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Cargo Vest for Casual Winter Fashion

Cargo Vest for Casual Winter FashionHappy hump day! Today I’m styling a cargo vest from Target. I love wearing vests but when the weather turns cold it’s hard to wear them with a coat.

This cargo vest is thin enough I can still wear a winter coat and be comfortable. Score!

Cargo Vest for Casual Winter FashionYou all know I love this cheetah scarf I purchased from Target several years ago. I have found one similar but it’s a Kate Spade scarf which means it’s expensive. But my guess it will be a scarf you will wear foreva!

This scarf is not an infinity scarf. Here’s how I made it an infinity scarf: I tied the ends together, I wrapped it around my neck twice. I turn the knot (where I tied it together) around to the front and tuck it under. I don’t want that knot on the back of my neck. Easy peasy!

Cargo Vest for Casual Winter FashionSomeone asked how I get the “bump” in my hair when I pull it back. Start with dirty hair, okay it doesn’t have to be dirty but it needs product in it and some hairspray. I tease the back with this brush and then pull it back with a clip or a ponytail holder.

Cargo Vest for Casual Winter FashionThis white shirt is from JCPenney. It’s a soft and a little thicker than my white shirt from Nordstrom. It gets 5 star reviews on their site and it also comes in petite and plus size.

Cargo Vest for Casual Winter FashionOutfit details: Cargo Vest//White shirt//Black jeans//Scarf (similar here)//Boots (mine are out of stock but I like these!)//Watch//Bracelet//Ring//Handbag

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It’s so important that we shine Christ’s light in our world. We need it more than ever! Think about how you can share the love of Christ today.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. What does the service cost at Kroger We are very interested in this service. Stay warm. I’m like you I hate not being able to go anywhere. My husband says I’m good for the economy. Ha

    1. Cindy the service is free for the first 3 times. Then after that I think it’s $4.50. But I think that’s worth it. I save money because I’m only buying what I need!!
      Hope that helps!

  2. I love Chip & Joanna! they are just too cute. My husband and I wish we could do a fixer upper with them!!

    As for Kroger, I did not know they offered that service but I would totally love that. Maybe that is something that will be coming to Ohio soon. Do they charge an extra service fee for that?

  3. Love Fixer Upper too! We were looking at houses this past weekend and I kept saying if only Chip and Joanna were here they would be able to tell us what we could do and they would make it fabulous!

    Also love the Kroger service – hope it comes to Columbus soon! I’m watching it snow and thinking I have to get to the store.

  4. Love, Love, Love Fixer Upper, and want to take a trip to Waco TX to see the new Silo’s. Your outfit looks so cute and perfect for our CA weather. Blessings to you…

  5. I love Fixer Upper!!!! Total #relationshipgoals for sure!!! They are just the most adorable couple and I love their renovations too!!
    We have a lot of HyVee grocery stores around here and they just started offering online ordering AND free delivery if it’s over $75 (which is pretty easy to do). I haven’t done it yet but I think I might have to. But if I do it once, I’ll be hooked I”m sure! 🙂

  6. I love Fixer Upper too girl! If you have time after your Dallas trip you should drive to Waco to their store!
    Stay warm!

  7. I literally had this vest in my shopping cart last night, but decided not to purchase it because I already have a military jacket. I think I am going to buy it now as you have styled it so cute here. I also have the scarf and it is one of my favorites! Have a blessed day.

  8. We love “JoJo” and Chip, too! What a cute, fun, and talented couple! His sense of humor is SO fun and she is just adorable. I’m addicted!!

  9. Cute outfit! I sure love my camel suede boots from Target and I really love that long , shawl collar sweater I got from Target too……I ended up with the “white” color but it was really light grey with a lot of black flecks! It’s really warm and I get lots of compliments. But I am not sure I am a vest sorta person….it’s a bit too casual to wear in the office and I have enough casual clothes. But as usual it looks great on you!

  10. Love Fixer Upper! Have been watching Chip and Joanna since the first season. It is my favorite HGTV show.
    I haven’t heard of Krogers shop online service but, will have to check it out.
    You look great as always. Thanks so much for doing what you do- and for sharing it with us.

  11. I have been searching for a scarf like this but yet to find one.. As much as I love the Kate Spade, I cannot pay that much. If you find another at a more reasonable price, please let us know.

    I searched the Kroger pick up deal and its seems they are only available in TN and KY right now.

  12. I love Fixer Upper. My husband has not seen it yet. I love the outfit. I think our Kroger in Michigan has the order online and pay. I know Meijer has it. My In-Laws have everything delivered to the door in Massachusetts. They have a Roach Brother’s that has that service. They are 85 and 89 years old. In Michigan we are in the teens and yesterday was very icy driving. Very cold the rest of the week

  13. I just watched Fixer Upper last night. It’s by far my favorite on HGTV! Their work is incredible!! I’d love to take a trip and stay in their bed and breakfast they recently did.
    I really like your vest from Target. It’s hard to tell in a photo, but does it wrinkle easily?


  14. I love Chip, Joanna and their children.

    Our Kroger in Southern Indiana does not have that service. I sure hope we get it, that would be great.

  15. Love the vest! My daughter bought a sheering style one from Target and it’s held up quite well!

    I hear of more and more people having groceries delivered. It’s like we’re going back in time! Anyone else remember watching old b&w shows on Nick at Nite? Those always showed groceries being delivered, and not just the milkman!

    I’ll be praying for you all in for this nasty snow/ice. It’s supposed to get pretty cold here (Texas) but nothing like what people are getting other places! Stay warm!

    We have a friend that works for Chip & Joanna! LOVE that show. Whitney is on Joanna’s marketing and design team. All the cool handwriting? That’s Whitney!

  16. I love Fixer Upper! Have watched since their first show. The bonus is that Chip and Joanna Gaines are believers! Joanna’s blog, Magnolia Mom, testifies to her faith in many of her blogs. So refreshing to have a clean humor, too, and a blessing to watch.

  17. I love your outfit as always, but I’m thrown off by all the comments regarding Chip and Jo Anna Gaines. I didn’t see where you said anything about them. I guess I missed it somewhere. I happen to love that wonderful show! They are the cutest couple and they are both so talented in what they do. I LOVE Jo Jo’s style…Oh how I would love to have her decorate my house. I think I have good taste and know what I like, but that girl can put everything together in her mind like nobody’s business!

    1. Yes Melissa she can decorate!! Sorry about throwing you off. I sometimes write about different things in my email that I send out. I talked about Fixer Upper and grocery shopping today! ha!

  18. I, too am a Chip and Joanna fan! Not only do I love their style, but I love their chemistry and love of family.
    I really love your daily blog and style tips. You remind me so much of a friend since high school. Lovely inside and out!

  19. Love how you put this together. I went to the Target site to check out the vest and it is nothing that I would EVER have considered wearing. However, you make it look SO cute!

  20. Love watching Fixer Upper too. Chip and Jo Jo are amazing. Love their style and their love of family. Wish our Kroger offered online shopping here in north central IN. I would be all about that! I’m enjoying the online bible study with Katie Orr this week!!

  21. Love Fixer Upper! It’s my new obsession too! I am thinking about getting several of my friends from church together and doing a girls trip to Dallas and going over to Waco to go to Magnolia Market. Wouldn’t that be a great girls trip! I think I am going to have to make that happen.
    I live just 15 minutes north of Nashville and our Kroger is offering that service too. I’ve been a little hesitant about using it though because we try to eat clean for the most part and I’m a little reluctant to have them pick my produce. Have you purchased any produce using this service?
    Hope Nashville was good to you last weekend! Enjoy your snow day….we unfortunately got some ice along with our snow.

    1. I have purchased produce and I pick the organic. If they don’t have it they will give you the other or you can check not to replace it. If that makes sense.
      So far I have gotten almost all the organic food I wanted.

  22. I love that vest and I love Target! It’s sort of a bad thing that you and Jo-Lynne keep sharing so many great pieces of clothing that I think I have to have. Since I am so hot natured, I would get a lit of use out of the vest.

    It’s a very grey day in metro Atlanta, with it currently 37 in Duluth, thank goodness! Don’t want the sleet!

    Have a blessed day!

  23. Lucky you!!! You actually have that service at your local grocery store.
    I’ve wished for that for years especially when my kids were little!
    I knew it could be done but thought they probably wouldn’t want to offer it because it cuts way back on impulse purchases. I know it would for me.

  24. I am obsessed with Fixer Upper! Love her style and everything about the show.
    They just announced a new book coming out in October 2016. Can’t wait to see the new shows!

  25. Love this outfit today Cindi. Thanks for sharing your style and your faith. Hope your day is filled with blessings. 🙂

  26. Cyndi, I am absolutely addicted to Chip & Joanna! Their show is the bomb & I love the way their interact & tease. They are SO successful & are now coming out w/the book too! I tape all the shows & watch them over & over!

  27. I adore your style!! I have all I need for this outfit except for the white top and the vest…..on a mission now to check out that vest!

  28. I too am a Fixer Upper addict! Love Chip and Jo Jo, and how great it is that they love Jesus too!! 😉 Our grocery store has on line shopping as well. We also have delivery available, but I haven’t done that yet 😉 Do you pay for the on-line shopping by you? It’s $10 here, but I actually find I don’t spend as much as I do when I am in the store shopping … you know, those impulse buys…ugh! So I too like the pick up 😉 However, I do get out of the car and help them unload the groceries. Love your outfit Cyndi. Have a blessed day 😉

  29. I almost bought this last Saturday, they also have a light weight jacket that is similar. I guess I need to make a trip back to Target and get it. 🙂

  30. I record Fixer Upper too! Love it – they are “good people”
    That is a great running around outfit., and looks so cute on you.
    Snowing and cold in Knoxville.

  31. I love Fixer Upper. I also love what you do. Maybe you should do a fashion fixer upper! Put me on the list!

  32. Just read your email…..I must have a grocery pickup service!! That sounds ahhhmazing!! I am going to check to see if our store does it. Will check out Fixer Upper, you are the 2nd person to mention it lately. Thanks!!

  33. Love your outfit. Just bought the cargo vest online with In store pick up – I pick it up tomorrow. We watch Fixer Upper too and also Property Brothers. Both shows are great!
    Haven’t tried to order groceries on line……..not confident I will appreciate someone else picking out my vegetables – I might need to try it out though. Thanks

  34. I bought the vest to re-create this outfit, and while it looks fantastic on you, it definitely didn’t on me. I have a long torso, and the drawstring just really cut off at a funny place for me. I wanted to love it, but not everything works for everybody. Your ideas are fabulous and inspiring, though, and lots of things you wear are so versatile that they will work for lots of body types. Thanks so much for all you do to inspire women to be our best!

  35. I don’t like to wear vests under my jacket so I think this would be a perfect fall outfit. Speaking of home improvement shows do you watch Rehab Addict with Nicole? We like that one because she restores things to their original, or close to, state.

  36. You styled a vest similar (same?) in the fall that I really wanted, but it was $80. Then Macy’s came out with one that was $100! Alas, I have been so sad without a vest, but today was an exciting day! I snapped one up at target just now. Thank you!

  37. I bought the vest the day I read your post and styled it similarly the next day! Thanks so much for all your fashion ideas.

  38. Cyndi, I ordered the cargo vest and just got it today. I love it , the material is lightweight so not bulky. Thanks again for another great idea. Stay warm!