AMAZON Travel Essentials

Happy Thursday! This week is flying by, and today is tax day for us, meaning we meet with our accountant this afternoon. I’m trying to get all my stuff together.

I’m also getting ready for our vacation, so I thought I’d share all my Amazon Travel Essentials with you. Amazon makes traveling easy from an organized makeup bag to sturdy luggage.

AMAZON Travel Essentials

Luggage– I recently bought this luggage because I wanted something the airline could beat up ( because they do that), and I wouldn’t be worried about the way it looked. I really like this luggage!

Passport holder– I can find this holder easily in my purse, and it keeps me organized.

Makeup Travel Bag– This is great for traveling and holds a lot.

Digital Luggage Scale– No more standing on my home scales. This is a lifesaver, and I’m always right at the 50-pound mark!

TravelWise Packing Cubes– I love these packing cubes. They keep all your clothes organized.

Steamer for Clothes– Compact and perfect for travel.

Travel Bottles TSA Approved– These are good, and they’re leak proof.

Travel Jewelry Storage– I didn’t have one of these for a long time, and I don’t know why because they keep my jewelry organized, and my necklaces don’t get tangled.

MyCharge Portable Charger– This is a must for me when traveling, I use my phone a lot.

Disposable Mini Travel Toothbrushes– I like to have these in my purse.

Canvas Weekender Bag– This bag comes in different patterns, it holds my laptop, and it has a back side sleeve so you can slide it over your suitcase handle.

White Marble Print Luggage Tag– Rose gold lettering that says, “Be Right Back” and “Vacation Mode.

Do you have any must-have items for travel?

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  1. One thing I always take especially on a cruise is a clear hanging shoe bag. I hang it on the bathroom door and put makeup, sunscreen, everything that would be on a counter or bathroom drawer. Everything is easy to find and handy. I got an inexpensive one on Amazon.

  2. I am a frequent traveller and absolutely love the LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes Luggage Organizers – they’re like yours only they compress so you can pack more in. They are on Amazon as well.

  3. I always take an extension cord and extra plug in phone charger with me when I travel. If I’m traveling by car I also take a small 9″ mini fan with me because so many hotels don’t have it where you can open your room window. At least with the fan you can move the air around and the extension cord allows me to place the fan near the bed. I can’t sleep at night without a fan. If I’m flying I wear one of those necklace fans to stay cool on the plane otherwise I might end up needing the “little white bag”! Bon Voyage!

  4. Wow! These are great! I will be spending some money on Amazon today for sure. I love the makeup case. the jewelry bag, the weekender bag and the luggage tags. We’ll be traveling a lot this year so these will come in handy for what I need. Thanks Cyndi!

  5. Great travel items! Some things I’ve never thought of, thanks for sharing how to be better organized when we travel! Have a blessed day!

  6. I don’t know what cruise line you are using, but we are going on Royal Caribbean and they don’t allow steamers. I am so bummed because I got the one you have for Christmas and now can’t take it with me!! Thanks for all the info, though. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

    1. Carnival doesn’t allow steamers either, but if you have some extra days on land before you sail away that you need it for, you could leave it in your car, provided you are parking there and not taking a taxi or something. If you’re not parking a car, better to leave the steamer home because they will confiscate it at the port when they check your luggage, and you may or may not get it back when you return.

  7. Also LOVE my packing cubes – game changer. I don’t even go on an overnight trip without using them anymore. Also purchased an inexpensive wet bag in case of a wet bathing suit when its time to pack up.
    I also love my passport holder which is more than a passport holder. ITs larger and zippered and holds all my travel documents in one place. Boarding passes, hotel and car rental confirmations, any other paperwork for our trip. I use it religously while we are travelling so I always know where all important paperwork is. I recently even had a sheet full of addresses for our gps in it for a road trip.
    luggage scale is also a must when travelling by air….don’t leave home without it.
    Travelon or Pacsafe purses are a good idea if you are travelling somewhere with street crime. THe zippers lock, they straps are reinforced so they can’t be slashed. But they are also a very well organized purse. A nice little bit of security when you are out and about in a strange place.
    Enjoy your vacation.

  8. Yay, I’m on point with my travel essentials!! I typically stick a little plug in air freshener or essential oil diffuser in my suitcase.

    I might be weird but I also always pack poo-pouri spray in my bathroom bag, hotel rooms are small!! 😄

  9. Great ideas… I’ve never tried it yet but just saw on a show the other day putting a bounce sheet( or similar) in your suitcase for freshness !! I would think Lysol wipes would be on the list of things to bring ( especially this year)at least that’s what I see others recommending 😉.
    Happy packing looks like your all set.. Will you be posting outfits while your away? I always look forward to those.

  10. Have you actually used the travel shampoo and lotion bottles? Do they really not leak? I am always taping my bottles shut just in case.

    1. I have used packing cubes on several trips. The latest being a trip to India. The cubes don’t take up more space and they do seem to help with wrinkles. I roll up tshirts and pants. It’s a great way to organize and pull out just what you need.

  11. For travelling , an RFID protected wallet is an absolute must these days.
    When we go to resorts, I like to bring a steel travel mug so I can fill up with coffee before heading down to the beach, or for cold water or drinks during the day, especially day trips.

  12. I purchased the make up travel bag and it is wonderful! Finally a place for everything!!
    Hope your cruise is awesome and relaxing.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing the travel essentials. This is going to help a lot when I travel again to Mexico. You saved me a lot of stress and anxiety. Thank you !!

  14. Sorry to say as of today disinfectant wipes and travel mask…
    Warm wrap and neck pillow.
    Love when you feature your travel clothes!

  15. I like to take a small rollup travel back pack (hike pro) to use for day tour or beach or anything, it has water bottle nets on each side and is light weight. instead of purse etc. We are heading to Cozumel soon and its going!

    1. I never travel without packing cubes. They come in different sizes so you have to choose correctly depending on clothing item. Still have to fold or roll neatly but I find they get less wrinkled than open packing. Everything is kept neatly together. They are a game changer

  16. I have always wanted to go on a cruise. Is it best to book my cruise or go thru a travel agent, I am getting ready. Ordered several of your travel essentials. Thank you for posting

  17. Hi Cyndi,
    How practical and space saving are the packing cubes? My husband and I am going to Italy in November for 12 days and I will have to pack for cold weather. I am a Florida girl so I am more than okay with that! Since our summers are long and brutal I thought it was good to do it now and have a sense of what I have and needed. Plus I try not to overpack but really want to be able to wear a lot of my good clothes. Any thoughts and tips from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Leann, I love the packing cubes. I feel more organized and somehow they seem to allow me to pack more than when I just put my clothes in the suitcase.