Bell Sleeve Cardigan + Leopard Flats

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Where did the week go? Today I’m styling a bell sleeve cardigan and I have to say it’s my favorite cardigan, ever. Oh, and it’s on sale!

It’s soft and comfy and I love the added detail of the ruching and the bell sleeve. This cardigan can make any ordinary outfit look great.

Bell Sleeve Cardigan + Leopard Flats

Of course, I tell you all about the cardigan and it’s not available in my color and there are limited sizes in the gray color. If you’re interested in it, order it quickly because it will sell out. I’m hoping they will restock them at some point.

Bell Sleeve Cardigan + Leopard FlatsI have been eyeing these Sam Edelman leopard flats for a long time and I finally broke down and purchased them. They do not disappoint!

Bell Sleeve Cardigan + Leopard FlatsI’m a fan of Paige jeans and these black ones are my favorite. They are pricey but they are on sale if you’re interested.

Bell Sleeve Cardigan + Leopard Flats This is definitely a go-to fall outfit for me!

Bell Sleeve Cardigan + Leopard FlatsBell sleeve cardigan//White tee//Black jeans//Earrings//Necklace//Leopard flats//Kate Spade handbag (similar here)

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  1. Would love to see leopard shoes with a small wedge heel. I am unable to wear flats because they do not have arch support.

  2. Love the color combo you have with this outfit. I’ve always been a fan of basic, neutral pieces – add a fun punch like the shoes and it’s, as you said, a go to outfit. I probably wouldn’t wear the cardigan but only because those sleeves would drive me crazy 🙂 – almost all long sleeves do for some reason. It is a really cute sweater though, and I really like the color!

  3. Oh so simple yet classy…. love everything about it… especially the cardigan( my favorite sleeve) and flats. Seems like the sweater is sold out. Maybe I’ll find something similar as I would like to have for the fall season. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day😀

  4. I’m very interested in knowing about dermaplaning. I’m also interested to see if you (or other readers) know anything about microblading (for removing the facial hair we have after “a certain age”…).

    I love this outfit. The sweater is sold OUT! 🙁

  5. This is an outfit I can definitely see myself wearing.
    It actually feels like Fall here in Alabama this morning……… I know we have more warm weather in store but I’m loving it for now.

    Have a great day!

  6. Ok…so, I LOVE this cardigan but I would love to hear your feedback on realistically “wearing it” like when eating is involved. I have a bell long sleeve top that I love but when eating it always seems to get in the way.

  7. Love this outfit, and the sweater is a must but sold out. Hope it is restocked soon. Thank you for all your do for helping our Fashion Sense. Have a blessed day…. Waiting for fall here in CA.

  8. Cute outfit….love th sweater. I, too, love th Paige jeans. I have one problem with the front tuck….I don’t like the way jeans/pants look with belt loops showing and no belt, It looks so unfinished…like a piece of clothing was forgotten!! Does anyone else have that issue?

  9. Love the fall outfit! I too go to the Derm’s office. Not for the spa but I have done other things. I also use the Revision skin care line they recommended & sell. My skin is much better since I started all this. Have fun at your spa & derm’s office!

  10. I have had dermaplaning done & will be doing it again! It removes all those hairs from your face you can’t see. Leaves your face smooth feeling & your make up is so much easier to smooth out.

  11. I’ve been looking at that sweater too. It’s adorable and I love the color combo you put together. You’ll be so happy with those flats. I did the same thing. Kept looking at them and finally bought them last year. I LOVE them! They are the perfect shoe for fall and spring and even winter if it’s not too cold. Can’t wait to hear all about your spa experience. (what did you decide about the cool sculpting?)

  12. LOVE the outfit!!! Sad the cardigan is already sold out… will be watching for it, though! I, too, am curious about the dermaplaning/microblading! A friend of mine has done that and recommended it, but I like to hear from more than one person-LOL!!
    Hope you all have a great day- prayers continue to be lifted up for south TX , FL, OR, WA, MT!!

  13. Love the fall solid colors mixed with the white tshirt. These would all be very versatile pieces and I really like those shoes and I am ready for some new leopard flats, so thanks for sharing.

  14. I need help finding a shirt to wear under cardigans, that the sleeve line doesn’t show through the cardigan. I guess loose fit tanks might solve this? Help!!!

  15. Love the outfit! I want to wear the leopard flats but have planters fasciitis so the flat shoes are not helping to solve that problem. Would you try to put inserts in the flats or do you have another suggestion. I love the look of the outfit but I feel like I blow it with ugly shoes. Thanks! Patty

    1. I have worn sandals with my inserts. I taped them to my shoe. Try to see if yours show above your shoe line. You really want your heel supported ie the shoe shouldn’t flop flop when you walk. Most of the time you should be in a lace up shoe with your inserts. P F is so painful. I used to carry an ice chest with water and ice so so could put my foot in it for pain relief. Good luck with your treatment. Mine did clear up eventually. 😏

    2. You can try it. Wearing orthotics for the arch support was so crucial when I battled plantar fasciitis. I lived in tennis shoes with orthotics any time I wasn’t dressed for work or church. I know how miserable it is. (Mine did finally go away.)

  16. Love the outfit with the exception of bell sleeve,too floppy for my personal taste.Maybe I trade out for another style of sweater to pull this off ! Color combo is Simple yet classy. The flats add the pizzazz. .another Winner! 🙂

  17. Hey all with that type of sleeve I just pull it up a little( in the arm) while doing things and it takes it back just enough to not get in the way… it’s a cute sleeve and very classy. Worth giving it a try.

  18. But God can make peace in trouble. It seems that is a goal for a “grown up christian ” something to strive for. In my Bible study we have talked about giving it to the Lord, then taking it back. Thanks for the great outfit idea. Have a blessed day.

  19. Hey Patty I’m sorry to hear you suffer with plantar fasciitis. If it is anything like mine was it was like stepping on crushed glass when my foot hit the floor in the morning. I suffered with it a year and finally conquered it with many trips to my trusting chiropractor for work done and massage therapy. I also kept a golf ball in the freezer and would roll my
    Foot overvit several times a day. I also couture out wearing slippers and cut way back on flip flops( worse things for that). I have worn more wedges but will still wear flats on occasion for quick trips. Maybe try an orthotic insert too it should help… good luck . Hope it goes away. My husband is dealing with it now.

  20. I have worn sandals with my inserts. I taped them to my shoe. Try to see if yours show above your shoe line. You really want your heel supported ie the shoe shouldn’t flop flop when you walk. Most of the time you should be in a lace up shoe with your inserts. P F is so painful. I used to carry an ice chest with water and ice so so could put my foot in it for pain relief. Good luck with your treatment. Mine did clear up eventually. 😏

  21. Cute sweater, however bell sleeves and I don’t get along very well. They always get in my food when I’m at a restaurant. I’m only 5’4″ and struggling with longer tops and sweaters, looks like I’m wearing my big sister’s clothes. Sometimes heels help. Have fun panpering yourself!

  22. Love the outfit but not the bell sleeves. They would definitely get in my way. I have a tendency to push my sleeves up. Love the color though!

  23. Love the sweater, but it was sold out. I just received the Madewell bag you featured a few days ago. I ordered the deep Cabernet. It is gorgeous! The leather is beautiful, and what I especially like is that it is relatively lightweight. Thanks for the tip!

  24. I LOVE that cardigan!!! BUT it’s sold out.

    I’m ready to boycott Nordstrom! Every item I’ve seen on a blog (not just yours) in the last four months that I’ve liked has been sold out when I go to purchase! How can a brand new item sell out so fast?? You just posted it today!

    I’m sending a mean email to Nordstrom customer service right now!!

  25. Very Cute. I love a simple outfit. Finally, today it feels a little like fall. We’ve been having 90’s with smoke and haze in Oregon. 🙁 I Feel so so sorry for those close to the fire. I’m at least 2 1/2 hrs. away but we are getting ash from it falling. I was sooooo happy last night to hear something outside and look out and it was raining. Blessings from above for the fire firefighters. It hasn’t rained all summer and that is odd for us. Well….only once. But, this rain was already over this morning and now its muggy and cloudy/hazy. I continue to pray for the fire fighters(my husband and son are both one) and for those in the storms now and the ones to come in Florida etc. Mercies…Lord. I’m glad in the mist of all this we can still have fun with Cyndi and enjoy fashion as woman.

  26. I love Sam Edelman Felicias! I do think the plain leather is a little more comfortable than the metallics but I wear them all constantly. I do like them even more since I started sizing up 1/2 size. Darned problem middle-aged feet!