Blogging Concentrated For Advanced Bloggers

Blogging Concentrated For Advanced Bloggers

Several of you asked if I would share about the blogging conference I attended in Cincinnati last weekend. It was actually more of a one day workshop.

At most of the blogging conferences I’ve attended, we’ve networked with brands, taken lots of pictures and of course learned a little about blogging.

I love those conferences but they’re usually for a broader range of bloggers. If that makes sense!

Blogging Concentrated is not that kind of conference. It’s for bloggers who have traffic to their websites, have been blogging for a while, are making a little money but are ready to take the next steps.

Blogging Concentrated is geared to advanced level bloggers who know there are things they could be doing better, faster, cheaper, and smarter.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Anatomy of a Perfect Post
  • Ebook Strategy: Pricing, Empire building, and where
  • The Vital Connection Between Brands and your Audience
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • How to build a revenue stream, then grow it through measurement
  • Google +, Google Authorship, Rich Snippets and Publisher Rules
  • How to use a Blogging Network / Matrix
  • How to hire a VA: The Strategy Behind Paying for it
  • Master Facebook Open Graph to get more visibility
  • What can you learn about your site from Pinterest
  • YouTube Social Marketing Structure to drive traffic
  • Which 20% of our efforts are creating 80% of our revenue
  • Using Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to increase revenue
  • Strategy Behind: Categories, Tags, Pages, Posts, Descriptions and Permalink Structure

Here are a couple of pictures that were taken. This is our group in Cincinnati.

Blogging Concentrated For Advanced Bloggers

This is my sister and I talking with Dan Morris. He is one of the leaders of Blogging Concentrated.

Blogging Concentrated For Advanced Bloggers

This is the spring 2014 schedule. They limit the group to about 35 people and they are filling up quickly! It’s small and hands on.

Blogging Concentrated Schedule

If you’re an advanced blogger, I would highly recommend this one day blogging workshop. I learned some valuable tools that I can implement to my blog/business.

Have you ever heard of Blogging Concentrated?

Have a blessed day!

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