Christmas At Shaker Village

I haven’t shared many posts about Kentucky (I’ve lived in Kentucky my whole life) so today I thought I’d share about Shaker Village.

Shaker Village is nestled in the rolling hills of Kentucky’s famed Bluegrass Region and is the site of a Shaker religious community that was active from 1805 to 1910.

Christmas At Shaker Village

Wayne and I live close and we often go to Shaker Village and eat dinner. Sometimes we go and walk their trails in the summer time.

We had never been to Shaker Village at Christmas and so this year I was determined to get there. I drive by all the time and at night the thousands of white lights are breath-taking. They also have fresh greenery everywhere with red bows.

I took this picture during the day.


This picture was taken at night. There are thousands of white lights.

Christmas At Shaker Village

Shakers were a religious sect. They were founded in the 18th century in England, having branched off from a Quaker community. They were known as “Shaking Quakers” because of their ecstatic behavior during worship services.

Shakers eventually died out mainly because they were celibate. Procreation was forbidden after they joined the society (except for women who were already pregnant at admission). Children were added to their communities through indenture, adoption, or conversion.

Occasionally a foundling was anonymously left on a Shaker doorstep. They welcomed all, often taking in orphans and the homeless. For children, Shaker life was structured, safe, and predictable.

When Shaker youngsters, girls and boys, reached the age of 21, they were free to leave or to remain with the Shakers. Unwilling to remain celibate, many chose to leave; today there are thousands of descendants of Shaker-raised seceders.

I’m not sure how they thought they could survive without procreating??

Anyway, we had a wonderful evening. They had a bonfire with hot chocolate. Mrs. Santa Claus lit the Christmas tree and they sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. We also did a candlelight tour of one of the buildings.

Christmas At Shaker Village

This is the entrance to the Trustee’s Office Dining Room where we ate dinner. The food is delicious!

Christmas At Shaker Village

This is a better view of the Trustee’s Office.

Christmas At Shaker Village

Another building with a bright star!

Christmas At Shaker Village

I took a picture of this if you want to read about the Shakers. There are miles of the rock fence that’s mentioned.

Christmas At Shaker Village

Wayne and I’ve decided that we’re going to stay in one of the rooms some time soon, even though we live close, we think it would be fun! If you’re ever in the area, I would highly recommend you stopping by.

Have you ever been to Shaker Village? 

Beauty For the Heart~~I think you can pretty much find a scripture to prove anything you want and many times scripture is taken out of context.

But it’s hard to argue with Genesis 1:28, God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”

Marriage and procreation are tightly linked. 🙂

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Also went and ate dinner at Shaker Village 2 weeks ago. Have been several other times as well, but not at Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised by all the white lights! And yes, the dinner was superb!

  2. I live in your area also and LOVE Shaker Village. I am a jewelry designer and participate in the yearly arts and crafts fair they sponsor in August and the setting is so slow paced and relaxing. It is just so nice to sit there, look about you and reflect on a life style which was so very different than today’s lifestyle. I enjoy your encouraging words a scriptures.

  3. We lived in Harrodsburg for a awhile years ago and went to Shaker Village several times. We went back to visit a couple of years ago and stayed in one of the buildings. Loved it! Thanks for letting everyone know how wonderful Shaker Village is! A magical place!

  4. I grew up in Lexington and we use to go to Shakertown for every special occasion! It was actually one of the first dates that I ever had with my husband. When he was in seminary at Asbury we just to just drive over to get away. Now we live in North Carolina but we still talk about those yummy Shakertown breakfasts and bountiful dinners!

  5. I have always wanted to go to Shaker Village since my parents moved to Lexington about ten years ago. On my next visit, I am going to make it happen. Thank you for these lovely pictures and for whetting my appetite even more. Looks like you have a magical evening.

  6. I did not know there was a Shaker community in Kentucky, although I have toured the one in Maine a couple of times. It is currently the only active Shaker Community in existence. When I visited in 1989, there were 7 or 8 actual members who lived and worked there; now, I don’t know what the number would be. If you are interested, their website is I thought their community was fascinating.

    1. I was going to write this exact same comment! My Dad actually lives on Sabbathday Lake and we’ll often row over to the commune instead of driving around the lake. There are still Shakers there as well as lay helpers.
      They were very influential up there with the orphanages. I suppose with state-run institutions that need was met, at least in theory.
      I now live a couple of hours away from the Ky Shaker Village and go to eat and stay over most Thanksgivings, although not so much now that it’s just buffet as my favourites are usually gone! Delicious food and amazing architecture.
      Thanks for the post. I never thought about going for Xmas.

  7. I’ve seen this featured on TV before, but have only been through Kentucky once on my way to Florida. I would love to visit someday!

  8. While my husband and I attended Asbury Seminary, Shaker Village was one of our favorite places! Love the pictures, thanks for bringing back good memories!

  9. We visited the Shaker Village a few years ago and loved it. The buildings, stairwells and fences are lovely and the history is so interesting.

  10. Seeing Shaker Village brings back many memories for me. In the70 ‘s my husband and I went on a Deacons Retreat there. We were members in Louisville at the time. We live in Florida now and still miss Kentucky .

  11. We have lived here in Ky for the last 20 years but my husbands folks have been here in the Appalachian Mountains for a couple hundred years. We have traveled to many country towns and big cities in Ky. and this place will one day be our next destination for a visit. We love Cumberland Falls, Natural Bridge State Park, Jenny Willie St. Prk. Williamsburg, Pikeville, Summerset, Florence, Lexington, Berea, Georgetown, EKU in Richmond where my son graduated, and over to Bowling green, and Madisonville etc…. This Shaker Villiage looks very beautiful to visit also. 🙂
    Loved all the pictures!! Lovely couple(your hubby and you <3 )

  12. Hello! I’m a Texas girl who spent every summer at my grandparents house on Herrington Lake from the time I was 5 yrs old until I graduated. So I proudly say I’m quarter Kentuckian! ;). It was so fun to see Shaker Village! I’ve loved every visit there! Such happy times! Thank you for brining a smile to my face. I miss being in KY during this time of the year. …….all the little towns are such sweet looking Christmas villages/towns. 🙂