Casual Winter Outfit Formulas: Athleisure Wear

Jo-Lynne and I are sharing our last casual winter outfit this week. We are ending this series with athleisure wear. I recently shared a post on How to Rock the Athleisure Look.

Athleisure wear is fashionable active wear. It’s a fashion trend that is gaining popularity and it looks like it’s going to be around for a while.

Casual Winter Outfit Formulas: Athleisure Wear

I must not wear sneakers very often (unless I’m working out) because I met up with a friend and I was wearing this outfit. She commented on the fact that I was wearing sneakers and was a little surprised. Ha!

Casual Winter Outfit Formulas: Athleisure WearThese Nike sneakers are so comfortable and they are on sale for under $50!

Casual Winter Outfit Formulas: Athleisure WearI often hear women say, “leggings aren’t pants” but truthfully leggings can be worn as pants. The key in my opinion is wearing a long enough top that covers the right places.

Casual Winter Outfit Formulas: Athleisure WearThis sweater from H&M is long and works great with leggings in winter weather. My leggings are Lou & Grey from Loft.

Casual Winter Outfit Formulas: Athleisure WearGotta love a windy, rainy, winter day!

Casual Winter Outfit Formulas: Athleisure WearTurtleneck sweater (I’m wearing a small) Another option here//Leggings (I’m wearing a medium)//Nike Sneakers//Crossbody bag


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Be sure to visit Jolynne and see how she’s styling this outfit formula today!

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Beauty for the Heart~~We finish the beatitudes with Matthew 5:10, God blesses those who are persecuted for doing right, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

Whether we like it or not, there is conflict between us and the world because our outlook is radically different. Humility, meekness, and a pure heart are not praised in the world we live in.

Trust me, when we show mercy, humility, when we strive for righteousness, it does not go unnoticed by Jesus. You will be blessed!

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  1. I do have a hard time with athleisure wear because it reminds me of going to the gym…and I can distinctly remember Stacy & Clinton saying “gym wear is not for the public!!”.
    But this outfit I could do—maybe it’s the sweater that makes it look great? Although I admit, I’d probably wear ankle boots!!

  2. Love this casual outfit! I have these sneakers and they are THE BEST! Soooo comfy! I really love the bag – I’m gonna have to check that out!

  3. I think younger women have an easier time accepting this look – I like it, and it would be a great weekend look, especially for running errands. I don’t tend to wear tennis shoes often either, they make me feel underdressed or something. My 25 year old daughter has been wearing this kind of look for a few years and I always questioned her about it…it’s a mom thing :).
    I believe we are living in a time of constant persecution – especially for Christians. We are – or at least I feel I am – viewed as old fashioned, or out of touch when I voice my opinion about some of the nastiness I see, especially on social media. I wasn’t raised to be or to speak ugly to someone just because my beliefs or thoughts were different. We live in a different world now I suppose. Thank you for the encouragement in this area Cyndi.

    1. My mother always taught us, ” If you can’t say something good about someone, say nothing at all.” I wish folks followed that same sentiment these days, especially on social media.

  4. i love the look. at my age though I don’t know if I can pull it off, (69) . You look beautiful!! Love your comments on trying to be better people. It’s very hard these days. Just keep trying, let go and let God!!!

  5. I love this look on you Cindy! You manage to make this look both comfy & polished at the same time! I have a question about leggings for anyone that might have input. I wonder if anyone has compared the leggings with Glamour Farms to the ones styled here? Or if any one has other suggestions about leggings – specifically for someone who is petite height By the way I did just get the AHH mazing full length shaper from Glamour Farms & it is awesome! I wanted to try the leggings – but wondered about the length etc…..

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I have not tried the Glamour Farms leggings yet, but I am petite also and I have found lots of cute leggings at Target and as long as I go with the crop length, they fit me like a regular length. And they have lots of styles and colors 🙂

    2. I LOVE these Ahhmazing leggings. I liked them so much that I bought 2 pairs in black and one in ink. They are great and tuck your tummy in while being comfortable at the same time! The length will work for anyone….I bought these when Cyndy first styled them and have loved and worn them a lot since.

        1. You are very welcome! I love hearing other people’s comments on something I might be interested in. Helps to make a decision. I forgot to say that the material is great…stretchy and substantial…not flimsy at all. Several of my girlfriends have commented on them , and they loved how it streamlines and tucks your tummy in! 🙂 They have bought and like them as well. I am over 60 and feel comfortable in them as long as my top/tunic covers my bottom! 🙂

          1. LOL – I just turned the 60 corner as well, but like to think I can keep up with some of these styles. It has been great to find Cyndi — as I have been able to adapt some of her extremely adorable stylings to work for me without feeling like I am in the too young/over the hill categories! 🙂
            I will give these leggings a try. Thanks again for your input!!

  6. Cyndi, I think you look very comfortable, classy, and relaxed. Where we live and our lifestyle is very casual, so athleisure wear is most appropriate. But, I cannot wear Nike’s because they have zero support for my high arches and paper thin feet.

    Have a blessed day!

  7. First, I want to say this outfit is so cute on you. I was the same way about wearing sneakers as casual wear but now that I am no longer working full time and spending more time running errands. This style really works for me now. But I refuse to pay over $100 on tennis shoes or fancy leggings from Lululemon like my 20 yr old daughter does. Although, their stuff is very nice, I have found great deals on cute leggings at Target and TJMaxx. And I strongly agree with always wearing a longer top! Advice from my daughter “Might want to try wearing black socks with your black sneakers next time” 😉

  8. I like this look if you aren’t all sweaty from going to the gym or out walking then decide to wear this. I do love Nike & New Balance tennis shoes. Sometimes if it is late in the afternoon and I have tennis shoes on I won’t change around here & just fix dinner in tennis shoe and my activewear. If I was clean I would wear your look……..out in public like you have on alittle makeup on I am sure & hair is perfect. Not a drop of sweat anywhere! Cute look!

  9. Cyndi , this outfit looks great on you! You rock this look ! I want to thank you for posting this and all your casual looks , they are a life saver for me ! Although I’m in my 50’s , because of the demands of my job, home health pediatric nurse, I have to wear clothes that I can move around in. I have to be able to bend , stretch , pick up kids, sit on the floor with them , hold , play , etc. After years of wearing sneakers and jeans , the athleisure trend offers some hope of being a little fashionable for me ! I often accompany my patients to school and this fits the bill perfectly! There is literally a whole army of working women out there , physical therapists, speech therapists, etc., who are always looking for ideas .

  10. Being a bit older (57), I always worry that wearing sneakers crosses me over into that “old lady” look. Things that look so sharp on a younger woman like a floral print sometimes make me feel old.

  11. I don’t care what people say, if you are clean, comfortable and modest, it’s all good. I think athletic wear can look polished and you always look polished.

  12. As always, you look polished and put-together. . . and you also look comfortable!

    You’re right: leggings are a fine substitute for pants IF (and only if) you’re wearing a long top. Thank you for demonstrating how long the top needs to be! 🙂

  13. Lou and Grey are wonderful. I wear them to work with a nice sweater and boots. I am 62, and I feel comfortable with this look (not too young looking!) The leggings fit really nicely and hold their shape.

  14. Very cute outfit. I feel like I live in leggings, sneakers and a fun top lately. It is cute for running errands and when I am ready to do my run, I just change out my top and I am off! Great post! Peace! Cheryl

  15. Hey miss pretty! I love athleisure wear on you! I’m going to be looking into them myself. I agree 💯 leggings are pants! Just gotta know how to style them 👍

  16. Thanks for showing us how to be comfy and not sloppy while running around on off days! I chuckled at the sock comments. I always wear black no shows with my black tennis shoes and white with my white tennis shoes, but last month my daughter told me it is opposite now!!! Who knows!