Beauty For the Heart~~Glorious Unfolding

Glorious UnfoldingHappy Sunday friends! Sometimes it’s nice to here some good news, can I get an amen?? We are inundated with so much bad news on a regular basis we sometimes forget to see the good.

If you are fairly new to my blog, you will have to read this from two years ago. Our family went through a difficult season.

I am not going to sugar coat anything for you. To say we had some bad days would be an understatement. I can’t go into details but I promise you there were days I didn’t know if we were going to get to the other side.

I will never forget a friend of ours sitting on the couch with our daughter saying he couldn’t wait to see how God was going to use these trials and how he couldn’t wait to see the joy that would eventually come.

I have thought about that over and over again and at some of the darkest times thought, NOPE, we aren’t going to get there.

I didn’t give up on God or his plan but we do have some responsibility in going in his direction. Courtney’s heart was so hurt, I didn’t know if she was going to see God’s plan.

Here we are today and I feel like we are beginning to watch the glorious unfolding (see the song at the end of my post). I’m clinging to God’s promises!

Next weekend in a small service with only immediate family, Courtney is getting married. We are so happy for her and for Colt. We are also excited to welcome AJ into our family.

glorious unfolding 1AJ has been a breath of fresh air for us. What I love the most about him is his quick wit and sense of humor. He can make all of us laugh so hard and I don’t know about you but I like to be around people like that.

glorious unfolding 2“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

Have you seen God’s glorious unfolding in your life or in someone close to you?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I am so thankful and so very excited to see how God has worked in your daughter’s life! Congratulations to her, AJ and Colt, what a beautiful family they make! God Bless you all!😍

  2. Cyndi,
    Thank you for this post, it is so timely for myself and I believe others too. I have seen the darkness of “crisis year 2014” in my life slowly and carefully unfold to newness, restoration, grace and love. An amazing journey that is not over yet. “You are my lamp, O Lord, the Lord turns my darkness into light. With your help I can advance against a troop, with my God I can scale a wall.” 2 Samuel 22:29-30.

  3. So happy for Courtney. It is always such a good feeling to ‘arrive on the other side.’ Please post a wedding photo.

  4. Hi Cyndi,
    You are adorable & have such a positive energy. Thanks for sharing it.
    I love jeans & probably have every style (except high waisted). Skinny’s are also my favorite. Flares have to fit perfectly ( not loose) & long. I like clogs & a sweater or a boho top. Maybe a scarf or floppy hat. I love classic & tailored but wouldn’t wear a blazer. But a white blouse & belt would be cute. I love that our generation embraces classic fashion and we still try to look cute!
    I need to find your IG account.
    Teri 🌺

  5. Oh, my sweet, sweet friend. Thank you for this sunshine. So glad that you did make it through to the other side and that God has brought AJ into your family and your lives as a result. We all need a little good news, you are so, so right. My daughter is going through something very similar right now and I teeter between falling apart in tears for her and her daughter and being hopeful that there is goodness at the end of this trial. Thank you for the encouragement. Congratulations to all of you! Well, done, mommy.

  6. I am so happy for your daughter and grandson. I went thru a difficult time 9 years ago and wasn’t sure I would make it to the other side. But after a divorce, a child in rehab for drug addiction and the other child surviving breast cancer, all is good. I well remember going to bed at night tossing and turning until I would feel a calm and the sensation of arms holding me tight, saying “you’ll get thru it”. Thank goodness God is there for us always. Your daughter will be blessed with a new love and marriage and I’m sure will always be grateful for your love and care during her troubles. Wishing all of you love and happiness.

  7. What a beautiful story of God’s unending love for us. He is so good! May this new chapter for Courtney, Colt and the entire family be filled with happiness, peace and love.


  8. Thank you, this encourages me as my family is going through a similar situation. Sadly, it’s my son and my heart breaks for my daughter-in-law and granddaughters. But I’m trusting God, though some days it’s an hour by hour trust. I believe one day I will also be able to say “I see God’s glory unfolding”.

  9. Congratulations to Courtney, Colt, AJ, and the rest of the family. No matter our age, divorce isn’t an easy thing to go through. But with God’s help, we can get through it, and once again see His light. I married at 19 and divorced at 21, moving back home with my parents. Sixteen years later I married the man God meant for me to be with, and here we are 21 years later. I hope that you will be able to share a couple of photos with us.

    Yesterday during the little church service at my moms assisted living facility, one of the songs we sang is JUST AS I AM. The music leader talked about what good news that is. Jesus accepts us just as we are. We don’t have to change for Him to love us and accept us. That is such good news!

    Have a blessed day!

  10. Wonderful news! And a beautiful family!
    OK, I can not be the only one who thinks he looks a lot like your husband? (which is not a bad thing!)

  11. I have followed Courtney’s journey through your blog, and was so thrilled to see this wonderful news! Praise God for this happy new chapter in her life, and prayers for His blessings on their new family. As a mother, I can only imagine how full your heart must be, and how thankful you are to see the things you prayed for her coming true.

  12. So happy God worked everything out for the best for your daughter. God is good all the time, congratulations and best wishes.

  13. So happy for Courtney, Colt, AJ and your entire family Cyndi!! And someone with a great sense of humor is a joy to have in your family!! Praise to God!! Please share some photos, if you can, with us. I will be praying for God’s presence during the ceremony and for His hand of blessing over their marriage 😉

  14. What a wonderful testimony of God’s goodness and grace. Thank you for sharing this. Romans 8:28 came to me as I read. God works out all things for good. Praise Him!
    Courtney and Colt are so blessed. I wish her and AJ much happiness in their marriage next weekend.

  15. This is wonderful news and so happy for you all.
    Though the darkness, it is hard to see the light and what God has in store for us and this is a perfect example of his goodness.

  16. Hi Cyndi,
    I can’t get over how much AJ looks just like your hubby! I must agree, a sense of humor is essential in getting through this life, and my family has always found laughter, even in our toughest times.
    My youngest daughter, who has also endured more heartache than a young girl should, is also marrying next weekend. As our girls embark on a new adventure in life let’s pray that God will bless their unions with love, fidelity and lots of joy!

  17. Oh, Cyndi this is such great news….and very timely since I am on the road headed home from a family wedding in NC. My cousin, who probably went through something very similar to your daughter, got married last night and her little boy was the best man in the wedding. God is good….and faithful…..and brings beauty from ashes. May He bless Courtney, Colt and AJ.😊

  18. Congratulations ! Thank you for sharing Cyndi. As parents, it’s the best feeling in the world to know our children have found happiness and fulfillment. Good bless to all!

  19. How wonderful that she has found such a special person to share her and little Colt’s life with. Many blessings to you all!!

  20. I am soooo happy to hear this good news for all of you! What a wonderful testimony to Romans 8:28…you have been a great testimony to staying faithful to God when we don’t FEEL like it. He is always faithful.
    Congratulations on your new son in law!

  21. Congratulations on your daughters upcoming marriage! God is so good! All the time!! 🙂
    You have such a beautiful family and so so blessed!!
    Waiting on our prayers to be answered for my daughter to find a Godly man!

  22. Congratulations! That is so wonderful! What a precious family you have, thanks for sharing this news with us here. 🙂

  23. So happy for your family to such a special celebration next week! Blessings to your daughter and grandson and new son-in-law!!!

  24. Fantastic news indeed. I know myself recently when my husband went through a crazy work thing that it was just God moving him in the direction better suited for him. So happy for your daughter and grandson! A true blessing that her heart was open to allow for this!

  25. So happy for you! My husband and I are like your friend. We feel the pain of trials but we get so excited to see the wonderful things that God has in mind for us! He always has wonderful things in his plan!!!

  26. I do understand what I think that you went through. I had some issues with my younger daughter but we made thru it all and it is better. I love each one of your posts. Please keep them coming.

    I appreciate what everyone wrote to me also concerning my issue with feeling the way I was concerning my self.

    Thanks again


  27. How lovely! Please give your beautiful daughter our Best Wishes! We will pray God’s Blessings on her and her intended!

  28. Thank you for keeping it real. Sometimes bloggers make everything seem so perfect. I know life is not perfect, and appreciate your honesty. In some odd way, that in and of itself is encouraging! Praying for God’s blessings upon your family, especially for Courtney as she begins her new marriage.

  29. How wonderful!!!! So happy for all of you! At the darkest times, it is so hard to imagine that the sun will shine again! I love small intimate ceremonies. My so and his wife were married in a chapel with just the immediate family present and it was wonderful!!!

  30. I’m so happy for this wonderful news! This is such a blessing. I went through a couple of painful trials a few years ago that I still can’t discuss. I am grateful that God let me know He was there, He delivers, & He restores. I’m thankful we serve a God that lets us put the past behind us and move forward. I can’t say I considered it a great joy very much during these trials, like it says in James 1:2-4. But Sister, it was a great joy when it was over. It definitely produced endurance & faith I never knew I had.
    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter and May God richly bless her new beginning. He’s really good at that.

  31. Hey Cyndi Girl, Praise God and Congratulations to Courtney and AJ! What a precious family she, Cole and AJ will make. I remember 2 years ago when times were so dark for all of you and happiness seemed so far out of reach. Jesus promises, “I am with you always and I will never forsake you.” He has been with Courtney every moment preparing her somehow to be the strongest of women and now she is reaping the rewards of His blessings! I am so happy for all of your family, for all of you to be so full of joy and I only wish I could be there to give Courtney and Cole a big hug!

  32. I want to say also “Thank You” for keeping it real. You are very inspiring, and I am very happy for you and your family. God is Good!

  33. Congratulations! I’m so happy for all of you, because I know as Courtney’s parents this has been a tough road for you too. Seven years ago our daughter at 22 and our grandson at 7 months went through the exact same thing as Courtney and Colt, we as a family were devasted and really had to lean on God for direction and learn how to forgive and not hold onto bitterness. Four years ago God brought into their lives a man to love and cherish our daughter and a spiritual Father for our grandson. They have been married 3 years in July and our second grandson turned 2 in July. God gave and restored our lives abundantly!!

  34. What wonderful news for your daughter!! Thank you for sharing this. Love your blog and the inspiration you bring.

  35. Such great news to read on Monday morning. I am reminded of Psalm 30:5 -“Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning.” I’m so happy for Courtney and the whole family.

  36. Praise God! I think of Courtney and Colt a lot and always hope you’d give us a peak at how they’re doing. She looks so happy in the pictures above! Hope to see and hear more about their little family on your blog. Congratulations to the happy couple and sweet Colt. AJ is joining a wonderful family!

  37. Such wonderful news. God is good! I love the song, “Strong Enough” by Matthew West. It is an awesome reminder that His ways are higher than ours and that He will help us get through everything in His perfect way and time. It is soooo hard to see our children struggle and hurt and so wonderful to celebrate with them too! Wishing you all the best!

  38. Hi Cyndi. Thank you so much for your post that came at a time I really needed to hear your story about your daughter. We are going through a divorce with my daughter right now and I do worry about her. We have to be strong for her. We pray that she will be in a better place one day. Thank you again for sharing. It really helps.

  39. I wish your daughter the best! I too have experienced some of the same heartaches she has. I pray for a Godly man of my own one day. I wonder if they exist…

  40. Thank you so much for sharing this. It has been almost 2 years since my husband of 20 years left me. After my divorce my high school sweetheart came back into my life and he treats me like a princess. I feel so blessed to have come through the storm, with the help of Jesus. It’s so encouraging when others do the same. I know the pain your daughter felt and I am so happy she has found someone to share the rest of her life with. Glory be to God!


  41. I’m just getting caught up on my emails and posts. I’m so happy for your daughter and grandson but mostly I’m happy for the joy you are experiencing. May peace and joy continue for all of you!

  42. God is SO good!!! He takes care of all our needs even when we can’t find the words to ask Him, He hears and knows our heart, because we are His children!! Such a happy day for your family, and such a victory over sadness and deep hurt!! Your beautiful daughter has been lead to her true love and life’s partner, you gain a handsome son and his family, and your darling grandson gets another father and family to love him – a beautiful and glorious time for all!!! Enjoy and celebrate each moment, as you all come together to celebrate the beginning of a new family – SO HAPPY for all your joy!! Prayers and blessings for you all!!

  43. Congratulations to Courtney , Colt, & AJ! As a mother who watched my son’s marriage dissolve (infidelity on her part) and the pain he went through, I can only imagine the joy you are feeling! I believe it’s a different kind of “tough” for parents seeing their children be heartbroken……….. My son has not yet found “the one” but I have indeed witnessed and now believe God knew exactly what His plan for Justin is. Boy, that was hard for us to grasp at the time! As surely as I believe that, I know He has a good plan for Justin and am “anxiously awaiting” that unveiling 🙂

  44. I am so happy for you and your family. I know how heartbreaking things like this can be in a family. Reaching the other side must feel amazing! I’m still praying for our family heartbreak to be mended!

  45. Hi Cyndi I am new to your blog and love your “beauty for the heart” features. It’s so refreshing to hear encouragement from other women of faith. This story definitely hit home with me. I’ve never been divorced but I have been through a lot of bad relationships and am still single at a point in life where I thought I would be married with kids. I know it’s hard to trust God’s plan sometimes. I’m sure your daughter and your entire family have struggled at times but it’s amazing to see how God redeemed her story. I read a poem the other day that I thought you might enjoy (maybe your daughter too!). Here is a link, I hope it encourages you as much as this post encouraged me. Lots of love and God bless!