Back To School Shopping With Macy’s

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It’s hard to believe, but it is time for Back to School shopping. I’ve always loved this time of year. I have so many memories of back to school shopping with both of my kids. Usually, I would take them one at a time and make a special day with shopping and lunch together.

Of course, that was partly because taking them together ended up with them arguing over who gets the front seat, who gets to go to their store first and so on, so it was better one at a time.

Today, I’m excited to share some back to school shopping with Macy’s. My grandson, Colt, is modeling the clothes for me. One of the great things about being a grandparent is getting to spoil them, and I love spoiling this sweet boy.

Colt is styling two outfits from Macy’s. The first one he’ll wear when the weather turns cold and the second outfit he’s wearing for his first day of 2nd grade.

The first outfit is a Tommy Hilfiger plaid shirt and jeans.

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

I love a plaid shirt, and this color looks great on Colt.

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

Colt has never met a stranger, and for the longest time every child, he would see no matter where we were, he would say, “That’s my friend!” He loves people!

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

The first crisp, fall day he can wear this outfit to school.

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

Long-sleeve plaid shirt//Straight Jeans//Sneakers//Backpack

Colt wanted to make sure you all saw his backpack and the monkey key fob that is attached. He doesn’t know that’s for keys; he just likes it!

The backpack has 2 side water bottle pockets, 1 front zip pocket and 1 front zip pocket featuring a cell phone pocket (he does not have a cell phone!). Check out all the kid’s backpacks at Macy’s here.

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

Colt is wearing this poplin shirt and chino shorts for his first day of school. You can’t go wrong with a plaid shirt and khaki shorts, both of these are POLO Ralph Lauren brand.

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

He also had to have some new sneakers!

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

He’ll miss his dog while he’s at school. He loves Dolly!

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

I think this young man is ready for school. And as Dr. Suess says, Your off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!  

Oh, and don’t forget your Cici loves you!!

Back To School Shopping With Macy's

COLT: Plaid Shirt//Chino Shorts//Sneakers//Backpack

ME: Cinched-Waist Dress (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings (similar here)//Wedge Sandal

Make sure you check out Macy’s for all your Back to School Shopping!

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  1. Such a handsome young man and always so stylishly dressed! I remember when he was a baby, can’t believe he is a 2nd grader already. Have a great year, Colt.

    1. Gm Woman of God, God bless your handsome grandson Colt!! Very photogenic young man 😍
      May All children be blessed w God’s wisdom to learn and keep them safe from harms way in school every day . Your granddaughter is precious

  2. He looks so cute. It’s great that he’ll do pictures for you. Those Kipling backpacks are so well made.

  3. Just absolutely precious children! My granddaughters start back to school this Wednesday as well. Praying for all children going back to school that they would be hemmed in with God’s protection, for good health, a good friend, and have enthusiasm for learning.

  4. Boy he looks so grown up in these pics. Good looking young boy. Sounds like he holds beauty on the inside as well.

  5. I love this!!! He did a great job-you would never know he didn’t really want to do it. And I love that he wanted a picture taken of the key fob-that tells you that is a big selling point for his age group! He is very handsome and has a great smile.

  6. Great pictures Cyndi! Colt is a very handsome little boy and Claire is adorable! They are blessed to live so close to you and Wayne.

  7. Oh what a cutie and he looks so grown up:) back to school here which is one day after Labour Day has changed over the years for us. Our daughter now a university graduate is working and married. And our son is still at home while attending a local university:) and I’m glad I still have him here for those years … I must say I still get a little nauseas when I see those school buses line up… oh my the years flew by. Can’t wait to see Claire’s model days I’m sure she’ll be a natural.
    Blessings ❤️

  8. Love these outfits. he is so big now 2nd grade WOW. i actually miss school shopping, my 16 yr old goes to online high school. so i may get her few sweatpants, yoga pants and t shirts. thats it no cute school supplies or fun backpack. they grow up so quick

  9. Colt has grown so much!! He is a handsome young man. I know you are proud of him. Pray he has a great school year.

  10. Colt looks oh so handsome! And I love both of those outfits for him. Makes me want a grandchild so much!! I hope he has a blessed and wonderful year at school. 🙂

  11. Colt did a great job and looks wonderful!! Wouldn’t it be great if kids could bring their dogs to school (at least the well trained ones)? 🙂

    1. Thank you Cindy for the post! Claire is beautiful. I know you will have a Great time styling her when shs goes to school. Colt is a handsome young fellow. His outfits look really cute on him. I know he will be the best dressed boy at school. Hope you have a great week!! —–Linda

  12. great job Colt!!! Since this is the “baby” of our grand daughters last year of high school the boys clothing are not pertinent to this reader BUT it is always nice to see this handsome young man’s progress. His sister is certainly going to notice his sidden daily absemce. We as adults have an adjustment to their going back to school but i always wonder how the little ones process it.
    thanks for keeping us updated .

  13. How sweet it is to be able to have Colt as a model and how cut is his puppy and sister. Good luck this year Colt

  14. This post is the CUTEST!! I kinda miss back to school shopping. My kids do almost all shopping online these days…
    Colt seems like he is a good big brother.

  15. There’s truly nothing like being a grandparent! These little people open up a place in your heart that you didn’t even know existed!

  16. Hi Cyndi, I love you so much. I wish I had your life even with your ups and downs. You are so blessed. I have OCD and being a Christian with OCD doesn’t makes sense. How can you believe in rituals and be a Christian? I’m not sure but I AM. I have to follow follow rituals or something bad will happen. I KNOW different but tell my OCD that. I love Jesus but I don’t understand why if GOD loves me HE would allow me to believe in stupid rituals to depend on my life. Please pray for me.

  17. Your grandchildren are beautiful and kind hearted!!! Just like their ci Ci!!!

    Such a wonderful
    Post! Thank you for sharing your grandson with us! So cute!!!
    God bless and thank you for all you do!

    1. A very timely verse you shared.
      I am a day late reading this post. Usually I read your blog daily. If I had it would not have been as meaningful yesterday to me as it was spot on today! “God wink!”