Best Handbags for Spring and Summer

Hi ladies! There are so many cute handbags for spring and summer, and the last few years, straw and rattan handbags have been trending. I have several from Amazon that I love to carry this time of year.

Best Handbags For Spring and Summer

1. Woven Straw Bag

2. Handwoven Rattan Bag

 3. Hobo Summer Handwoven Bag

 4. Handwoven Shoulder Bag

 5. Quilted Crossbody Camera Bag (I have several colors of this one, and I love carrying it to church.)

 6. Bamboo Handbag

7. Genuine Soft Leather Top Handle Purse (This is a good price for a leather bag.)

8. Handwoven Straw Tote Bag

9. Crescent Crossbody

10. Crochet Tassel Shoulder Purse

11. Summer Beach Straw Handbag

12. Round Rattan Bag

13. Satchel Bag with matching wallet (This one isn’t straw, but if you like a structured handbag, it’s a nice option.)

14. Round Handle Ring Tote

I love a straw handbag with my spring and summer outfits.

Hobo Summer Handwoven Bag//Lace Crochet Flowy Bell-Sleeve Top (TTS)//Sandals (TTS)//Agolde Jeans (TTS)//Earrings//Pearl Necklace//Initial Necklace

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Beauty For the Heart~~ 1 Peter 5:7 says, Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

The word “cast” in Greek paints a picture of literally taking something and throwing it onto something else.

Imagine today whatever you’re worried about, whatever you’re anxious about, take it and throw it onto Jesus.

Stop trying to handle it on your own. Jesus can handle it much better.

Have a blessed day!





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  1. Some amazing and cute handbag selections from which to choose. Thank you!
    P.S. Bring back your side part. I think it’s so much more flattering to your pretty face.

  2. Good morning, Cyndi! I love this post with the fabulous selection of purses. My favorites are #7 and #9. Thank you for the Beauty for the Heart today, too. Just what I needed! I hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  3. Love this outfit and I can recreate from my closet even though I really love that blouse 😉I have one similar. I too love the straw and rattan handbags they seem less harsh for summer outfits! Thanks for the BFTH was needed today as we head into a 4 week lock down again after a long period of living our new normal ( it will be shorter if the numbers improve) but the new variants have gotten into our province through travel so they are acting quickly! Never take one day for granted 💕

    1. Karen…. will be praying for you and that you can take the verse Cyndi posted and live it. I too needed it too. I’ve had such a hard time letting myself live normal once we opened up. I can’t get rid of the fearful feeling of catching covid. I’ve struggled with chronic migraine most my life so the thought of Covid on top of this overwhelms me at times. I had to give it AGAIN to the Lord yesterday and then just read this BFTH. 🙂 We can do this. God has it. Hang in there. 🙂 PS. We might be getting new restriction too here in Oregon. 🙁

  4. Hi Cyndi,
    Love these summer bag options. I’ve been looking at The Sak handbags at Macy’s, and today the Ryder crossbody is 30% off with Macy’s friends and family discount.
    I too love to get my teeth cleaned and I was at my dentist yesterday!

  5. Straw bags are cute but I found I was never reaching for them so I donated three bags. Instead I reach for white or beige crossbody bags at this time of year.
    That white blouse is darling!

  6. Hi Cyndi. Sometimes I read the comments and I think it would be hard having so many opinions thrown at you about your style and your looks, although they all mean well as it is a fashion blog 🙂 Remember comparison is the thief of joy so just be you! Have a blessed day, you are beautiful always no matter what.

  7. Cute bags…. just not sure if I would carry them well. I tend to use things hard- like tear them up hard! LOL! I actually have bag #12 in my guest room as decor- I found it at TJMaxx for $10! 😀
    You always look amazing!


  8. Hello! On a Facebook post someone mentioned that you had done cool sculpting and this is something I am looking into. I wonder if you could share where (body location) you had it done and how well you thought it worked. I tried searching the blog info and didn’t find anything. I am thinking about my outer thigh /hip. Anyway thank you!

  9. LOVE the white blouse on you. Would love to order it but could you tell me size you got… assuming small? Does it run large? On the model it looks large and on you it looks perfect. 🙂 I’m 5’3” and usually wear XS Loft blouse for reference. Want to order it but wondering if would be to big. Thanks. As for the purses. I have one almost exactly like the one you are modeling that you styled a few years ago. It too had the Pom Poms. I don’t think to grab it so plan to more now that you reminded me. 🙂

  10. I am not receiving your emails anymore. Have gotten them for years but all of a sudden they quit coming. I miss reading them daily. I have text about this before but no reply.