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Capri Pants-In or Out of Style?

Here we go! Capri Pants-In or Out of Style?

Capri Pants-In or Out of Style?

First what is a capri pant? Capri pants (also known as Capris, Crop pants, long or three-quarter pants) are mid-calf pants worn in warm weather. Variants end below the knee and calf.

They’re great during the summer months, especially if you don’t want to wear shorts.

We need to make sure we wear capri pants that are flattering on us. There are definitely some do’s and don’ts.

What Not To Wear~

  • Wide leg capris
  • Capri pants that hit the largest part of your calf
  • Elastic waist capris
  • Avoid cuffs – cuffs create extra and unnecessary horizontal lines, which will shorten your legs further.

Capri Pants-In or Out of Style?

What To Wear~

  • Capris that are tapered. If they follow the natural leg line they will look much better.
  • Capris that end at the slimmest part of your calves or closer to your ankle.
  • Wear higher heels or wedges to lengthen your legs.

Capri Pants-In or Out of Style?

1. The Limited// 2. Gap// 3.Banana Republic// 4. The Limited// 5. Gap // 6. Old Navy// 7. Loft//  8. Banana Republic

I wear capri/ankle pants all summer. I lean toward the ankle pants because my calves are not tiny. Make sense?

Capri Pants-In or Out of Style?

I do like capris better with a little heel. I think I’ll look for a small nude wedge heel to wear for everyday.

So the answer to the question, “Are capri pants in or out of style?” is…..they’re in style, but make sure you get a pair that flatters your body type. 

Also, the trend for wide leg pants is coming back around so of course it’s going to affect capri pants. They were spotted on the runways this year but I still don’t think they are flattering on very many women.

So what do you think, will you be wearing capri pants this summer?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Well, I just bought a pair of wide leg, cuffed capris. They are linen and very dressy and I “think” they look really nice. I have tried them with the flat and the wedge and they definitely look better with a wedge shoe for sure. They are Banana Republic. Fortunately they look nothing like the ones you have pictured up top. Or I hope they don’t anyway. LOL. Have a great weekend.

  2. I would say all the ones you are wearing are “ankle pants” and not capris. Typically when I find capris in the store they hit either just below the knee or mid-calf…not flattering at all. But I LOVE me some ankle pants!! I think they look awesome on you Cyndi! I agree we have to be careful that whatever length our pants are they need to be flattering. Love the wedge sandal you are wearing in the last pic!

  3. I agree…the pants that are more “in” hit at or just above the ankle. I think the capris that were popular in recent years now look dowdy! I got rid of mine and am now purchasing the ankle length….much more stylish and flattering. Cyndi, yours are all cute!!

  4. As a tall-ish woman (5’7″), ankle pants make me cringe a bit. Too many “normal” trousers end up as ankle pants on me! I don’t think showing that extra inch of skin makes it look or feel any cooler. But I do like capris that hit at the bottom of my calf.

  5. I, also, am tall. 5’9″. I find that if I buy the ankle pant or “short” jean and cuff a time or two, they look perfect. But I have really long legs, I think that is why the cuff is OK. So, they are really more like long capris. I stick with a jean type material and skinny cut in various colors and they look “modern”. As far as actual capris, I agree that you have to find they one that flatters you. I think the photos posted are pefect examples of what to wear and not to wear for capris.

  6. May I add that as a petite it is recommended by You LOOK Fab stylist Angie that you go shorter than ankle pants, I think it was about 4 to 5 inches…. Please also remember that Cyndi was asked what the trend was and by all means if there is something you like and works better the choice is of course , your own!

  7. I will go back and try those black ones I just bought on! Great tips that will help me because I love the look and want some in basic colors to build a new spring/summer wardrobe around.

  8. I think the ankle pants look really cute on you but I’m 5’10” and always fought trying to get pants long enough as a kid (didn’t want to wear “floods”). So, the ankle pants bring back “flood” nightmares to me. Every time I would try on a pair of capris I felt I looked short (I know crazy). So, I don’t wear either one.

  9. Ankle pants are newest/greatest obsession over the past year. I like them with flats, sandals, heels and wedges. I still have some capri length pants that I also wear. I think if you prefer to wear a wider capri style pant it’s wise to put a more fitted top with them and something more current and modern.

  10. I love the ankle pants. Or skinny jeans that I simply cuff once to be ankle pants.
    Just received a new pair in my Stitch Fix yesterday. Can’t wait to wear them!

  11. My observation is that when people talk about capris they are talking about the shorter length ones that you said not to wear. I agree with you! The ankle length ones which I call cropped are so much cuter! I will confess that it’s hard to let go of those capris in my closet that still fit perfectly well.

  12. I think capri’s are different than ankle length. In my opinion, capri’s are not in style anymore, ankle length is.

  13. I love the ankle pants. I am just under 5′ and the capris i currently own tend to come up a bit more. They are very slimming so I am sticking with them again this year although updating my tops. My issue…I may be ‘short’ but I wear a size 8 shoe!! Yep, I got the hobbit look going..although my feet are skinny and long. I usually wear wide long led pants to hide them but with the ankle look, which I love on me, I cannot hide them. Any words of advice? (Yes…at 46 years old I still have issues with them. I do keep them polished and looking nice.)

  14. Your post is timely because I was just looking at the carpi’s in my closet and wondering the same thing. Glad they are still in and I love the outfits you put together with yours.


  15. I agree with the other ladies that’ve think capris are different than ankle pants. I’m only 5’4 so I like to wear a heel, or they don’t look great on me. Love your nude wedges Cyndi in the last photo. Have a blessed weekend 🙂

  16. Opps!! I’m glad I have you to help set me straight!!!

    I also loved your brown wedge shoes you posted a while back…so much so….I hunted till I found a pair.

    I truly take your advice to heart
    Love ya…..

  17. Just bought a pair of white ankle pants and some tops for going out from Banana Republic. I am 5-2, so I like a wedge heel. I like capris for casual but ankle for going out. I think the straight leg ankle looks more modern. Love your pictured looks!

  18. Great advice! I cringe at the word “capri” because I picture some of the don’ts in your post. Not only can those no-no’s be unflattering to our body, they can also age us! (Imagine granny on vacation in capri pants, sensible shoes, and a fanny pack!) You look great in your ankle pants, Cyndi! Have a blessed weekend!
    Love, Kim S from Alabama

  19. I think capris will always be in style. For me, I have narrow calves and skinny ankles, so I suppose I need a pair to do exactly what people suggest not to do; have them hit at the widest part of the calf, lol. I don`t feel right in shorts any more, as I`m fast approaching my 50th birthday, so capris are a perfect solution.

  20. I love all your blogs, but have especially loved the past few, on pantyhose and capris!!!! I have learned so much, and I thank you for helping me figure out how to dress more up to date, but yet not over the top! I am so hoping you tackle shorts next! Do not wear very often, but I do have a couple of “walking short” length. Really want to know what you think! Thank you and God Bless You!!!!

  21. First, you’re adorable!
    Second, super helpful info!! Capri pants can be tricky and you definitely nailed it with your “what not to do”! I’ll have to remember this

  22. I wasn’t too sure about capris either. I live in sunny California where it’s shorts weather year-round. I’m just not sure at what age it becomes inappropriate to run around in shorts. I bought a cute pair of capris recently at the Loft (same style featured here but a navy print. Turns out I really like them! They go with so many things in my closet & look cute with heels or flats. (I’m 5’4). It’s nice to have a hot weather option besides shorts.

  23. I agree with you Kim. I don’t wear shorts and find capris very comfortable in hot, humid mid-west summers. The ankle pants look nice but I’ve not found any that fit me well (I’m 5’3 and size 8 but curvy in hip and thigh) I don’t find the skinny pants particularly flattering on me.

  24. I agree with many of your other commentors: Capris are the shorter pants which are no longer in style. But ankle pants, especially trim-lined ones are very classy, comfortable and cool. I think they show off your shoes, so it is imporant to wear stylish shoes with them. Since I’m tall, I feel like ankle pants give me some leeway; I don’t have to worry about them being that specific full length. Yours look great on you, Cyndi!

  25. My idea of capri pants are different than what you have pictured in the DO list…which I would call ankle pants. But, I think you’re right when you say the ankle length is what is currently in style and your advice looks spot on in that regard, so I think I need a pair like your coral ones. 🙂 I do like the more traditionally, shorter capri pants for the beastly hot weather, though. GREAT advice, Cyndi!

  26. Love your advice! I’m 5 ft. 2 and have a tough time finding the right length of capris so this is great. They can easily look frumpy if you don’t get the right style!

  27. Love the slim, fitted, ankle pants. Like most of those you featured that we can purchase. I think your pants are more like ankle pants. I still say that I have never seen anyone that looks good in the capri pants that hit an inch or so below the knee. I see a lot of women in their 40’s and beyond wearing them, and all it does is make them look 20 years older. Totally my opinion. I don’t even think Demi Moore could rock a pair of those, and she looks good in everything! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Cyndi. Love your blog.

  28. Hi Cyndi, I love all of the advice on buying crops/capris…I live in Texas and NEED these during the hot summer months. I also love the wedge/platform sandals that you’re wearing in the picture with the red capris, navy and white shirt and cross body bag. Love that they are not tooo high! Could you give the info about them? thanks!

  29. I like the look of capris, but most don’t work well for me. I’m short. I like to say 5’3″, but it’s really more like 5’2″. Plus I’m pear shaped, and that doesn’t help either. I can’t wear any type of shorts where I am- knees have to be covered. I have 2 pair of lightweight ones that I wear for biking/hiking or other physical activities. But in general, I can’t find ones that are flattering.