Classic Summer Outfit-Black top + White Jeans

Why is it even when we have an extra day added to our weekend it still flies by!! I hope you had a good Memorial Weekend and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for summer.

Today I’m styling a classic summer outfit from Nordstrom. This outfit is a designer brand (Vince Camuto) and is a little more pricey but the clothes are always well made and stylish.

Classic Summer Outfit-Black top + White Jeans

The black tank is not see through so you don’t have to wear a camisole which is a bonus in the summer. It has embroidery and high/lo hem line.

Classic Summer Outfit-Black top + White JeansThis tassel and pompom embellished bag has a removable strap and can be used as a sleek clutch or shoulder bag.

Classic Summer Outfit-Black top + White JeansMy white jeans run big and to be honest since doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss, I need to size down in these white jeans.

Classic Summer Outfit-Black top + White JeansI have already worn these nude wedges so much that they have been worth the price! I love them and they work with pants and dresses.

Classic Summer Outfit-Black top + White JeansClassic Summer Outfit-Black top + White JeansBlack Tank (I’m wearing an XS)//White Jeans (I’m wearing a size 28, order one size down)//Nude Wedge//Clutch

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As always Nordstrom has free shipping and free shipping on returns.Be sure to visit Jo-Lynne and see the summer outfit she’s styling today!

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Psalm 66:9, Our lives are in HIS hands.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. I had a pair of jeans that were a little too big, and just this weekend I took the waistband in (thanks to You Tube). OMG—they fit SO much better that I wished I had done it sooner!! It’s amazing how an inexpensive alteration can make such a difference. Not that I don’t love buying new items, but…..
    Cyndi, this purse is just perfect for adding pizzazz to the outfit!!

  2. This is such a great look – love the black and white and the purse is super cute! You’re in in that these are more expensive items, but all can be worn for quite some time, and you could even throw a denim jacket over the top and wear in the fall or early spring. Those shoes! <3

  3. Love the whole outfit. I’m a fan of black and white and nude wedges. I can make a similar outfit with items I already have… but I do love that clutch!!!! It really adds to the outfit. Have a wonderful day😀 Ps Never hurts to mix things up a bit. I’m a big outlet shopper when we visit the states but I also make my stops at the mall too… I love a great outfit but I love a great deal even better 😉😉

  4. Love the clutch! I don’t mind spending a little more, especially if the item is unique and will be used a lot. My husband and I have recently moved to your area. I would love any suggestions about where to shop, restaurants, etc.! Thanks for your fashion ideas and inspiration!

  5. Great outfit! I adore the bag! I really like Vince Camuto. I don’t think the price point is much higher than most things you style and less than some. Also the quality for this brand is really good! I have found most Vince Camuto things run big… but it’s good for my ego… ha ha! Blessings Krista

    1. Yes, I would like to know about the weight loss plan you are talking about. Thanks – Deborah

  6. Love this Cyndi! I love this brand and find I can pick up items on sale at Macy’s/Nordstrom/Dillard’s, and also at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s.

    I know you are doing a style series, but this week (I’m in Kentucky, so I know you’ll understand.), I was wondering what you wear in the summer months to church when it is raining. I always struggle to find something that feels right on those really wet Sundays.

  7. Such a cute outfit, I really like the Vince Camuto brand, and as I have said before I love black/white together! Have
    a blessed day Cyndi, love your blog!

  8. I love everything about this outfit. I think black and white is classy and the clutch adds a little fun.

  9. Love the outfit! I also love Vince but I have been lucky enough to find the clothing and shoes, not to mention sheets at other stores for a fraction of the cost. The selection is limited, but love what I’ve found. 😍

  10. Cyndi, I love the black and white combo. You look really pretty in it and I also like the pop of color on the bag. Designer clothing is not something I’m drawn to basically bc of the price but I still enjoy seeing the styles and colors.

  11. Hi Cyndi, as usual you look great! I too like Vince Camuto in both clothes and shoes because they are stylish and made with quality. Like the others, I can find pieces in TJX/Marshalls at lower cost; But still keep my eye open when Nordsteoms is having a big sale.

  12. One of my favorite combos is black and white. I love the detail on this top and the high low hem. Are you doing FWTFL this round? I started week one yesterday. I swear after also doing the prep week it feels like it’s already been weeks…LOL I keep telling myself Cyndi did it…you can too!😉

  13. I don’t mind seeing the designer clothes because to be quite honest with you, I can’t afford 99% of the clothes, shoes and accessories that you style but I enjoy seeing what’s in fashion so if I should find some lower priced look alikes I’ll know what to buy. You look so cute in everything you style anyway!

  14. Love it as usual! The wedges and that polish is so cute! Would you share your toe & nail polish brand and shade?

    Thank you!

  15. Wearing a black top and white pants to the office today and wished I would have gone with nude or beige or taupe colored sandals! Yours look so good and they give your outfit that extra contemporary flare. I do love the wedges your styling. They look to have solid support from heel to toe. Might have to try those on. Thank you Cyndi for all you share with us. I enjoy it all!

    One note – I have been receiving your daily emails in my clutter for over 2 months. And since Courtney started her blog it also goes to clutter. No biggie, everything comes through fine. Just letting you know.

  16. I absolutely LOVE this outfit and love Vince Camuto. You know your blogging audience, but for me – at 54 – I prefer to spend a little more (and buy less) and have pieces that are classic and will made to last.

  17. Cyndi, – You look great in this outfit. I appreciate you for admitting it’s easily a little pricey for the average gal, maybe, and trying to keep us hard-working gals in mind! (It is for me, anyway.) That being said, everyone needs to splurge once in a while! Thank you!

  18. Even if this outfit is out of my price range, it is beautiful! I hope you have had a blessed day!

  19. You look beautiful and I would love to have the entire outfit! I was interested in the Faster Way to Weight Loss but feared the meal planning and timing would be too difficult with my work schedule. Wish we could visit about it over a cup of coffee…ha! You look very trim and I’m glad you like the program 🙂

  20. I am very glad that you partnered with Nordstrom for this outfit. I also need to watch my clothing budget…BUT this outfit is stunning. Especially as a possibility for those who older and want to look fashionable but not too young. This is a well put together and classic look that is worth the money for the quality of the pieces and longevity of use. No grace needed. This was terrific and looked stunning on you. Thank you so much for sharing this! I hope to be able to duplicate it for myself this summer. Thanks again!

  21. I am a Vince Camuto fan and yes, it’s pricey but I have found some items at TJMaxx and Ross Dress for Less, or I hit the sales at Macy’s and Dillard’s. I am also loving those Kendra earrings and will have to ask for them for my birthday in July. KS offers a 50% discount on one item on your Birthday! So, those are my list 🙂

  22. Sooooo cute. I love the outfit. I bought my first Vince Camuto last Spring when you styled black pants. I bought the pants and then the top you styled and it was my outfit for my daughters rehearsal dinner for her wedding. I know the pants will last for years. 🙂 Thanks for styling many items and price points, as we can always adjust to our budget. 🙂 Don’t loose too much weight as you were perfect to start with and then you’d have to buy ALL new clothes. 🙂 LOL

  23. I love the look of this outfit. I was so tempted to buy all of it. I even went so far as to go to the website and put all the pieces in my cart. For some reason the website was having problems. So I left it behind and went upstairs. And lo and behold I was able to put an outfit together that looked very similar to it out of my own closet! I think I may have to get that gorgeous top though!

  24. Love this color combo! I looked for the wedges at Nordstrom but no longer available. What brand and style are they? Thanks Cyndi. You consistently look polished and in trend. Well done!!

  25. Hi! Cyndi,
    You look absolutely gorgeous in everything you wear. I love those sunglasses too, May I ask what brand/style are they?
    Thank you