Are You Ready For Christmas?

On Saturday, we went to a small town that had some Christmas open houses and Santa Claus rode in on a train. It was so much fun!

Are You Ready For ChristasI snapped these pictures of Colt Allen (my grandson). He was looking for Santa, but what I love about the picture is he had a leaf in each hand.

The one in his left hand was shaped like a cross. He told me that this reminded him of the cross that Jesus died on and he wanted to keep it (melted my heart).

Colt Allen didn’t know it, but he reminded me not to miss the most important part of Christmas…..Jesus.

This is a wonderful time of year but if we aren’t careful we can easily get caught up in the secular part of Christmas and miss the true reason we celebrate.

colt-allen-4We took a few more pictures.

He got tickled after taking so many pictures!

colt-allen-6As we begin this season of Christmas let’s look for ways to share the true meaning of Christmas!


This song by Kari Jobe is so good I don’t even know what else to say. It is just good and I want it to be the cry of my heart!

At the end of the song she talks about the meaning behind the song, then they share the chords (which doesn’t help me since I don’t play the guitar).

Have a blessed day!

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  1. What a beautiful post late in the day. Colt is such a cutie and is growing up! Jesus is The Reason for The Season!

  2. Such beautiful photos of Colt Allen, he is such a cutie. I wish everyone else remembered the true meaning of Christmas, sad,y with all the heavy commercialism it seems forgotten. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, family, food and going to church on Christmas Eve or day but all the present buying seems to get out of hand and I always feel for those less fortunate. I always say, I would enjoy it just as much if I didn’t have any presents. It’s a wonderful time for children truly magical and exciting waiting for Santa and the look on their faces when they see their gifts, that is the best.
    Love Nicky

  3. Colt is adorable. I’m trying to have a simpler Christmas. Focus more on the meaning and family and not the mall and stress.

  4. Colt Allen is such a sweet boy. Words of wisdom from such a young fellow. Touches one’s heart.
    I think Christmas has lost it’s meaning for so many. Let’s focus more on kindness, family & friends and togetherness, not the amount of presents under the tree.

  5. Such a blessed grandma you are…. He is a very handsome little fellow.
    Merry Christmas and Jesus is always the reason we celebrate all holidays.
    Valentines Day – love of Christ between a couple(Jesus brought us together)
    Easter – Jesus died, buried and rose for US…. that’s love
    Mother’s Day – Father’s Day… We love our parents as Christ loves us.
    July 4th… celebrate this USA that God created for us to live in while on earth.
    Halloween – sorry (we personally do not celebrate this holiday)
    Thanksgiving – we thank the Lord for all things He has provided
    Christmas – again we thank the Lord for being born so that we might trust in Him.
    God bless you !

  6. Just found out my daughter in law is expecting our first grandchild in June! I’m ecstatic! You are a blessed grandma!

  7. Such cute pictures. 🙂 I think we all need the reminder to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Life gets so busy, it’s easy to rush through our to-do list, which grows even bigger on the holidays.

    The song you shared is a new one for me. She’s one of my favorite artists.