Celebrating Summer With Nordstrom

So thankful to Nordstrom and Shopstyle Collective for sponsoring this post.

It’s hard to believe it’s only a couple of weeks until Memorial Weekend. I’m celebrating summer with Nordstrom and some cute romper/skorts.

I love color, and Lilly Pulitzer has some of the cutest casual styles full of color for summer. Whether you’re headed to a cookout for Memorial weekend or a tropical vacation, these outfits will have you ready for summer.

Celebrating Summer With Nordstrom

This sleeveless skirted romper will be great in hot weather, and I love the added tassels.

It’s regular bra-friendly, and there are shorts under the skirt.

I styled this romper with my Tory Burch sandals. I have had these sandals for several years, and I wear them every spring and summer.

Jarrett Skirted Romper (I’m wearing a small)//Miller Sandals (makeup color)//Earrings//Necklace //Sunglasses

Off-the-shoulder outfits are cute for summer, and this is a long sleeve off the shoulder romper.

This romper also has shorts under the skirt.

Lana Long Sleeve Off the Shoulder Romper (I’m wearing a small)//Miller Sandals (makeup color)//Earrings//Necklace//Sunglasses//Straw Bag (sold out)

If you want more vacation style from Nordstrom, go HERE. Nordstrom is my go-to place to shop for summer!

Don’t forget that being a Nordy Club Member has advantages. If you aren’t already a Nordy Club Member, you’ll want to sign up here.

If you live close to a Nordstrom,  don’t forget to take advantage of BOPUS (buy online, pick up in-store) service; they also offer curbside pickup. As always, Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns.


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  1. I love the off the shoulder romper/skirt. And it’s a wonderful color on you with your dark hair.

    1. Hi Cyndi! I really like the blue one the best on you. I don’t know…the pink one seems to almost overwhelm you and the blue one is sleeker, less fussy, and better for your body type.

  2. Both are cute but I think the sleeveless one is more flattering. It looks more comfortable and relaxed. The other looks more contrived like you might be worrying about keeping the neckline in place and the the skirt draws a horizontal line across your body. The scalloped skirt of the sleeveless one adds interest and does not draw a horizontal line across the thigh area.

  3. Both are adorable but if I had to choose I would go with the pink off the shoulder romper. The color is so fresh and vibrant on you!

    1. I love the off the shoulder romper. I think you look much happier in it as well.. the color is beautiful on you

  4. I prefer the pink off the shoulder one on you. Either works but I’m not a huge fan of tassels hanging on outfits.

  5. I like the pink one best! I ordered the dress from Amazon in white. Jumping on the white dress train.

  6. Oh my! They’re both so pretty but I have to say the pink one gets my vote! I guess it depends on when your planning to wear it while away? If it’s going to be hot during the day the long sleeve may not work🤷‍♀️

    1. I first thought I liked the blue best on you but after seeing it from a different angle I like the off the shoulder pink one best. They both look good on you…like the pink best! 💕💕

  7. You look adorable in both. The off the shoulder one looks more fun and summery to me. Thank you for all you do.

  8. Love them both, but i vote the pink of the sholder one on you!! However, for myself (inverted triangle) i am planning to purchase the blue one. Better for my shape i think!!!

    1. You look beautiful in both, but I would vote for the off-shoulder, if you’re only keeping one. 😊

  9. Off the shoulder one has my vote!! They both look great on you. The pink one you can wear well into the fall months, and if it gets chilly, a cute sweater would be a nice accent piece.

    1. Definitely the blue one. I would never buy something with long sleeves for summer wear. Just makes no sense. It can get into the 100’s where we live and vacations are usually taken in warm weather places. And since I still have major hot flashes, I live in sleeveless tops and dresses during the warm season. So if I purchased something like the pink one, it would probably end up just sitting in my closet.

  10. You look Darling (capital D) in both! Both are striking on you….so, choose what you like and have fun!!

  11. They are both cute. I love the first one best. The tassels are a cute addition and make it so different. But, then the off the shoulder one is nice. I just hate wearing strapless bras. Darn uncomfortable!

  12. Both look great on you but if you want to look extra special the off the shoulder romper is much more flattering. The tassels on the blue one are a bit much for my taste and spoil the simple lines.

  13. First thank you for the BFTH. So true. We can listen to the enemy all too often. 2nd…….LOVE the outfits on you. I have a hard time deciding which one you should purchase to take. I guess it depends where you are going and the weather……with one being long sleeve and the other tank top style. I think I lean more toward the tank top style one. But, you can’t go wrong with either one. Sooooo cute. You look adorable in everything.

  14. I like the Jarrett romper the best. Nothing to do with off the shoulder, just the print is my fave!

  15. Tough decision. The first one is nice for so many reasons and wearable for many things. The off the shoulder I feel is a little more limited.

  16. Well, if it were me…Id keep both! That’s the way I roll, but if I had to choose one for you…hands down the off the shoulder one. It is so beautiful. I love “hot” pink and I just love that print better, but they are both really cute!

  17. Good morning, Cyndi! I think you should keep both. They are different enough to wear to events without having the same look. Love the message today!