Chico’s Summer Collection

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Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing a few pieces from Chico’s Summer Collection. These are pieces that you can easily mix and match to create different looks.

Also, Chico’s now has Style Connect, a new online styling service. You receive real, personalized style advice from a style expert via cell phone, computer, or tablet. You can check it out HERE.

My first outfit is a beautiful sheer collared shirt with white jeans.

Chico's Summer Collection

Chico's Summer Collection

The shirt comes in several colors, but I love the turquoise blue.

Chico's Summer Collection

Sheer Collared Shirt (I’m wearing  a size 0, but I need to size down)/High-Rise Straight-Leg Crops (I’m wearing a 00)//Earrings (these are clip-on)//Straw Clutch//Slide Sandal

Next, I’m styling a paisley crepe tie-front sleeveless blouse with black lace hem crops.

Chico's Summer Collection

These black pants have the So Slimming® technology that slims and smoothes the tummy.

Chico's Summer Collection

I added a bucket crossbody bag.

Chico's Summer Collection

Paisley crepe tie-front sleeveless blouse (I’m wearing a size 0, but I need to size down)//Lace-Hem Slim Crops (I’m wearing a size 00)//Bucket crossbody bag//Earrings//Slide Sandal

Lastly, I’m styling a classic solid maxi dress.

Chico's Summer Collection

I love a denim jacket when the weather is cool. This wide stretch bracelet adds a touch of color.

Chico's Summer Collection

Chico's Summer Collection

Chico's Summer Collection

Classic Solid Maxi Dress (I’m wearing a size 0, but I need to size down)//Denim Jacket (I’m wearing a 00)//Earrings (these are clip-on)//Bracelet//Nude Sandals

Make sure you check out the Summer Collection from Chico’s.

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Have a blessed day!


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  1. Love these looks on you! I haven’t checked out Chico’s for a while. It looks like I might need to check them out. Have a blessed Monday!

  2. I LOVE CHICO’s! This store is amazing. They carry pieces you will not see from other vendors thus you stand out in a crowd and are always complimented on the great looks from this store. Thank you for styling from this wonderful store. Please keep it coming.

  3. I have enjoyed Chico’s jackets, pants and zenergy tops for a number of years. I believe I have that particular denim jacket you are wearing.
    They do run a bit larger for me and I play between the 00 and 000.
    Fun and easy shopping too.
    Beauty for the heart today! Yes, “quiet your heart…listen to the voice that matters most!”

  4. Beautiful pieces I would wear it all. I remember when visiting their stores they have weird sizing. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. Sunny and warm today:)

  5. You look fabulous in everything, but especially the turquoise blue blouse! That has to be one of your signature colors. Happy belated Mother’s Day!

  6. Cyndi, thanks for featuring some Chico’s items on your blog today! I love shopping with them! The sizing is tricky to figure out, but once you do, it’s easy🙂

  7. All three outfits are beautiful on you. Love the turquoise blouse color on you. I wondered if you might sometimes move your hair behind the shoulder to reveal a color when the item has one to see how it lays?

    Love BFTH message.

    1. Correction to my previous post. Meant to say collar not color. Just removing hair from one shoulder would work. Thanks

  8. Cute stuff! I agree about the sizes. When I go in there, I’m lost. I’m short, which makes it harder. I get lost in a lot of their stuff. Unfortunately the only access I have to Chico’s Outlet.

  9. I have a denim jacket that I bought at Chico’s in 2004! I love it, even though for some reason I don’t wear it much. Nevertheless, it had stood the test of time.

  10. All of these outfits are adorable and look great on you – in my opinion I do not understand why you think your clothing should be skin tight.All of the things you said you need to size down on,look very nice. I guess you must have some reason that does not show on the pictures. Chico’s is unique in their sizing – everyone who shops there must realize that so I don’t understand why some say its weird or it’s not conducive to their normal size clothing . Sorry, I’m just grumpy today or whatever. I can’t wait to get back to normalcy and wearing cute thins out and about.

  11. Cute outfits! I loved the scalloped bottom on the crop pants! Chico’s is a tricky place to shop!

    1. Boy. I’d have no idea what sizes to order. You take such small sizes in their brand. Love the scalloped lace on black pants. I need new crop jeans to update but want to try in store. I just can’t figure size online. Great post. You look great in all you style.