Can We Bring Back the Skort?

Happy Saturday! I’m continuing with my 25 Day of Summer Fashion, and I’m sharing a red skort outfit. I don’t think I’ve worn a skort since the ’90s, but I have to say I’m a fan. A skort gives us the best of both worlds: the look of a skirt with the coverage of shorts.

Can We Bring Back the Skort?

This cute one-piece skort is from EVEREVE. It’s soft material and almost feels like you’re wearing pajamas.

Can We Bring Back the Skort?

I have been carrying this rattan handbag when I’m running errands. I can put my cell phone, lip color, drivers license, and debit card in it and carry it as a crossbody bag.

Can We Bring Back the Skort?Can We Bring Back the Skort?

A denim jacket pairs well with this red skort. I always have my denim jacket with me in case I need it indoors.

Can We Bring Back the Skort?

Are you a fan of the skort?

Can We Bring Back the Skort?

Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a small)//Knit Skort Dress (I’m wearing a small)//Earrings//Handbag//Sandals//Bracelet//Necklace

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  1. I really like skorts, and would love it if they come back. No worrying about stooping down to pick up a grandchild and expose everything. Wish it came in different colors, that red is not my best color.

  2. I pretty much only wear skorts (and they are older because it’s hard to find a good skort right now) due to my modesty issue. I like to be able to move without fear of my undies showing.

  3. I just bought a floral skort yesterday at Roz and Ali! I thought I had grabbed a skirt to try on but it wasn’t. It’s very stretchy and fits so nicely. I am really happy with it.

  4. I LOVE skorts!! Cute skirt look with great coverage under!! No worries about bending over, etc!! I play golf and wear them on the course!
    Cute ones are hard to find! I have several from Athleta! Love this look as overall it appears you are wearing a dress! This will likely be a purchase for me!!

    Love your blog!

  5. That’s a skort I would wear! I typically don’t like then because it always feels like so much material and it makes me hot (my husband says my thermostat is broken because I stay hot all the time 😂).
    Have a great weekend- we have rain in Knoxville too, but we really need it so…

  6. I recently found a black “skort” at TJ Maxx. It’s actually a golf skirt. I took it on vacation and wore it more than anything else. Look in activewear for either golf or tennis skirts.

  7. This is a super cute outfit on you! I too love skorts and recently bought 2 from JC Penney. I got one in white and one in a khaki color. I also have one with a small floral print that I bought last year. I love them!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  8. If you golf skorts have never gone out of style. I ama golfer and have several skorts and love them.

  9. Cute outfit, at first glance I thought it was a dress. I’m glad you styled a skort as I recently purchased a skort outfit. I thought perhaps I’d look dated wearing it, but if you give it the thumbs up, I’m in!
    Thank you for your daily scriptures, they always encourage.

  10. Hi Cyndi! I love hearing you talk about quiet mornings with coffee on your screened in porch. I would love to see how you decorated your porch. You mentioned in an earlier post that you put your furniture together. I love your taste! Thank you!

  11. YES! To skorts! Hate the name but love them! I don’t like shorts on me so I prefer to wear dresses in the summer but sometimes you need the modesty of shorts. They do add extra material and can be warmer but if the fabric is lightweight it can work. Thanks for showing this cute outfit!

  12. I love the promise in the BFTH today. My souls needs refreshed and this promise is one to cling to. I’m SO glad skorts are making a comeback. I’ve been wearing them for about 3-4 years already so I’m ahead of the trend! However, they’ve been hard to find until recently. To me, they just make sense. They’re extremely comfortable, even more than a regular pair of shorts. And I enjoy the versatility of a casual, sporty look or elevating them to be more dressy. I’ve not seen a one piece skirt but I love the one you’re wearing! And that handbag is in my cart! I’m trying to justify that I need yet another handbag! 😂

  13. Love what you’re wearing! I have been wearing athletic type Eddie Bauer skorts for a while. They are great for travel because you can hike, cycle, do yoga, etc. in them & they dry quickly. Also practical when keeping active grandsons when it’s hot.

  14. I love a scort…….I own 2 of them. You can dress them up as if you had a skirt on but knowing you don’t have to worry. Even if it does go “out” for a couple years you can still wear them and everyone would think you are just wearing a skirt!!

  15. This red looks beautiful on you, especially with the denim jacket. And I love and wear skorts. But I’m not quite understanding the skort as a dress concept. So is it really like a jumpsuit – as far as putting it on and off – but a dress?

  16. Skorts are a staple for me. They go with me on vacation, cruising and are worn all summer. They’re modest and always nice looking. I’ve found some in thrift stores when they weren’t easily available in stores. Glad they’re coming again.

  17. Well this is funny.. I wore skort skirts for years but last summer I transitioned into shorts because I needed a break.. I do find the extra layer a little warm too. Never thought much about a skort dress. This one is nice… of course I love stripes and the denim jacket:)
    Blessings have a great weekend. We are enjoying nice temps and sun ☀️

  18. So happy they are making a comeback! They are a little longer than shorts so I like the length and extra coverage. You look great in red too!

  19. This skort dress is cute, I’ve never seen one! I like wearing skorts and have 3 in my closet I bought at Kohl’s. I liked the style and length so much I bought it in 3 colors!

  20. Love skorts! I have a white denim and a blue denim from Kohl’s and a lighter weight black from Athleta.

  21. Your reds on my screen always look fushia. :). Either way the skort is so cute. Looks like dress. I’ve never owned a skort. Is there anything you don’t look good in? 🙂 You look so cute in ALL your post. Hope you get to see Colt play. Rain finally quit here in NW. The sun and hot is coming.

  22. Wait Skorts are making come back! I didn’t know they were out, I love wearing them, I can wear a skirt and still be covered. I have dressy ones that almost resemble pencil skirts for work and fun summer ones that are more casual. You look gorgeous in this outfit, like always. I have a long body so one piece will never work for me. Keep up the good work

  23. Haven’t found any that are cool to wear. Live in Florida and that extra bulk of the long under pants are always polyester and are so hot to wear with then the skirt to, it’s like wearing 2 skirts that are never cotton and then the sweating starts down there.. And I never buy anything lined. Tennis short/skirts are fine to play in with the little shorts under

  24. Can’t wear them because I have fat knees. Always have had fat knees even as a teenager. Boo hoo . Lol

  25. Out here in California, all I wear for the summer are skorts! I love the look of a skirt with the convenience of shorts!

  26. LOVE skorts! I think it’s against the law in south Texas if you don’t have several in your closet 😀 I work for a high-end athleisure brand and we cannot keep our skorts in stock.

  27. I’m also a Fan of the Skort! I really like the Red Skort. Do you have other Skort colors? Have a fabulous blessed day! Thanks for sharing!

  28. I wear a skort all the time instead of shorts. I have 4. One from Eddie Bauer, two from Kuhl(one from REI/ one from Title Nine) and one from Sahalie. They’re great for traveling, hiking, gardening,errands. I feel feminine and cute, but modest. I am petite (5’3″) so they are probably a little longer on me than some people. Anyway, yes to skorts!

  29. Love your outfits! Love skorts I hadn’t worn any in 20 yrs . Love how you put everything together.