Beauty For the Heart~~Roses Instead of Ashes

beauty from ashesHappy Sunday friends! Some of you asked if I would share some pictures with you of our daughter’s wedding.

Let me give you a little bit of the history. My daughter was married in 2010. We had a large wedding, I would say, it was her dream wedding.

Unfortunately, three years after the wedding, Courtney and her ex-husband separated. Colt Allen, had just turned two years old.

While it has been difficult over the last few years, God has been faithful. God brought AJ into Courtney and Colt’s life and on Saturday, Courtney and AJ were married.

God desires to give us a bouquet of roses instead of ashes. (That translation was from The Message.)

He can turn what is hurtful and painful into something we can use for His glory. Psalm 30:11 says, You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.

I don’t know what it is that you’re going through today, but don’t give up. This too shall pass!

I love this quote in Beth Moore’s Bible study, Children of the Day, she says, You can’t quit now. You’re almost Home! We all are. Our time lines are an inch long against the backdrop of eternity. We can do this thing for the five minutes we’re here!

Let’s keep on keeping on and know that God is faithful!

Here are some pictures from their wedding yesterday. The ceremony was held at our church, it was small but very sweet.

My husband married them. My sister snapped this picture of us praying over them before the ceremony.

IMG_0561I love this one of Colt Allen running around while we were praying.

IMG_0569Here he was thinking seriously about jumping into that mulch.

IMG_0564We snapped a quick family picture before the wedding.

IMG_0474Colt was a little excited that the wedding was over!

IMG_0702Heading to The Beaumont Inn for the reception.



IMG_0795Perfect day for a wedding!


Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Beautiful Bride!! Beautiful family!! I know God will bless them with many happy years! Congratulations to all of you! Thank you for sharing the pics! Have a blessed day!

  2. Beautiful story of God’s faithfulness. I am so happy for your family, especially for your daughter. I have two daughters and I know as a Mom how your heart aches when her heart ached. Now there is so much hope in her eyes.

  3. This story gives me so much hope. I’ve faced the sadness of divorce with my son this year. We are still broken hearted but we know God didn’t bring us here to leave us broken. We desire your prayers as we begin to heal.

    1. Trena, I am so so sorry!! Keep praying and cling to Jesus. He will not leave you where you are!!
      Praying for your healing and for you to know you are loved,

  4. Thank you so much for sharing some of the family photos with us. It’s obvious she is your daughter. Lucky! All of you look so nice and happy. I bet Colt was happy when the service was over. God bless!

  5. Congratulations to the beautiful bride and her handsome groom. Your whole family is beautiful in these pictures. Much love and happiness as your daughter and her husband start a new life together. May God bless them always.

  6. Praying God’s richest blessings on them all the days of their lives. I know your heart has been grieved for Courtney the past few years. May her newfound happiness make that a distant memory.

  7. Very beautiful family! I’m sure you are very proud… I know you will have many years together. Sometimes life is hard but GOD is Good!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos. Everyone looks so happy! God is so good! Praying for His blessings on your family’s new beginning. Congratulations!

    P.S. You look beautiful as always. Your daughter’s dress is absolutely perfect! Love it!

  9. Could you please explain. Is it YOUR daughter who was married? You don’t look old enough to have an adult child. And did she RE-Marry her ex? It wasn’t clear. Please le me know because I am praying for my son and daughter-in-law (whom I love dearly) to re-unite. They divorced this past June. Anyway, it looks like a beautiful moment for your family. I wish you all joy!

    1. If you read Cyndi’s post from about a week ago, she explained that her daughter Courtney (the bride in these photos) had met a wonderful new man and was marrying him. As a single mom myself, I can only imagine how many prayers this answered, and I rejoice with them at this good news.

    2. Hi Sharon,
      Yes it is my daughter who was married. She did not get back with her ex-husband. She met a wonderful man and we are thrilled for them.
      Hope that helps!

  10. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am still trying to be patient and wait upon the Lord to send my daughter the right companion after a divorce two years ago. I am very happy for your family and especially for Courtney!

    Blessings to all of you,

    1. Debbie Peel, don’t give up on the perfect companion for your daughter. Without getting into a long sordid story, I was divorced in 1996 after 23 years. I thought I would die. I worked for a domestic relations attorney and because of the drama of my divorce and others I saw on a daily basis with my job, I didn’t date….I stayed single for 7 years. Then God sent my now husband of 12 years to me….my 95 year old mama says she prayed him up. While we have had some ups and downs (and what couple doesn’t?) I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. He has truly been a blessing to me and my grown children…..and since he never had children of his own, he’s had the pleasure of experiencing all 5 of our grandchildren like they were his own flesh and blood. Keep praying mama, God will send the right one!

    2. Debbie,
      Yes, keep praying!! He will send the right man when you least expect it. But I know how you feel as a Mom. It’s hard to see our children hurt.

  11. Love the pic of your pre-wedding Prayer Circle! Praying God’s Blessings on all of you!
    (Cyndi,you and your daughter look like sisters! Both lovely!)

  12. Gorgeous pictures. You have a beautiful family. The bouquet is absolutely stunning (I love your dress, too!). I would love to have flowers like that in a vase all the time!

  13. What a beautiful wedding and a beautiful family! I love the flowers, the dresses…everything! Thank you for sharing such a personal story with us. God is using you to bring hope and encouragement to so many!

  14. Our pastor just taught this morning on a similar subject, to have JOY even in trials as this too will pass and strengthen our faith.
    What a beautiful family you have. I am so thankful for the blessings GOD gives when we have faith and patience. I’m sure she is very thanksful to have you for a mom and role model.

  15. Beautiful pictures. Thanks of sharing. Your grandson is darling. I remember when you I first read that you were a grandmother, I was shocked. (You look much too young. ) Your daughter looks so much like you. I wish the newlyweds…..and Colt…… nothing but the best for many years to come.

  16. Beautiful pics!!! Good scripture too. I experienced a divorce after 26 years of marriage. I will say that God does turn ashes into beauty. God has blessed me with a wonderful man who I married almost 2 years ago. I would have never planned it in a million years. Sometimes the very thing that God is giving us is right in front of you….I just had to open my eyes and ears and yield to God’s plan. Now I can honestly say I married my best friend. I will keep your daughter and new son-in-law in my prayers as well as your immediate family. I enjoy getting your emails with the fashion tips and the beauty for the heart ALWAYS speaks to me. ~🌻Lisa🌻~

  17. thank you for sharing. beautiful. Gods blessings on all of you.
    I am thinking your daughter resembles her grandmother.

  18. How very lovely!!! Prayers and blessings for your beautiful daughter and her new husband!! I have an awesome ashes to beauty story as well: To make it short, We lost our son in law after a very rough battle with cancer a few years back, leaving our daughter and our 4 year old grandson and 18 month old granddaughter here without him. God is so faithful to those who will believe, and he sent an awesome, Godly man with a precious 7 year old son into their and our lives to fill that overwhelming gap left in our hearts. He has been a huge blessing to all of us, and i believe us to him and our new grandson!! They are expecting a new baby girl this February!! To all of you who are facing heart ache, you can be sure that our GOD knows, and he WILL deliver!!! He is no respector of persons, and if he turned our ashes to beauty, He will do the same for you!!

  19. I am so happy that your daughter has a second change at happily everafter. Its so hard when you think it will last forever and it doesnt. I had so many hangs up after we seperated. I wasnt good enough and no one would love, Especially with a child. But God is teaching me that all i need is to trust in him. I wish your daughter all the best. This givings me hope that i will find my partner to serve God with.


  20. Nice looking family Cyndi!!…..

    Gosh…I can totally relate to so many of the emotions that I know you must have had. My oldest daughter divorced after a 15 year marriage and it devastated the whole family….thankfully God gave her the man she really needed and she is now married again and so very happy.

    Your family is beautiful and I wish the newly married couple all the very best of God’s blessings!!!

  21. Cyndi – congratulations to your whole family, and blessings for many wonderful years ahead!! Our God is SO GOOD to us – He cares for each of us, and has a plan for
    our lives. I am so happy for you all, and now the beginning of a new family!!

  22. Congratulations to your family!! Thank you for the words about not quitting. It has been a rough week and they helped.

  23. Beautiful bride and such a lovely family.!! Thanks for sharing your story as it inspires hope for new beginnings and love. May they be blessed with many happy years together. I do enjoy your blog and look forward to your kind words and daily fashion statement.. God bless!!

  24. Congratulations to the newlyweds and the whole family. I’ve followed your blog for a long time and I’m so happy for Courtney and Colt. Thank you for sharing these precious pictures. Courtney looks so beautiful and happy. And I love her flowers!

  25. Thank you for sharing your message of Love, Hope, Restoration of your daughter’s journey and your family journey’s as well. A praying God-given family can weather the storms of life together if all have a willing heart. One of our daughters was divorced after 18 years of marriage and five children. Her heart was broken along with ours and she was 1500 miles away from home. That was 2 1/2 years ago.
    Last week her dad and I flew to spend 10 days with her and our grandkids. Her 47 year old boyfriend drove us back to the airport as his usually does. After dating her and her kids for a year and half, he asked her dad permission to marry her. I have to say …..this “spoken volumes” to her dad and I. Our God does restores the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds. We all need to be reminded of His Faithful.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing this ….. My daughter has walked much the same road…. Only with God’s peace … we have seen so many days of mourning turned into joy…. blessings!!

  27. Congrats to your beautiful family. Courtney deserves every happiness. God bless her, Colt, and her husband. P.s. her dress, coat, shoes, earrings were stunning. Traci did a great job with the pictures. Cyndi, you looked awesome, as usual.

  28. God is faithful and desires our happiness. Your family looks wonderful. The bride and groom look radiantly beautiful. Love the dress and color of flowers. New beginnings for the happy couple. God Bless!

  29. Cyndi-
    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures and your wonderful news about Courtney’s marriage! I remember your post from a few years ago and it is so good to know the joy that your daughter has found. God is good!