Cap Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts

Hi ladies! It’s Day 8 of 22 Days of Summer Fashion, and today I’m sharing a cap sleeve tee (under $15) and denim shorts (under $20).

Yesterday was a steamy day here in Kentucky, so this was a great outfit for hot weather.

This cap sleeve tee from Old Navy is a linen and polyester blend, and it’s a roomy tee. It can be worn out with its side slits.

Cap Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts

This striped one is sold out (hoping they restock), but they do have more colors.

Cap Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts

My boyfriend shorts are from Target, and they are a 6-inch inseam. They run big, so I recommend sizing down.

Cap Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts

Cap Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts

I purchased these sandals last year, but they are still available. They are comfortable and run TTS.

Cap Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts

Cap Sleeve Tee + Denim Shorts

Cap-Sleeve Tee (I’m wearing a small)// Denim Shorts (size down, I’m wearing a size 2) // Earrings // Tan Sandals (TTS) // Sungalsses // Tan Belt //Victoria Emerson Bracelet (similar option here)

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  1. Very cute outfit, Cyndi! Those shorts are a good length. So many jeans shorts are to short and tight!

  2. Mornin’ Cyndi!

    I just ordered the shorts and I purchased the sandals last year when you recommended them, and I LOVE them, they’re SO comfortable, actually, I had them on yesterday at work.

    Have a fabulous day sweet Cyndi, thanks again for everything you do for us! 😉


  3. Love the length of the shorts, even tho I’m petite I still prefer a little longer shorts. I have two in the cart now for pickup today 😃 and I also bought those shoes in tan and black last year. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your warmer weather.

  4. Such a cute casual outfit! I’m going to check out that tee.
    Wish they wouldn’t vanity size clothes, it cuts out us little gals altogether for the shorts, which are also really cute.

    Thanks for the BFTH, too. That’s a hard one to realize sometimes.

  5. Great outfit and I love the length of the denim shorts.. just visited Old Navy yesterday but might have to go back🤷‍♀️I just got two Victoria Emerson bracelets yesterday they came super fast. Can’t have enough of those…

  6. Hi Cyndi, I love these cute denim, summer outfits. I ordered your July 4th red, white & blue tee. I’m not crazy about the rounded neck on too many of my tees. I love the V neck, slims my face and neckline But I loved the tie dye. You look so darn cute in your summer fashions!! 🙂

  7. I have issues and HAVE to wear a mask at this time. I have found so many to match my outfits. Who would have dreamed the trending summer accessory would be face masks? I would love to see more of you coordinating outfits with them.