CASUAL WINTER OUTFIT FORMULAS: Tunic + Leggings + Tall Boots

Happy hump day! Jo-Lynne and I are joining forces to share a casual winter outfit. These are for women who are looking for a casual outfit for running errands or working from home (or weekend wear).

Today we are styling a tunic with leggings (use discount code graceandbeauty017 for $10 off) and tall boots. I’ll be honest and say I don’t wear leggings very often. I love them on other women but I don’t think I wear them well.

Most of my height is in my legs so I have to have a long top which is not always easy to find. I tried to find a straight tunic (not an a-line) and one that wasn’t flowy.

Casual winter outfits for women over 40This tunic from Macy’s is a great tunic but it’s a little pricey. It is a good thick tunic and I love the lace up detail on the front.

Casual winter outfits for women over 40I added a pop of color with my Vera Bradley handbag.

Casual winter outfits for women over 40Casual winter outfits for women over 40The tunic is long enough to cover my back end which is a must when wearing leggings.

Casual winter outfits for women over 40My Coach boots are on sale (40% off). I purchased these a few months ago becauseI didn’t have a good pair of tall leather boots and I felt these would be a pair I could wear for a long time.

Casual winter outfits for women over 40I  also thought this outfit would be cute with a leopard print clutch. Perfect accessory to add if you were going out to dinner!

Casual winter outfits for women over 40Denim tunic (I’m wearing a medium)//Ahh-mazing leggings (use discount code graceandbeauty017 for $10 off) //Tall Boots-here and here//Loft tank in black//Earrings//Crossbody bag//Leopard clutch-similar here//Watch-similar here//Bracelet//Bracelet//Bracelet

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Beauty for the Heart~~And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary. Galatians 6:9

It’s easy at times to become weary. There is so much opposition to the best plans for doing good; there is so much to be done; but Paul encourages us to persevere! Don’t grow weary. Keep doing good!

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Cyndi, I have to say this is my favorite casual winter outfit and you and JoLynne do a beautiful job showcasing it! Even though you are much slimmer than I, this outfit formula works well for my shape too! I love the denim shirt with the lacing on you. Fun!


  2. I don’t wear leggings that much either Cyndi! But I have tried them.
    I even just wrote an article for Sixty + Me to show that older women can wear them (although I don’t think it’s been published yet) since I hear so many older women question them!
    I really think you pulled off this look fabulously!!

  3. This look great on you! I rarely wear leggings, like you I need a top that covers the behind, I am long on top so that becomes a challenge. I fee thisl forces me to wear black boots to lengthen my legs. I love brown boots, but with the black leggings it makes me look so much shorter! Lucky you have the length in your legs.

    1. Hi Sheri, I try to eat foods without preservatives which many people call “clean”. My goal is to eat organic meat, veggies, fruit etc. I try to eat as healthy as possible. Some months I do better than others.
      Hope that helps!

  4. That is such a cute tunic! and has so many possibilities to wear different ways. I can see it with white jeans and booties or a black pencil skirt and booties. I like leggings – very thick ones/pointe material – and I usually opt for booties over tall boots since I’m vertically challanged the tall boots seem to cut my height and make me look even shorter – IMO. Thanks for sharing this great look!

  5. Cyndi, I think you look great in this outfit! Like you most of my height is in my legs, which I like emphasizing. I wear jeggings more than anything, so I definitely ensure my top has my backside covered. The pop of color with the two different handbags you styled is perfect. I give you an A+!

    Have a blessed day!

  6. Cute outfit! Love the shirt with lace up. I bought several of those this year too. My tall boots are my go to boots for cold weather. I stick my invisible heels in them and suddenly am 5’2″ , ha! I have the opposite problem as I have shorter legs so am looking for ways to stretch them. I love your curls!

    1. I am also height challenged. I’m about 5’1″ and I have problems with tall boots. I didn’t know there was such a thing as an invisible heel. I’m going to have to get one.

  7. This outfit looks great on you! I love the top and the pop the leopard clutch gives the outfit. I definitely could see myself wearing this.

  8. Hi Grace, just FYI that your promo code is missing the ‘d’ in ‘and’ – I tried it that way and it worked!

        1. Your hair looks super cute curled. Can you share what brand wand you use and the barrel size? I think I saw where you shared it in a past reply, but I just cannot seem to find that info again.

  9. You look so cute in this outfit. I think I can shop my closet with all you styled today. Your hair longer and curled is cute. 🙂

  10. Hi Cyndi, I love to wear tunics and leggings are my favorite outfit to wear. I am all of 5’1 and have a problem finding jeans (even some of the petite jeans are too long). So, leggings are my go to casual bottoms and they can be dressed down or up depending on the tunic. I really like this outfit on you and think the leopard clutch goes perfectly.

  11. I hardly ever comment but just wanted to let you know that i just LOVE your hair! I think it makes you look younger than you already do!!

  12. Cyndi,
    Thank you for taking the time to post.
    Because I’m tall, 5’7, I find at times that tunics are a bit short for me, and must be careful to keep it modest. I love leggings. The jean tunic is adorable rather than boaring. You wear leggings well Cyndi, you look comfortable.

  13. Cyndi,
    Great outfit, I also shy away from leggings and as you my height is in my legs and have never felt comfortable. Growing up I could never find pants long enough! Also, my logs are skinny and feel I look like stilts.

    Thanks for casual outfits, I get tired of wearing “same old grubbies” and these give me ideas.

    Always like your ideas

  14. Super cute outfit and the leggings look great on you. I also love your hair! I have thick hair that is layered…..would love to be able to put some curl in mine if possible.

    Always look forward to your post.

    Have a wonderful day!


  15. Hey cyndi, really love the outfit. I have a denim tunic simular to the one you are wearing that I bought from QVC it’s Denim &”CO and cost much less than the tunic you styled. I said this to ask do you ever style items from QVC?

  16. You must be having a very positive effect on me! I have a similar outfit (although my tunic is collarless).
    Makes me happy to know I am learning 🙂

  17. Love the tunic! And you look great in it! I love the inspiration today. It’s needed in today’s time. We have to keep pushing towards the mark and gain strength not grow weary. Great post!❤

  18. I really o love your outfit today. I wore something similar today walking the North American International Auto Show here in Detroit. I wore flats because of all the walking. I am also 5’2”. Tall boot do not look good on me. Thank you for the inspiration for outfits but also your scripture inspiration.

  19. Cyndi, Love this outfit on you. Such a cute combo! I don’t wear leggings much outside my comfort zone but I think they are so cute on every one else. I may be stepping outside the zone :). Thank you, enjoy all your post but especially your Sunday posts.

  20. Hi, I love your tunic and I agree with the rest of the ladies, you wear leggings very well ! Cute and colorful shoulder bag. Love the leopard clutch too. I’m all about the leopard print. LOL Love the Beauty for the <3 also !
    I prefer more jeggings for myself, but do wear leggings in the house.
    God Bless you !!