Beauty For the Heart~The Lord Sees You

Beauty For the Heart~The Lord Sees YouI wonder if you feel like no one notices you? Do you ever feel lonely even when you are in a crowd?

Do your ever feel like:

  • No one notices the piles of laundry you do every week.
  • No one noticed how many times you did the dishes this week.
  • No one listens when you speak truth into their life.
  • No one cares when you are hurt or are disappointed.

Can I tell you today, the Lord sees you. Nothing you do goes unnoticed by Him.

The Lord sees:

  • when you cry
  • when you are feeling lonely
  • when you are feeling overwhelmed

There’s not a tear you shed that He doesn’t know about. I have told you this before but my Mom told us that “our tears are liquid prayers that flow right to the heart of God.” 

Take comfort today and know that while you might sometimes feel invisible to the people around you, you are not invisible to God.

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Perfect, just what I needed today and maybe again tomorrow when the attendance at my pity party is only one. Thanks for sharing and have a Blessed Sunday. A day of rest we all so dearly need.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. My prayer this morning was, “Lord, even if it’s in the smallest of ways please let me know You see me today.” This was an answer to my prayer. Blessings~

  3. Thank you Cyndi. These are great words to remind ourselves of when we are feeling this way.
    Do you have any advice or words to think about in this situation – short version: I was thinking in church this morning about how to bring my parents back to the church. We grew up always going to church and my Mom even taught in the Catholic school affiliated with the church. They were very involved. My sister was diagnosed with leukemia when she was 24 and died at 25. My parents took this as a slap in the face by God and have turned their backs on church and God. It’s not only that my sister had cancer but the suffering that she went through and that she didn’t recover from it after they had been such devoted Catholics. I myself have mixed feelings but I believe that God needed her with him and that He must have had some reason that she needed to be in heaven and not here with us. I do wonder and question – why did she have to suffer so much but I don’t dwell on it. Do you have any advice or suggestions? thanks.

    1. Gina, I have prayed about writing an answer to your question. First, I can’t pretend to have any idea what your parents went through. I have not lost a child and so for me to say how they should respond is not fair.

      With that being said, I have lived long enough and experienced loss, and pain and hurts. You will never hear me say that life is easy.

      We live in a fallen world. Bad things are going to happen to good people. If I live long enough, I will see more loss and more pain.

      But what gets me through is that I know this pain is temporary. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. Not in a denomination, not in our righteousness, not in anyone but Christ.

      My prayer is no matter what happens, I will cling to Christ.

      “Every circumstance of trial, temptation, and suffering is an opportunity to prove your love for God by clinging to Him.” (

  4. Cyndi,
    I too feel like an invisible woman in my work and family life. My daughter was married last weekend and there were thousands of tiny details I handled to make the day smooth and memorable for family and friends. I know my efforts were appreciated but very often I am unnoticed and my work unrecognized. I must remember that I do it for love…not to receive it but to give it.
    This was the best Sunday post ever!
    Thanks, Sister!

  5. Hi Cyndi,
    Thank you for the good words. This ties in with what we talked about in church this morning: in this season of colors, it’s a good time to remember that God knows and loves each one of us. No matter what color we are, red, yellow, black, white or what mood we’re in: red with anger, green with envy, blue with sadness, etc. He loves us.

  6. Cyndi,

    I appreciate the Sunday blessings of grace that you share every weekend. So funny how each weeks message is exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment! My heart has been re-grounded; God notices every act I do, no matter how great or small.


  7. I love Carol’s mention of the attendance of only one at her pity party. I had one of those parties this morning on the way to work and, sure enough, I was the only one present. Thanks to Cyndi for reminding us that God notices all we do for others and that he cares even when it seems no one else does. This must be a common thought among women and the next time I wash four loads of laundry for my ungrateful 22 year old grandson (which I actually love doing for him), I’ll remember that God cares even if the ungrateful grandson never even acknowledges it.

  8. Thank you for this Cyndi!! I needed this encouragement today. I feel as though my family is falling apart, and the harder I try to honor and obey God, the worse it gets!!

  9. This was such a good word for me since I have recently felt invisible with the onset of empty nest syndrome. Not that I need any accolades for the things I do but just feeling like my life is worthy after so much investment in my children’s lives. It’s a tough time in life to know what you are supposed to do now.

  10. Cyndi, that was a miraculous reading today in the midst of my family struggles. I felt so invisible to my 2 grown children lately, and especially my daughter who goes thru bouts of cutting me out of her life w/o my knowing why. So encouraging to know God sees my tears & hears my feelings of invisibleness & cares. And knowing other women feel the same builds comaraderie that we so need! Thank you!

  11. You know i keep believing but i have doubts a lot and i hate that this happens. I have been a widow for 15 years and I pray for God to lead me on a path that will bring me a companion and as of yet this has not happened. i feel at my age, 64, I am worthless and no one wants to be with me. I get so confused with things after awhile,it is so hard. I try so hard not to loose faith and I pray.

    Please let me know your thoughts.


    1. Hi Dianne – I just read your post after Cyndi’s blog and just wanted to let you know you are NOT worthless! I am single as well (divorced) – I’m 46. I get in a rut sometimes too and think why won’t God send me someone to share my life with? Aren’t I worthy? We have to have faith that it isn’t time for that yet. I’ve heard it said that our sense of time is not the same as God’s time. Anyways, I’m no expert about relationships, believe me, but you are not worthless! Please keep your chin up and keep the faith. I’m sorry you are feeling so down. I’m POSITIVE thought that you have other people in your life, maybe not a man, but others who think you are WONDERFUL!

    2. I am sorry you feel this way. I can imagine the loss of your husband must have been so difficult. Please try to remember the Lord has a perfect plan for your life, the man he will bring will be wonderful and kind.
      Be patient, and know many of here are praying for you!

    3. I am not widowed but recently transplanted in a new city. It has been hard meeting people, making friends. One day, I came to the conclusion that I had to be content. Whether anyone valued me here. God sees my value. I asked myself….is God enough? If I never make a single friend…is He enough for me? I know HE is. So on my days when I wonder why (yet again) I have not made a single friend, I remind myself. God is enough. I know he wants me (And YOU too!) to have companionship but He is enough.

    4. Dianne I don’t know why God has not found a spouse for you but I do know that your are NOT worthless.
      Praying you will know how loved you are!

  12. This is so prevalent among women today. I love the reassurance that God sees us and loves us so much! We are seen and heard by Him. Thanks for the daily inspiration – it always helps!