe, and it runs TTS.

One Shoulder Dress (small) • Sandals • Earrings

This pretty floral dress has long sleeves, a tie waist, and it’s lined. It hangs longer in the back and runs TTS.

Tie Waist Floral Dress (small) • Sandals (cafe stella color)• Earrings

Such a pretty blouse, and its work appropriate. The top is lined and runs TTS.

Floral Textured Blouse (small) • Cropped Wide Leg Jeans (28) • Sandals (cafe stella color) • Earrings

Super casual with these overalls. They have an adjustable strap square neck, and a tulip hem. They run TTS; I’m wearing the green color.

Cotton Linen Overalls (small) • T-Shirt (option here) • SandalsEarrings

I wore this top yesterday since our weather has been cool. It will also be cute with white jeans or shorts. It runs TTS.

Lastly, I have this two-piece set in two colors, and I love them both. It runs TTS.

Two Piece Set (small) • HatSandalsEarrings

Two Piece Set (small, khaki color) • SandalsEarrings

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Beauty For the Heart™Do you not know? Have you not heard? Yahweh is the everlasting God, the Creator of the whole earth. He never grows faint or weary; there is no limit to His understanding. Isaiah 40:28 HCSB

Truth: This is such a comforting verse. God doesn’t grow weary; he doesn’t tire, and he doesn’t need to take a nap or sleep. As you sleep at night he’s still watching over you. You are never far from his mind. He understands and knows your hurts and your brokenness, and He cares for you.

Let your beauty shine from the inside out today!

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  1. A giant THANK YOU for pulling your hair back in these photos so that we can see necklines and how the shoulders fit!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing some reasonable spring outfits. I work part-time only so it’s nice to have various choices from Amazon. Being able to see the neckline really helps.

  3. What do you do to stay so healthy and skinny. I’m 60 and I’m having the hardest time trying to lose weight.

  4. I love these outfits. The first dress has a link to your earrings that is wrong. Your earrings appear to be square or rectangle. Could you send me the correct link? Thanks.

  5. I really enjoy your posts!
    As a Michigan native, I can affirm your decision to hold off on a visit to the UP. We visit annually, usually in our RV, in early July. Crossing the bridge is a cool experience, try to get to Mackinac Island (very touristy but fun), don’t miss Tahquamenon Falls and the adjacent brewery, and the bridge, city, and the island are pronounced the same (Mackinaw). We thank the English and French for occupying neighboring areas for that confusing gem! Praying for a lovely trip!

    1. Traci…… I just got an email yesterday about Mackinac island. I fell in love with it and just typed Cyndi about it. Would love to see someday. I watched the video of a young couple who did a YouTube of their day. So neat. I don’t even know how I got the email.

  6. Love shopping on Amazon. Great style selections, good quality and price. I also appreciate when you show necklines with your hair pulled back.

  7. Thank you for arranging your hair so that we are able to see the neckline and shoulders of the item you are displaying. I love that you show it with and without your hair on the item.

    1. Really like the striped top. Thank you for putting your hair back so that we can see the neckline and sleeves. It really makes a difference.

  8. I love hearing about your rv. We just got one! Would like to hear a little more about your travels. How do you find nice places to camp?

  9. Thank you Cyndi for the BFTH truth this AM. Struggling hard with my chronic migraines and mentally understanding why? Why so many years of pain? His Word I have to cling to.
    Love all the finds. Tempted to order the long sleeve dress. I never have one for cooler Springs and air conditioned church. Yesterday I got an email about Mackinac Island in Michigan. It looks amazing. Have you been? No cars allowed, lots of history and you can bike the whole island. Many places to rent them. The restaurants and storefronts and places to stay look so quaint. I live in OREGON so long way from us. But maybe someday. Have a great day.

  10. Thanks for showing the tops more. The two picture option helps. Couldn’t see the last tan top though. You only showed it one way. Can’t see the details.

  11. PS Do the cotton/linen overalls wrinkle really bad after wearing? Also, what happened to the beautiful rug in your office room where you style clothes?

  12. Love all of the outfits. Thank you for sharing the full neckline view. It gives a better idea of how it lays on the body. I’m sure we all were happy to see you styling this way!

  13. Great finds! I rarely buy clothes on amazon because it’s hard to know the quality of things plus there is way too much to sort through. Thank you for putting your hair back on some of these pictures. It really helps to see the clothes better. I think I might be doing some amazon shopping!

  14. The link on the first dress for the earrings doesn’t match the earrings that you are wearing.
    Can you send the correct link? Please?

  15. Thank you for showing outfits with your hair back. You have beautiful hair! Us short haired gals enjoy seeing what clothes would look like on us 🙂

  16. A BIG THANK YOU for brushing your hair back and showing how it looks with and without the hair draped on your shoulders You have beautiful hair but it is nice to see what the item truly looks like and how it lays around the neckline.

  17. Michigan is a beautiful place. It’s where I lived my entire life. Must see Mackinac Island, a tourist town for sure but steeped in history. If you have time I suggest a overnight stay at the Grand Hotel. It’s a wedding destination and a beautiful historic hotel. Movies have been filmed there and the food is wonderful. “Someplace in Time” …I’m sure your RV will be fine at the ferry parking. Bikes are the only way to see the island in my opinion
    The falls on the way(or way back) are also a must-see.
    Love your hair back as we seldom see you with that style!