Basic Fall Pieces + #nsale Giveaway

Today I’m teaming up with 9 other bloggers for a $250 Nordstrom Giveaway! This is such a great sale whether you’re shopping for yourself or doing some early Christmas shopping. Check out the giveaway below.

Nordstrom has quite a few basic fall pieces that are on sale and can be styled different ways. It’s a good time to stock up for the fall season. Check out my picks here.

Basic Fall Pieces + #nsale Giveaway

It was pretty warm outside when we snapped these pictures and I didn’t stay in them long. Haha! The BP tee is made of a jersey material and it’s so soft. You can wear it untucked or tucked into jeans for an effortless stylish look.

Basic Fall Pieces + #nsale GiveawayFall is the perfect time for open toe booties and these are from Vince Camuto. I’m a huge fan of this brand!

Basic Fall Pieces + #nsale Giveaway The Leith circle cardigan is a great piece to add to your fall wardrobe and bonus, it has pockets. I purchased a less expensive trendy pair of jeans. They are Articles of Society and on sale for $38.90.

Basic Fall Pieces + #nsale GiveawayLeith Circle Cardigan//Stripe Tee//Jeans//Vince Camuto Booties

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Now For the Giveaway!!

Enter the $250 Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway by using the Rafflecopter below! You do not need to perform all tasks to enter, though the more tasks you do complete means more chances for you to win! Good luck!

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Beauty For the Heart~~

Jacob walked with a limp (Genesis 32:31). Some of you may be limping today but I promise you He will walk with you.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had to walk through fire (Daniel 3:25). Anyone feel like they are in the midst of a fire? Is life throwing some unexpected things at you? God is in the fire!

The two men on the Emmaus Road had lost all hope (Luke 24:15). Have you lost hope? God will meet you right where you are.

The good news is, Jesus is walking with us. Through the joys, through the pain, season to season, He is with us! If you will listen, he is saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

Have a blessed day!

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  1. i have been surprised at how much I love the open toed booties! I know my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) laughed when I got them, but I think they work perfectly for the spring & fall seasons!!

  2. Love this whole outfit! Ordered the Leith cardigan sweater yesterday in the pink, and just ordered it in this color! Tempted by the booties but have something similar…you look great!

  3. Love!! I actually ordered everything here but the booties yesterday! I don’t have high hopes for the cardi working for me and my height (I ordered two and returned them both last year), but thought I would try this year’s version just to see…got the pink. 😉

  4. Love the outfit in its entire… It is so me.. has warm and comfy written all over it.. Nothing like modeling fall clothes in the heat lol. Thank for that. I will be waiting for the sale to open to the general public so will see what is left:)Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Love….Beauty from the heart this morning……..thanks
    And that sweater….swoon worthy (I love the grey)!

  6. Cyndi, I just have to tell you how perfect your Beauty for the Heart is today for my dear, sweet 12 YO daughter. She is preparing for her very first 4H horse show at our county fair starting Monday, and yesterday her lease horse (totally God’s special provision for her) started limping and couldn’t be ridden. Tucker is being checked out today for the cause, but we are all nervous for our girl. We talked today about bringing praise to His glory no matter what the outcome because He brings all earthly and heavenly things together in Jesus. Your message today starting with Jacob limping couldn’t be more perfect for our family. Thank you for sharing God’s message with us. He is good!!!

  7. Love this – and those booties are so cute!!! So wish I was taller and things looked this way when I wear them :).
    Thank you for the message today – lots of limping, walking in fire, etc. going on in and around me right now so that was a much needed thing to hear. As always you’re spot on.

  8. Cyndi,
    Do the Halogen pants that you are modeling run big? They say they are true to size on the website. BTW I love your style! Bought the green halter top you modeled a couple of weeks ago and love it!

  9. Thank you for the message in Beauty for the Heart…….He is always with us and always for us, there is so much security in that. I love Fall clothes, can’t wait for the weather to match your cute outfit!

  10. Well, I don’t to instagram, bloglovin;, pinterest or facebook, so I guess I can’t enter. It was nice when following subscribing to someone’s post or commenting counted. Thanks for the chance for others, though! : )

  11. Love everything! Thanks for all you do to share your fashion and your faith. I never miss a post. But I’m wondering…if I’m not on Facebook or Instagram, is there no way I can enter the giveaway?

  12. So cute. I bought those same jeans or similar when you styled them last year. Love them. They don’t stretch out. Great jeans for the price. I love the sweater but it might be a little too long for me at 5’3″. I”ll be checking out the sale when it opens for the public. I don’t really need anything that bad and didn’t want another debit or credit card. I just do the Nordstrom rewards. Right now I’m loving the Loft clearance. I was there yesterday and got 2 cute tops. 🙂 I was tempted to buy 2 more but stopped myself to buy for FALL. I LOVE Fall…..my favorite, but just not ready. I think they rush us to each season and I’m still feeling we just got into Summer, right? Thanks for styling Fall in Summer for us. No wonder you were hot. That sweater has some wool in it. 🙂

  13. Your “Beauty for the Heart” is usually the first thing I go to! Today you are in my heart with grateful thanksgiving! I read this at the perfect time….as “His timing is perfect”…I am experiencing some very unexpected challenges today, and I needed this reassurance especially at this moment. Thank you Cyndi. Blessings for your day!

  14. Love the outfit. I so appreciate you doing the work of picking the best things to buy. It makes my life easier. lol I was wondering….have you lost a lot of weight? I noticed a while back you looked slimmer. I guess it is from that new eating plan you are doing? Your face is looking very slim…..lol…don’t over do it!

  15. As always, you look so cute! You are such a good model that the sweater, in heather, in smaller sizes is not available☹️ Love the outfit!!!!

  16. Cyndi,
    I cried when I read your “Beauty For the Heart” today. I can’t believe you wrote that…of all times…i am currently laying with a boot on my leg. The doctor thinks I tore a tendon (waiting to get MRI next week). It isn’t fun. I have been getting down and so frustrated with not being able to do much. Thank you so much for your post. I took a screenshot of it to keep reading it when I get down. I needed that!

  17. I like looking at your outfits, simple but classy and cute. Then I scrolled all the way to the bottom and saw all the scripture! Yes, a fellow believer!!! I will be following you!