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Chiffon Dress For Work Wear Fashion

Chiffon Dress For Work Wear FashionHello Monday! Today I’m styling a chiffon dress from H & M for work wear fashion. 

One of the questions I get asked a lot is would you share some work wear fashion? I know many of you can not wear jeans to work but because I work from home, my style can be a little more casual.

If I had to dress up everyday, I would wear a lot of casual dresses. To be honest, I am not a fan of dress pants. I think they look cute on other people but I don’t like them on myself.

If I wear dress pants, I want them to be ankle dress pants like I’m wearing in this picture. Obviously, I would wear a pair of shoes I could wear all day and still be comfortable.

Chiffon Dress For Work Wear Fashion I am looking for some cute spring pants to style so be on the look out for those. I can wear them to church so I want to have them in my wardrobe.

This chiffon dress has some crazy patterns going on. I think I must have been in a funky mood when I picked this out!

Chiffon Dress For Work Wear FashionWhat I love about this dress is, it doesn’t wrinkle, you can throw it in the floor and then pick it up later and put it on (don’t ask me how I know this!). The dress is also lined so it’s not see through.

Chiffon Dress For Work Wear Fashion
Chiffon Dress For Work Wear FashionI wore this dress on my recent trip to Nashville and I carried my Michael Kors handbag.

Chiffon Dress For Work Wear Fashion
Chiffon Dress For Work Wear FashionI shared this black coat with you a few weeks ago and I have worn it so much already this winter. It’s perfect for some of the mild weather we have had over the past few weeks.

Chiffon Dress For Work Wear Fashion

Outfit details: Chiffon Dress, I’m wearing a size 6 (this is the same dress but they don’t have my pattern anymore)//Black coat, I’m wearing a small//Watch//Handbag//Earrings//Black boots (similar here)

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What do you like to wear to work? Dresses or pants?

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. I love this dress and it’s crazy pattern.lol! As a stay at home, homeschooling mom of a a teenager, I don’t get to wear dresses as often as I’d like, but make excuses just enough to keep me happy… I too am not a big fan of dress pants on me.
    Happy Monday, have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Monday, Cindy. Attitude is everything!! Great dress and styling on you! Keep your styles and great cheerful attitude flowing. Have a great week!!

  3. Happy Monday! New week, new beginnings! Love the dress, so comfy looking, very versatile. Beautifully styled as usual Cyndi! Re spring ankle pants, I saw these recently in window of our local Christopher & Banks. They were styled with a white blouse & sleeveless denim vest, looked very smart! I also liked the fabric, it had some give to it, but some substance to them as well. Hope the link works!
    As always, I love your Beauty for the Heart! Enjoy your new week!

  4. Personally I think you are rocking this dress! It isn’t so far in pattern, it’s cute!
    I think it’s one of the best pieces I’ve seen you in!

  5. What I love about your blog, besides sharing your Faith, is that you have such a wide range of clothing prices. There are other blogs I follow that I can’t afford anything they model. Thank you for including lower-moderately priced clothing!

  6. Cindi, I love the dress. So cute. Got a question. Do you have leggings on or tights? How do you decide if it is for tights or leggings? Does it matter on the length or what? And another question. I read somewhere if you are older DO NOT wear printed pants. Is that right? I love your pants. I have to wear dress clothes 4 out of 7 days at work and dresses are so much more comfy.

  7. I really like the dress – even the “crazy” pattern! Especially like it because it can almost be worn year-round depending on the shoes/boots/jackets you put with it. I think a dark denim jacket would look good too and make it more casual. I love dresses, but have a hard time finding ones that fit right. I usually need petite for the length, but I need missy sizes for the fit – if that makes sense. AND, having an “ample” breast 🙂 causes problems because some dress styles – like the one you have on, can tend to look like maternity dresses – ugh! So, I usually wear pants, and don’t have an easy time with those either. Anyway – I love it on you!

  8. Cute dress! The black coat looks great with it, too! I’m not fan of dress pants either, but love more of the fitted ankle length pants, like the ones you wore.

  9. It is different! However, I think it looks very cute “on you” and I really like the colors in it and the crazy pattern. Debated the neckline with myself but decided this style was probably the best for the dress style. It is very nice looking with the tights and tall boots. I agree with the others in that I appreciate you styling items in varying price ranges. Many of the other bloggers just style very high-end clothing that many are not able to afford.

  10. Hi Cyndi,
    I too like to wear dresses to work instead of dress pants. I think it is so much easier in the morning to get ready. Love the cute dress! Will have to go to H+M to see what other cute things they have!!! Have a great day.

  11. I love this dress on you! It’s so cute! Looks so pretty with the adorable coat. I too, am not a fan of dress pants, so I love the ones that you’re styling.
    Happy Monday!

  12. That is adorable on you!! I really like the other pattern of the dress for me, but I am already over budget thanks to you and JoLynn and Loft’s sale last month! lol And at $20 it’s a great price!

  13. Everything is cute on you, Cyndi, but not something I would wear. I have a skin question. What do you know about virgin coconut oil for skin? My sister who swims for exercise says it is good for dry skin.

  14. Love the dress. I think it is great to do something that is probably not in a normal comfort zone for your style every once in a while. Kind of keeps us guessing, and you make it look great with the boots and tights.

  15. That dress is awesome Cyndi! I haven’t been on the H&M site in a long time, but I need too. I’m glad you can assure us it doesn’t wrinkle, after being on the floor. Ha! I hope you had a blessed day!

  16. I love your post today from the The Message. Such a good reminder for every day! The dress rocks. You look great as always. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi Cyndi,
    Love this cute dress on you! However, it is not my style, just yet, to wear anything that swings as it makes one look larger then they are.. But you are very slim and you have pulled this dress off with finesse! Looking beautiful as always… love the boots too.
    I’m a home schooling mom also of a teenager and so I dress more casual then this for “work”. I am also a caregiver and still do not dress any more dressy then jeans and a blouse. I’m not a fan of slacks, but on occasion, do wear them. I’m very particular about the fit of my slacks and find it a little difficult in purchasing them online, without trying them on, I would spend more time returning them, then I prefer. Have a blessed week and keep looking straight to our Savior! 🙂

  18. I don’t particularly like the chiffon dress, but I absolutely adore the ankle dress pants, blouse, and open toe shoes in the other pic. Would you please post the info for those? Thanks!

    Also, Cyndi, I hope both you andJo-lynne can come to a consensus on March 1 for the spring fashion. I’m so excited about it and looking forward to see what’s in store!