But With God…..

Have you ever prayed that God would answer a prayer and He doesn’t answer it the way you asked? I know I have!

One of the prayers our family prayed was for my nephew, Jonathan. Actually, my Mom worried and worried about Jonathan. He has moderate to severe hearing loss and has to wear hearing aids.

Mom being the typical grandmother wanted more than anything for Jonathan to be healed. She worried like any of us would that this might be a stumbling block for Jonathan.

She worried he might be made fun of by other children and she worried he might eventually lose all his hearing.

After my Mom passed away in 2009, we divided up the many Bibles that she used. One thing Mom has written over and over in her Bibles is this prayer. “Heal Jonathan!” (I think I spilled the coffee on the Bible.)

But With God.....But what happens when healing doesn’t come? Do we still believe in God?

What if by not healing, God is going to do more than we can imagine. What if we trust God….not only when life is good but when life is hard.

What if we trust Him when we can’t see the bigger picture when we can’t see how any good can come out of our situation.

Matthew 19:26 says, but with God all things are possible.

God did not heal Jonathan’s hearing loss, but He has given Jonathan a testimony. A testimony that Jonathan is sharing.

Jonathan is in Nashville living out his dream to be a singer and songwriter. And we believe God is going to do more than what we could ever imagine.

He recently released this song, and it’s doing really, really well. He recorded a video at his home with the whole family so I thought I would share it with you.


What are you going through today that you need to lay at the feet of Jesus?? 

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I love the song, Jonathan’s vibe, and his testimony! Our God reigns! He has anointed Jonathan! Sing His praises, Jonathan! My very best wishes to you for a life of bounty. Won’t God do it, Cyndi!

  2. He woke you up for me. This could not have been more timely. Our grandson was born this week with a very serious heart condition. He will undergo open heart surgery on Tuesday of this week. He is strong and defying the doctors expectations so far. Please widen the circle and pray for our little one, his parents and doctors.

    1. Prayers for you and your family Sue, for Gods goodness and strength and that he will give these Doctors the needed wisdom and strength to that dear little boy, and his family.

  3. I love this song. jonathon is definitely destined for big things. Is this your sister’s son ??? She looks like you.

  4. Beautiful just beautiful and your words touch me at the best moment. Been having communication problems with my spouse and cry about it ALL the time. But you reminded me GOD has control he’s working on it. Thank you Cyndi love your post and your outfits!!!

  5. The prayers of the righteous availeth much !! And the prayers of your Beloved Mother reached him and still are 🛐 ..
    So proud of him and such a beautiful song and video, May God continue to use him and Bless Him!!!

  6. Awesome song!! Your nephew is so talented!! God blesses us in ways we didn’t imagine! So happy for Jonathan! Your family should be very proud!!

  7. Thank you for that great message about worry. I recently read a devotional calling worry ‘the silent sin’ because if we trusted the Lord we have nothing to worry about. I do trust but I also worry. That song hit home because my husband literally walked out on me and 3 kids…. Dropped me off at the end of the driveway and drove away. How did we we become strangers. I trust the Lord has a plan and I can’t wait to see what He has for me and my kids!!

  8. I am following your sister on her blog but haven’t had a chance to listen to Jonathan’s video as of until this morning…..I absolutely love it and I feel like I am watching my own son (even thought I don’t have boys) and getting goosebumps!! He is very talented and also very cute! Enjoy your post each and every day Cyndi. Have an awesome Sunday.

  9. This was perfect timing for me. I was sitting here trying to figure out how to control situations in my life. Then I read this. The crazy thing is I was at the Oticon conference in October and saw your nephew perform live. It was amazing. He is very talented. Thank you for sharing.

  10. This is so beautiful. Right now I am evacuated from my home due to the terrible fire in Northern California. I can’t even begin to describe the destruction and huge loss that we are experiencing. But, God works all things together for good and I believe He is faithful. I just desire Him above all else.

  11. I have a long list of unanswered prayers, I think it’s time change my “asks” Into “Thank you’s”
    Your blog gave me hope today! Thank you💕🙏🏼

  12. I totally needed this today. My oldest daughter (28 yrs old) is going through some things and I have been so worried about her. I need to remember to keep giving her to Jesus.

  13. Such a timely message! We have just gone through the stress of selling and buying a home. We were clearly impressed, through our prayer and fasting, that we should sell – it took forever! When I finally gave it up to the Lord, my stress level went WAY down and we finally sold the house – and found a beautiful new (downsized) home.

    ! I saw this little saying while visiting my sister.
    “God has special timing
    Never early, never late
    It takes a little patience and faith
    But it’s worth the wait!”

    Thank you for your inspiring messages and awesome fashion sense! ❤️

  14. Ha…My maiden name was Hutchinson…. I believe your mom is looking down on Jonathan today and smiling proudly. Thank God for our mother’s and Grandmother’s prayers. As I heard in Church this morning If Christ is center of all our circumstances, Satan will feel the sting… Thank you for sharing such beautiful video( I recognized some of those faces lol).

  15. Hi Cyndi,
    I just read your post and its like you are speaking directly to what is going on in my life.
    I follow Traci’s blog and have listened to Jonathans song and watched the video and rejoice in what the Lord has done. What a testimony. Your family is so blessed to be so close. I do not have that and I would love to have had that but it just didn’t work for me.
    Thank you Cyndi for touching so many hearts.

  16. Thank you Cyndi, I am one of the many that probably needed to hear your message today. There are wildfires burning just north of me. Those innocent people have nothing but the clothes they are wearing. The outreach by the surrounding communities has been quick and generous, but still, they have a long walk ahead of them putting their lives back together. Please keep them in your prayers and thank you for your meaningful messages. I’m glad you shared the picture of your mothers handwritten requests. What a beautiful person.

  17. I am home from church today because I have the flu. I hate to miss church, but fortunately the service is live streamed.
    I listened to Jonathan’s music. He has such talent! Your family is blessed.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  18. This is just wonderful. Such a talented young man. You are very lucky to have him as a special part of your family x

  19. You always seem to know what to post when I need it the most. Never stop doing what you do! You always seem to put so much in perspective when life is not always going so well.. Thank you!

  20. Cyndi – Thank you for sharing Jonathan’s beautiful gift! What a wonderful blessing and that your prayers and your Mom’s prayers were answered so abundantly! God is so Good! Have a blessed day!

  21. Thank you for sharing the video! I loved it! I pray Jonathan’s talent and testimony will reach many people. May Christ be glorified!

  22. Thank you Cyndi! I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I love Jonathan song! God has a plan for all of us. It’s wonderful to see how he’s changed Jonathan life.

  23. Love it!! I need to go out and buy Jonathan’s single. God has plans for all us. Thanks Cyndi. I just love opening up your emails..

  24. Thank you your post when you focus on Jesus all things are possible, we have a loving wonderful God he is always near. God bless you

  25. Love your blog and your passion for Christ. Jonathan has so much talent it’s hard to believe he has a. hearing loss. Thanks for sharing.

  26. God has truly used your nephew Jonathan for his glory. Jonathan was giving the opportunity to share his testimony on The Voice. He has inspired so many people with hearing. I love how he just keeps going. He is courageous ! Pray that God continues to use him a mighty way. Thank you for sharing !

  27. A beautiful reminder of God’s love from a Godly Christian woman that shares her faith freely. You are a living testimony and an role model for us to do the same. Jonathan has unlimited possibilities with his talent. …….And a note to SUE….I will lift your young grandson up in prayer and will have my prayer group at church pray for him. We will widen the prayer circle as you requested. Hold on to our God. As Cindy reminded us God is in control of all things.

  28. Amen, Amen. I needed to hear this and I did from you and the Pastor at church today. Love when God does this. 🙂 I’ve always said in my trial…. migraines for 32 yrs that I don’t always understand God but I trust Him. I pray to be healed as having them daily now…. only had 1 day without in Oct and one day without in Nov so far, so hard. Thanks Cyndi for listening to HIM and encouraging us your readers. We need each other on this journey of life.

  29. I loved Jonathan’s song it was so beautiful and the video as well thank you so much for sharing it, you are an inspiration sharing God’s endless love for us . I hope to hear more songs from Jonathan . God Bless

  30. Your nephew has a beautiful voice!! Amazing and so is Gods healing power. What an encouragement he is to be able to fulfill his passion despite his hearing loss. Believing and praying with you for complete and total healing. On the other hand and more importantly praying your nephew continues to do Gods will for his life. Many blessings to him and to you and your family.

  31. Just when I started to lose my grip; God pulled me up. This is for me today. Thank you for being in tune to God’s voice, and sharing. The song is great! The testimony is greater:)

  32. God did answer your Mother’s prayers for Johnthan. His beautiful voice and this awesome song is proof. God is Good.
    Thank you for sharing.

  33. Mrs. Cyndi, I have been reading your blog for some time now and I never comment. I couldn’t help it on this one though. What a inspiring story about your nephew. God’s plans are always so much more than we can see at times. Have a blessed day and thank yuh for sharing.