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Casual Friday Fashion

burberry-top-with-jeansHappy Friday! Yesterday I spent the whole day at the Spring Market. Wow!! It was fun! It looks like lace, fringe and ruffles are going to be a big hit this spring.

If you liked the ’70s, you are going to love the styles coming in 2016! (I have no idea what the guy in the hat and flannel was doing at spring market. Ha!)

spring marketBefore I left Kentucky, it was cold and windy and I quickly styled this cute plaid top for casual Friday fashion. This is a comfy top and will be perfect when the weather warms up a bit.

burberry-top-7One of the things I’m seeing for spring is ankle pants. This pair from Loft would look cute with this shirt.

burberry-top-4 BURBERRY-TOP-2I like any top that hangs a little bit longer in the back.

BURBERRY-TOP-3Outfit details: Plaid Top (I’m wearing a small)//Skinny Jeans (I’m wearing a size 7)//Wedge Boot//Necklace//Cami Top//Watch//Bracelet

Use Discount Code Spivey921 for $10 off a $20 purchase at Glamour Farms.

Have you seen any spring styles that you like?

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Beauty For the Heart~~“The spirit of complaint is born out of an unwillingness to trust God with today.
Like the Israelites, it means you are spending your time looking back toward Egypt or wishing for the future all the while missing what God is doing right now.” -Priscilla Shirer

This is a great reminder to enjoy this day!

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!!

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  1. Cyndi,
    I love this top but cannot tell if you are wearing it over a cami, or if the top has a liner under it? The Glamour farms pic/description doesn’t say either.

    1. She links a cami top in the description, so yes. And, you can see a bit of it peeking out in one of the front pics :-).

  2. Hope you’re having fun in Texas !
    Like your beauty for the heart -so easy to fall into the habit of looking back instead of ahead.
    My calendar today is about trusting God -Psalms 37:5 is a good read about trusting with our whole heart and mind.
    Hope your travels are safe!

  3. You look so cute in that plaid top and at Market! Not sure I want to relive the 70s fashion. 😊 I’m sure you found things I’ll love though! Hope you are at Magnolia Farms today and enjoying this wonderful weather!’!

  4. You’re always so cute and righton about fashion and scripture, but, Ha! I KNEW it! My mother’s side married into Spiveys in Kentucky. #onefamilyinChrist
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love this top. It looks white in your picture and beige on the model at Glamour Farms. Is it more white or beige?

  6. I love fringe, like lace and not a big fan of ruffles, but large ruffles are okay….sounds like cute things will be coming our way. I love ankle trousers, or cigarette pants, I think that’s what they were called way, way back in the 50’s…..

  7. Welcome to Texas! You look so cute! If you have a chance, go to the George W. Bush Presidential Library at SMU. It’s awesome! My son is stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, and I got to see a little bit of Kentucky last month. Very pretty! Love your posts!

  8. How much fun you must be having in Big D! I love lace and ruffles! I hope you continue to enjoy yourself!
    I love Pricilla S. I am in her study, “The Armour of God” right now at our church!! Love The War Room, too!!

    Paula K.

  9. Hi Cindi….I know you had a ball at the spring market, I’m looking forward to seeing what you got/style when spring gets here.

    I was wondering about the tunic top you have on with the leggings at the top of this post, can you link to it? I’m looking for on in gray (I know this one looks navy or black) but thought it might come in other colors.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love the top!
    Ok- I’ve been commenting on yours and JoLynne’s blog about skinny jeans just not working for me. I have to leave a comment on her blog too because I was shopping at Marshalls the other day, killing time while my daughter was at dance and I found a pair of Kut from the Kloth skinny jeans ( that I looked up on their website and I think they are OLD) for $20! I thought “why not, I’ll try them on.” They are SO comfortable and I think they actually look pretty good – with the right top. I never even look at jeans there but these were in clearance. Anyway, I love them. Thanks for the fashion inspiration!

  11. Hi Cyndi,
    You look as radiant as ever… Love the whole ensemble!! Glad you’re in TX. gathering some ideas for us for the Spring…. can’t wait to see some of your choices! I was born in 1967 so I was very young in the 70’s and just turning 13 in 1980… so I’m more of an 80’s gal, don’t remember much of the 70’s…. but am eager to see what all you bring back to style for us! Have Fun! Enjoying all the pix! Ps. I ordered the black Christian Siriano Boots!

  12. Sold out in all but 3x and M :-(. I find this to be the case quite a bit when you link to glamour farms. Do they restock or once it’s out, it’s out? Love the look though!

  13. Disappointed because when I went to order the top it didnt say the medium was sold out until I went to my cart to pay and it then said inventory issues and not available. I went back to see if I could get a small but that did say Sold Out! Seems to happen to me often with Glamor Farms so I tied to order quickly but I guess not quick enough. 😟
    I hope you enjoyed Texas, as I am at Texas girl in San Antonio and sure do love our great state.