Build Your Wardrobe Basics Registration Is Now Open!


Hey everyone! Today’s the day – registration for the Build Your Wardrobe Basics is now open! Click the link below to sign up.

Build Your Wardrobe Basics For Women Over 40


P.S. Registration closes next Thursday, November 6th at midnight ET. Sign up now for the lowest rate!

You’re welcome to email any questions to acstylechallenge@gmail.com

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Cyndi! I’m excited to sign up for this! Do you know if shopping links are provided for each item on the list?

    1. Hey Karen,
      We send links if you want to purchase any items online. We usually send 4 different links, each at a different price point.
      I hope that makes sense!

      1. Perfect! I work full-time and have two children, so shopping for specific pieces isn’t always easy. Knowing I can find the items online is a huge time saver! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Cyndi,
    No problem with an extra post… I love all your posts!!!
    I’m sorry to say that I cannot register for this wardrobe challenge, because I am currently on a 60-90 day restricted diet and losing to a goal of 30 pounds by the New Year. I know I’ll need clothes after this diet, LOL but not at this present time. I wish you ladies all the fun of this challenge!

  3. I ‘ve done two of Alison’s challenges and just want to highly recommend it for anyone considering doing it. One of the best parts of the challenge is joining other challengers on a private Facebook page to see what others have done with the same guidelines…. I have a full wardrobe, so sitting out of this one…. So many women over 40 are embracing fashion after raising families and this is your time!