Back To School With KangaRoos

Welcome to a very special Day 15 of my 26 Days of Fall Fashion! Today I’m partnering with Payless to talk about Kangaroo sneakers for back to school and I have a special guest.

Colt has worn his Kangaroos to school but I snapped some pictures of him wearing his sneakers to a baseball game and since we were taking pictures, I wore my Kangaroos too.

Some of you will remember these sneakers from the 80’s. Well, they’re back, and you can find them at Payless. They carry KangaRoos for men, women, girls, and boys.


The retro look is popular right now so these Kangaroos are a great addition to your wardrobe. I love that they’re trendy but they are also super comfortable. I have said this before, but I’m very impressed with Payless shoes.

It’s obvious I look way more excited about Colt and I having matching shoes. When I got the sneakers in the mail, I told Colt he got a pair like his Cici. He immediately said, “I wish Pops had a pair.” Haha!! He loves me but I think he loves his Pops a little more.

I know you are all wondering if theses sneakers are good for climbing trees, right? Colt is all boy and he’ll climb any tree. That’s obvious by this picture, why he thinks he can climb a tree with no branches, I do not know!?

A small prayer before he starts the climb.

And here he goes…..

He’s looking back at me because I’m saying, “You can’t climb that Colt Allen.” Of course, he gives it his best shot. Then it was time to put his cleats on so he could play some t-ball.

These Kangaroo sneakers are so cute! I picked Colt up from school yesterday and he was wearing them and said, “Look Cici, I have my new shoes on!” He really likes them!

I’m going to cherish this season while Colt will wear sneakers that match mine because it won’t be long that he’ll be way too cool for his Cici.


What I’m Wearing

Striped Top (no longer available)//Boyfriend jeans//Sneakers//Sunglasses//Colt’s sneakers

Be sure to check out Payless and if you order online, you get 10% with code zzbogo.


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Beauty For the Heart~~I shared this quote on my facebook page yesterday. It resonated with me when I read it and it seemed to resonate with other women too.

When a relationship rubs me raw, I must remember that this person (though sinful and annoying and maybe even intentionally divisive) is a beloved creation of God and might just be in my life on purpose. ~Katie Orr

Have a blessed day!

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**Thank you to Payless for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love your Beauty For the Heart quote today because I needed to think about that! It hits me where I live, if you know what I mean.

    Cute shoes. And my grandson loves me, but I think he prefers his Pawpaw just a little more, too, as he enters the door asking, “Where’s Pawpaw?” every single time! 😉 Of course he likes my macaroni and brownies. Ha!

  2. Cyndi, You & Colt look so sweet together. I can’t wait to get back to Payless Shoes and look for a pair of Kangaroos. I so hope they fit my feet!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. One of my friends wrote this: Dear GOD, Remind me that every person I bump into today is a personal appointment set by You. That means they’ll need a look in the eye, my most sincere smile and time. I’m going to need Your help with this GOD. Please fill me up with love, Your Holy Spirit, wisdom and patience. I can’t do it alone, but I can do all things with You. Amen

  4. He will never be too old for Cici!! You look wonderful in whatever you wear and you are inspirational inside and out! Thanks for the blog, the challenges and all you do for us!

  5. Precious grandson. Its a blessing when they live close. My grand daughter lives a few hours away. And, my new grandson lives 30 hours away. I will get to see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Counting the days. Love the shoes. I will check them out. Blessings.

  6. You two are so adorable in your kangaroos! My sunglasses broke today so thanks for styling a pair today. Good price too!

  7. Too cute! What a fun age! Cyndi, I am enjoying this fall series so much. You and Jo-Lynne have really been bringing it this year! Ha! You are both beautiful inside and oit. 🙂

  8. Oh my! I remember having a pair of those! Mine were white and purple with a little zipper up the side. No need to untie. I also had friendship pins attached to the shoe laces. Does anyone remember attaching beads to safety pins to give to their friends? Ok, maybe just us country kids.

  9. I have that top… Now I want to wear it tomorrow … Verse hitting head on for me today which has been an extreme of good and bad relationship situations bring me to my knees for both….. And also identifying w grandson cuteness …. Been replaying a video of mine all day and loving it more each time I watch