Christmas Gift Idea-Lace Trend

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendHappy Saturday friends!! You all know me well enough to know that I love to share trends with you. I especially like them when we can wear them (women over 40).

I don’t know if you have noticed the lace trend but I see it popping up everywhere and I have to admit I love it. I think this is a great Christmas gift idea!

I especially like it when you mix it with plaid or ripped jeans like this look from Grace and Lace. This is a scalloped lace extender. You can purchase these lace extenders and add lace to a lot of your outfits.

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendThis top is from Anthropologie, it’s pretty but pricey at $148.

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendI love this added lace under a top from The Pleated Poppy.

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendI shared this lacy sleeve top from LOFT with you last week. This top is 40% off with code: BF40.

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendYou can add lace under your boots with these stretch lace boot cuffs.

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendThis is another lace extender from Grace and Lace.

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendThis lace top is only $27! Yes please!

Christmas Gift Idea-Lace TrendHave you tried lace extenders? I can’t wait to try them!! Head over to Grace and Lace and see all their cute, cute clothes, scarfs etc.

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Beauty For the Heart~~I have a special prayer request today. My sister who blogs at Beneath my Heart, and her husband are heading out of the country today. To keep it short, they have 4 boys (that I of course adore!).

They have decided to add a little girl to their family so they are adopting ( you can read about it here). They are flying to Eastern Europe today.

Traci and Cy will be gone for 3 weeks! Ugh! There has been a lot of planning to get everything worked out and I know God is in this but we are all still a little anxious. Mainly because of all the terror threats.

Please pray for their safety in traveling over the next 2 days and their safety while in Eastern Europe.

I would appreciate your prayers!!

Have a blessed day!

**There are affiliate links in this post. This does not mean you pay a dime more when you purchase a product through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find something, so I make a few cents when you purchase it. I so appreciate your support of Grace & Beauty. Thank you!

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  1. Praying for your sweet sister and husbands safety Cyndi. So happy for them and your family with the new addition. 😊
    Anthro was having a 25% off sale but not sure if it is still going on. They have some really cute fringe ponchos that I waited to get when the sale started. Love the cream lace sleeved sweater.
    Safe travels to everyone today!!

  2. Since I follow your sister on-line, I knew about them adding a little girl to their family. I will definitely pray that they are kept safe! I know their boys will miss their parents, but the family will be complete for Christmas!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. I follow your sisters blog and am so excited about her little girl! Sending good thoughts to her and your whole family… Can’t wait to hear they are all home safe! What a wonderful blessing for the whole family to have a new addition in time for the holidays!

  4. I’m not sure if I was able to actually leave a comment or not to enter the giveaway….I wasn’t able to actually write anything so I just clicked on the button that said ‘leave a comment’. My fingers are crossed it worked!!! Thank you for the so very generous giveaway!

  5. Definitely keeping Traci & Cy in our thoughts and prayers! I’m really liking this lace extender….I think it’s a great option for us older women, when a shirt seems a little short, or you want to add a little pizzazz to an outfit. I may have to tailor a series around them(and I’ll definitely give you credit—it’ll be a couple months out!)! jodie

  6. Praying for God’s peace and protection for your sister, husband, children, and you and your family as well. My sister lives in the suburbs of Brussels. She is thankful for the government’s information and actions. They have been advised to stay away from downtown. The metro and their children’ schools were closed and they remain on alert. As she says, “life still goes on”. We are thankful that she and her family are safe and realistic about their surroundings.

  7. I’ll be praying for Cy and Traci as they go to get their little girl. I’ve been reading her blog as well for a while, and what a sweet story it is. Such a wonderful Christmas gift for that little girl and their family♥

  8. Praying for God to post angels around Traci & Cy as they travel and to keep them safe. How exciting for their family & the little girl God is blessing them with. I love the lace ideas!!

  9. Prayers for them, Cyndi. Also for you as you care for the boys. So special that they are adopting. You have a very special family. Keep us posted.

  10. Honored to pray for your family, Cyndi! I have followed Tracy and Cy as well and feel a small connection to both you (as a pastors wife), and Tracy (a mom of 4 boys) and both of you having lost my mom 31 years ago. Praying for safety and a smooth process of bringing their precious girl home. Please keep us posted.

  11. Cyndi, I will join you all in praying for safety and bringing their new daughter home! For you and your family in caring for the boys while they are away as well!

    I love the look of the lace extenders, I’d definitely have to try them on !! Thanks for the ideas!!

    Blessings to you!

  12. I am so excited for your family that this is finally happening!! Prayers for travel mercies and blessings of this new little girl to your family!!!

  13. I do a lot of Christmas shopping online! It is so much fun to come home from work and find the front porch covered in boxes during the Christmas season. Last year I discovered that online shopoing can be a little addictive, so, I have to try to keep a check on overdoing it.

  14. I will be praying for their safety and for all the families too. You will need prayer keeping up with 4 boys. lol Thank you for your blog, it is so great…

  15. I know just how you feel! My daughter and her husband adopted a little boy from China 3 years ago. It was and is wonderful, BUT when they and my little granddaughter were on that trip, they felt SO far away! But, God is a BIG GOD and can be everywhere at once! Prayers for their safety and for their little daughter.

  16. I recently found your blog and I love it! As a woman over 40, I love your style, and the fact that your posts are encouraging and uplifting. Thanks so much.

  17. I love your blog, Cyndi! Thanks for your generosity in giving away a Nordstrom’s card to a reader. What a fun treat that will be for one of us. I will be praying for Tracy and Cy and their sons while they are gone – and the days of adjustment ahead for all!

  18. I love the lacy accessories on these gals — wonder though if it’s too *young* for us older 50 gals? I would be curious to know what the general consensus is on this because I’m really liking the lace boot buffs! Cyndi I already gave up on the idea of not wearing white after labor day because you proved it was an old and outdated fashion rule 🙂

  19. What a wonderful thing they are doing. will pray for them and the new family member….and for their boys and for you and your husband. 😊🙏

  20. Prayers go out for your family during this exciting time.
    A cousin of mine adopted 30 years ago and he was truly a blessing to them.

  21. Praying for your sweet sister and her family. May God surround them with His love and keep them safe throughout this journey. What a blessing you are to take care of those precious boys for Traci and Cy. I follow her too, and can see what a wonderful, supportive family you have. So amazing to see this all unfold! God is good!

  22. I will be praying for your sister and her husband while they are traveling to get their little girl. And I will also be praying for you while you care for their 4 at your house. My son and his wife adopted 4 little girls from China over the past 12 years and they are my heart!

  23. Cindy, my daughter has also been travelling Eastern Europe since 22 Nov, and she still is there until Wednesday, although we have been a little worried beforehand after the Paris attacks, she just told me “Mommy I can not live in fear, anything can happen to me here at home when I walk out of out of our front door (we stay in South Africa so chances of her getting hurt here so much higher than anywhere else), so I just decided to let her go and trust in God’s grace, so far she’s having the time of her life. Stay strong!

  24. I learned how to crochet boot cuffs a couple of years ago, they are very easy and very cute – I love them. I love the ones available on the link you posted, am going to order some of the Fair Isle ones. 🙂